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March 19, 2024  By Glass Canada Staff

Over 60 years of expertise

Over 60 years of expertise
Prevost Architectural Aluminum manufactures a wide selection of high-quality aluminum building materials for upscale institutional, commercial and residential markets. It is known for its leading-edge designs and possesses superior anodic oxidation treatment expertise.  Prevost has worked in partnership with architects, glaziers and general contractors since 1959, developing curtainwall systems, doors, windows, skylights, and other durable products in innovative designs. One of the first Quebec manufacturers to produce high-performance curtainwall, Prevost manufactures efficient and robust window  equipped with the patented MaxSeal glazing stop. Prevost also introduced the P-55 Evolution, a silicone-free curtainwall. It recently developed the Series 6000 Window Wall, a new-generation building envelope system.

Speeds up every part of the process
Laser Product Industries manufacturers digital templating systems for a wide range of industries, including the glass industry. One flagship product is the LT2D3D , a cutting-edge laser system specifically designed for digital templating. The LT2D3D is a versatile and high-precision laser system that offers advanced capabilities for measuring and templating surfaces. With its two- and three-dimensional measuring functionality, this system allows for precise templating, making it ideal for applications in custom architectural glass, glass production and countertop fabrication. The key feature of the LT2D3D is its high speed and accuracy and its measuring capabilities, which result in clean and precise measurement every time. This not only helps increase productivity and efficiency but also ensures the accuracy of the fit and finish of the fabricated products that meet the rigorous standards of the industry. Additionally, the LT2D3D comes equipped with user-friendly software – LT3 Raptor – that is a new digital templating platform designed with a robust cloud-based management hub to make contraactors faster and more efficient not only in templating, but also other areas of the process including job management and programming. 

Reduced-maintenance hinges
BHS Canada offers aluminum geared continuous door hinges which provide a secure and long-term solution for high-traffic commercial door openings. The continuous hinges are available in full-mortise and full-surface types. They are designed for new construction or retrofit applications and reduce maintenance costs while outperforming traditional hinges in schools, offices, airports, storefronts, hotels and public and industrial buildings.

Get software advice at Top Glass
“We organize business,” is the central claim of Klaes and also the motto for its appearance at Top Glass 2024. The world German software provider presents innovative IT solutions for intelligent digitalization, giving customers permanent benefits due to transparent and short workflows. Its focus includes all processes in the value chain. Klaes software solutions for producers and dealers of windows, doors, facades, conservatories and other complex construction projects are intended to make the various business processes as simple as possible. This particularly applies to existing solutions, with long-term updateability of all solutions a central goal of Klaes. Highlights at Top Glass, in addition to the well-known construction solutions, are the new Klaes e-Prod which combines the extremely diverse areas of application in production and logistics with new freedom for individual adjustments, the first expansion stage of the new Klaes material management. Alu Plus enables aluminium window producers to implement their entire workflow in one software with machine connection, the standardized Klaes CRM solution and connections to the configurators of Growe/Roltex and Pirnar. Get your personal advice from Klaes at Top Glass 2024.


Add fire resistance to any glass spec
PolFlam produces fire-resistant glass for internal and external applications. Its fire-resistant glass can be used in partitions including frameless butt-jointed partitions and windows and doors, and also facades including roofs and smoke barriers. PolFlam fire-resistant glass can be installed in various tested and certified framing systems including aluminium, steel and timber systems. It can be also combined with all glass treatments including low-E, solar control, sound control, laminated, anti-burglary, bulletproof, opaque, coloured and decorative and anti-reflective. PolyFlam supplier, NVOY Architectural Products, is presently seeking Canadian and American distributors. 

No need for triple glazing
Elevate your low- to mid-rise projects with Reliance-TC LT, an energy-efficient curtainwall technology designed to meet the needs of both glaziers and architects. This lightweight system offers outstanding thermal performance, featuring U-factors as low as 0.29, eliminating the need for triple glazing. Design possibilities are endless with a slim two-inch sightline, a versatile twin-span application and a dual-finish option for a tailored esthetic both inside and out. Beyond superior performance, Reliance-TC LT prioritizes sustainability with LEED eligibility and Red List Free compliance. Meticulously engineered for maximum efficiency, its lightweight design makes handling effortless, while the shear block assembly and dry glazing ensure seamless installation. Reliance-TC LT empowers design and construction professionals to achieve unparalleled energy efficiency, impeccable esthetics and a seamless installation experience.

Bird-friendly low-E
The Ultisol International range of products keeps evolving. It now offers bird-friendly glass with frit on surface #1 and low-E on surface #2 that complies with Ontario and most North American standards. It is tested and approved by the American Bird Conservancy. It’s offered it on all major low-Es such as Guardian, Vitro, Cardinal, Saint Gobain and others. Ultisol offers standard and custom-made designs. Its bird friendly glass has been provided to several projects such as the University of Ottawa Health and Science Building, the 2 Bloor Street West podium renovation in Toronto and 6301 Campeau Street in Kanata, Ont. 

Ultisol is a facade solution company that offers engineering and material supply to facade contractors. Based in Toronto, it serves both the Canadian and US markets. Ultisol also offers value engineering and cost-effective solutions to architects, contractors and builders.

Biggest installation yet
The glass windscreen/rainscreen facade system installed at the new Kansas City International Airport parking garage was developed and specified in conjunction with Kuraray and Bendheim in New York. The glass panels are six feet wide by 14 feet high, one of Kuraray’s most extensive applications of SentryGlas Translucent White thus far.  The new terminal includes 1 million new square feet of space, 39 gates, 6,150 parking spaces and the arrivals and departures split into two levels for customer convenience and better traffic flow. Locally, the $1.5 billion initiative is the largest single infrastructure project in the city’s history. With features such as a sensory room, all-gender restrooms and provisions that will allow extra-wary travelers to practice clearing security and boarding a real aircraft, the terminal is setting new accessibility and inclusiveness standards for the entire airport industry.  SentryGlas is the original ionoplast interlayer.

Maximize capacity, flexibility and efficiency
Glass stock management systems have always been a key point for every glass factory. Bottero solutions for glass storage and handling can provide answers for any facility that wants the connection between the material storage areas and the production lines to be more efficient, allowing for improvement in the capacity, flexibility and efficiency of the plant. Capacity means the possibility to maximize glass stock with advanced and compact warehousing systems by means of fixed racks on the floor, concertina movable racks and/or sliding racks for the entire range of glass sizes (from regular to super-jumbo size) and glass types (from clear float glass up to low-E and mirror products). Flexibility means the possibility to decide to pick up glass plate-by-plate with an overhead crane loader or to move entire glass packs with a shuttle system and/or telescopic loader. Efficiency means the knowledge of every single glass piece available in stock and its maximum level of optimization along the entire process. Remnant plate management is a key add-on for temporary glass storage to maximize your offcut and yield management. Bottero systems are compact and optimize the warehouse as well as speeding up connections, while also offering the possibility to quickly manage glass sheets along differences in material, format and thickness.

Large, lightweight, non-combustible
Larcore A2 by Alucoil is an all-aluminum honeycomb panel system. Larcore A2 panels are fire-rated, having passed multiple fire rating tests worldwide including the CAN ULC S-135 fire test that permits them for non-combustible construction in Canada.  Alucoil’s aluminum honeycomb panels are uniquely fabricated on a continuous line that not only ensures quality control but also allows for jumbo sizes of architectural panels up to a whopping two-by-10 metres in length. Larcore A2 panels are extremely lightweight and rigid leading to fast and easy installation of big flat panels making any type of visual distortion like oil canning a thing of the past. These large, lightweight panels result in cost savings by reducing the amount of hardware and substructure required for installation. Alucoil’s all-aluminum honeycomb panels are perfect for facades, projections, sun shades, fins, soffits and more. There are hundreds of developed colours and specialty finishes to choose from with optional custom colour development available. Digital printing is also available. The Alucoil single-source warranty covers both panels and paint. Visit GlassCan proudly representing Alucoil at Top Glass 2024.

Custom solutions available
Canplex specializes in providing top-tier custom extrusion solutions for the North American glazing industry. With over two decades of excellence in PVC extrusion, TPV (vulcanized thermoplastics), and other extruded polymers, Canplex delivers innovative, durable and efficient sealing solutions tailored to meet the requirements of clients. It’s TPV gaskets for curtainwall represent a commitment to quality and performance and a significant leap forward in the industrial and commercial window and door industry across Canada. Canplex TPV products are designed to outperform traditional materials, offering a high-quality, economically advantageous alternative to rubber, EPDM and silicone gaskets. They are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance without degradation. The enhanced thermal insulation properties reduce energy costs, making Canplex gaskets an eco-friendly choice for sustainable building designs. Canplex offers custom solutions, designed to meet the unique specifications of each project, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

Power off transparency
McGrory Glass introduced ElectraView OneZero, a glass technology that seamlessly integrates privacy and lighting features. With an innovative design, this advanced glass solution ensures swift privacy while allowing 80 percent of natural light to diffuse through, enhancing user experience in various environments. Unlike traditional electronically controlled switchable glass, ElectraView OneZero boasts a revolutionary “power-off” transparent state, significantly reducing energy consumption. By activating power only when privacy is required, it aligns with eco-friendly practices and offers potential energy savings. Moreover, when integrated into daylighting strategies, it may contribute to environmental sustainability by minimizing the need for artificial lighting and climate control, while effectively managing thermal transmission. ElectraView OneZero is also highly versatile. Decorative features and life safety products can be combined without compromising privacy, design, or energy efficiency. From acid-etching to high-resolution laminates, X-ray/radiation shielding, fire-rated, forced-entry, and impact-safety glass, it caters to diverse needs while enhancing user well-being through privacy, safety, security, and the biophilic effect.

Replace out-of-code wired glass
With the updates to building codes, traditional wired glass can no longer be used. But what is the code compliant alternative? Glass ceramics are great but are not always budget-friendly. The answer is Protect3 safety glass from Glassopolis. Protect3 is the lowest cost way to comply with the National Building Code. It has the appearance of traditional wired glass but is upgraded to provide full impact safety. It is UL fire-tested, certified, and carries the UL mark to guarantee its compliance. Protect3 is available from authorized fabricators in your area or directly from Glassopolis, Canada’s expert source for fire-rated glass. Protect3 won’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s simply a great replacement for traditional wired glass.

Fast, accurate on-site measurement
With Flexijet 3D anyone can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively take site measurements, assess dimensions accurately to the millimetre and insert the data directly into CAD. Whether the user is a beginner, an all-rounder or a CAD specialist, with Flexijet 3D they benefit from the principle of “measurement drawing,” which offers many advantages over conventional measuring techniques. Reduced trips to the job site, enhanced accuracy, elimination of physical templates and faster turnaround are some of the benefits Flexijet can deliver on the journey to digital measuring. Think about being able to measure a complete set of stairs in less than an hour and pinpoint stand-off locations in one trip. What savings would be seen? For more information, drop by the Flexijet booth at Top Glass.

Glazing multi-story buildings solved
A major problem for glass, window and panel installers is to install units above ground level into multi-storey buildings. Traditional glazing robots work best for installing at ground level where the operators can stand close to the material to allow for precise movement.  The Omni 1800 has overcome this problem by becoming a specialised glazing robot for working at heights. The Omni 1800 glazes multi-storey buildings and houses, using a telehandler or off-road forklift, which can be used inside and outside a building envelope to allow for safe and efficient glazing of glass, windows, panels and stone weighing up to 1,800 pounds. The Omni 1800 is accurately controlled by the wireless remote controls, one used by the forklift driver outside the building envelope and the second remote is used by the operator on the inside of the building at the level where the panel needs to be installed. This allows the installing operator to see close-up what precise movements are required to install the panel safely. There are six degrees of movement that are speed-adjustable, allowing for precise movement during installation: 12 inches forward movement; a 12-inch side shift; 12-inch vertical shift; 90 degrees forward tilt to horizontal; 360 degrees rotation and a 30-degree side pivot. The Omni 1800 has a fully integrated and independent power supply to drive the electric actuators and vacuum pumps. All components and batteries are housed under the Omni’s distinctive blue hood. The Omni 1800 has been designed with safety in mind with multiple fail-safe systems to protect people when handling panels at height. The Omni 1800 comes standard with a reusable steel transport crate for safe transport to the site and separate legs to store the Omni when the forklift is required elsewhere.

One-stop shop for all components
For nearly four decades, Rimac Metal Curving Specialists has built a reputation of quality and trust in the Canadian and North American metal curving market. With a vast array of services, Rimac truly is a one-stop shop for custom curved components. Its wide variety of services include metal curving, vinyl curving, press brake forming, sheet metal shearing, custom machining and final cutting. Although curving is the specialty, Rimac can provide complete fabrication of parts, including final cutting and custom machining, providing customers with complete parts ready for installation in their assemblies. Rimac takes the risk out of working with multiple vendors by acting as a single source for complete components. The fabricator use various methods for curving, including stretch forming, roll forming and rotary draw bending. Each method of curving provides unique advantages and disadvantages. By providing various methods for curving, Rimac has the ability to provide the best quality of parts, with minimal distortion, at the best price. A sheet metal shear and press brake, each measuring 13 feet, three inches long, allows Rimac to fabricate custom brake formed profiles, flashings and claddings to compliment the customers curved extrusions. The full-service machine shop augments services by allowing the shop to drill, tap, notch and contour parts, as well as provide final cutting and mitring of components. This allows Rimac to provide customers with complete parts, ready for assembly. This also allows it to build custom tooling, quickly, in house, and at low cost.   Rimac’s team of experts is dedicated to delivering the best customer service in the industry, preparing a competitive and comprehensive quotation, outlining all necessary details for the job. The company has an inclusive social media presence, showcasing some of its best work. For more information, visit Rimac at booth 44  at Top Glass 2024.

Go big and stay home
As a premier fabricator of high-performance aluminum window and door systems, Bigfoot Door has the selection to fit any residential or commercial project. Its partnerships with cutting edge system suppliers Schuco and Reynaers allow it to offer European windows and doors that are tested in North America to meet all NFRC and North American Fenestration Standards.  These high-performing products are top class and are also available to meet Passive House standards. The window line includes tilt-and-turn, casement, awning, fixed and curtainwall. Doors include lift-and-slide, bi-folding and the exclusive Monolith entrance door series. All products can achieve massive sizes and weights. Many models are available with automation and motorization. Bigfoot Door products are proudly made in Canada. When looking to maximize views, they say “go big and stay home.”

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