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Top Glass sneak peek

What you’ll find on the show floor at Top Glass

March 20, 2017  By Glass Canada staff

The latest in architectural glazing technology will be on display at Top Glass. Here’s an advance look.

Insulating aluminum
The Everlast Altitude Plus Window Series sets a higher standard for aluminum windows. This window features extruded aluminum profiles interior and exterior connected to a thermal insulation system called the “performance core,” representing the core of the window. The performance core is a new proprietary engineered material designed for specific tasks offering improved dimensional stability and higher deflection temperatures. The resulting increased strength gives manufacturers access to the perfect combination for their market. The Altitude Plus Window Series provides window manufacturers with a competitive edge. It also features mitered corners assembled with gaskets and corner keys all crimped together. This window series has achieved Energy Star certification. Low profiles make it an ideal window for today’s modern homes. Altitude Plus also meets the CW classification, making it suitable for mid-rise buildings with institutional applications. It provides the possibility of multiple assembly and opening configurations. Available in casement, awning or fixed window configurations. Combination windows are achieved using either structural mullions with continuous frames or modular construction. The frame depth is 114 or 152 mm. The standard sash depth is 73 mm with a height of 44 mm and designed for 31-mm glazed units. Mullions are 116 mm deep.

High speed production
The Erdman High Speed Parallel Process IG Line can produce an insulating glass unit in less than 19 seconds. This innovative system is revolutionizing the IG process. Designed to produce more than three per minute with only three or four operators, the Erdman Parallel Process High Speed IG Line will increase output in a smaller footprint for less cost. The Parallel Process Line derives its name from the innovation of shuttling the topping lite to a back lane, allowing the two glass lites to run parallel to each other. This and other advancements lead to a significant increase in speed over other lines.  The length of the line is under 100 feet. Cycle time is less than 19 seconds versus 30 to 35 seconds on a traditional line. The Parallel Process line requires only one grid application station instead of two.


Field-friendly installation
The Commdoor 8200 HP curtainwall system has been designed to meet new thermal performance requirements, such as SB 10. The initial series 8000 curtainwall utilized standard curtainwall design based on a thermal break between the back section neck and the pressure plate. The newest version, the 8200 HP series, now offers a dual polyamide thermal break which is capable of achieving the desired thermal performance. The system face width is 2 ½ inches with five back section depths available from four to 10 inches. Traditional caps and pressure plates are available along with structurally glazed versions offered in stock lengths up to 24 feet,two inches. Available in both traditional stick and split vertical mullion versions, the 8200 HP system provides greater flexibility to suit varying job site applications. It is designed for low- to mid-rise building designs and is desirable for its ease of shop fabrication and field-friendly installation. The 8200 HP series is designed to accept a variety of infills: glass and glazing up to 1 3/4 inches triple glazed along with Series 225 operable vents, 2000 series SSG vents or commercial doors including Series 4487 high-performance terrace doors. Most system profiles are in stock in either clear or bronze anodized finishes, with custom colours also available.

Inside the box
Glasshaus Living is servicing the architectural community with window and door solutions and modern container modules. The fabricator manufactures, supplies and installs Rehau windows and doors to modern and transitional projects. The primary window is tilt and turn, which allows for large unobstructed views and ideal passive airflow. Glasshaus tilt and turn doors and sliding doors are built with the same detailing, providing a seamless transition for all fenestration applications within a residence. Another facet of the Glasshaus offering is shipping container modifications. Containers are supplied complete with windows and doors, ready to be placed for a vast range of esoteric applications.

Integrated louvers
Vision Control is a patented, hermetically sealed glass unit combining louvers within glass that can be customized to virtually any shape for interior and exterior glazing applications. Its advanced louvered glazing technology eliminates strings and cords, ensures alignment, requires no maintenance and provides the ideal daylighting or privacy solution for commercial, residential, educational, healthcare or institutional environments. When installed in exterior applications, Vision Control significantly reduces energy consumption in support of LEED requirements. Vision Control is a winner of The Architects’ Choice Award from the National Symposium on Healthcare Design and a Product Innovation Award from Architectural Products magazine. Vision Control offers unprecedented control over visibility with completely adjustable privacy and visibility levels; light, with optimal light distribution and prevention of unwanted glare, heat and UV rays; heat, with solar heat barriers for optimal thermal performance; and sound, creating sound wave barriers for tranquility in any setting.

Harvests light
The Velux Dynamic Dome is an innovative commercial skylight designed to harvest low-angle light for up to two additional hours, keeping flourescent lights off longer. In addition to delivering bright, diffused light at midday it also creates a more consistent light level through the day. The revolutionary dome balances the structural demands of industry professionals with an architecturally progressive design. The smooth outer dome provides up to 20 per cent more light than a prismatic outer dome. The white prismatic inner dome achieves 100 per cent diffusion/haze. The sidewall of the dome is engineered to match the sun angles of the morning and afternoon hours to improve light transmittance. A unique one-piece inner frame evacuates all water and condensation harmlessly to the exterior. The encapsulating thermoplastic inner frame is 100 per cent thermally broken and provides a secure seal to the curb. The Dynamic Dome installs with a dry installation with no caulking or curb tape needed. The one-piece inner frame creates an impenetrable water barrier. Compact nesting means more skylights per truckload, allowing for compounded savings in freight, and new manufacturing equipment allows for high capacity production at lower costs.

Automated wrapping
Kear Fabrication serves the fenestration industry searching out the best possible products on the market. No single equipment manufacturer is the best at everything. Individual fabricators have certain packaging requirements that are essential for success. Kear wrapping machines have been designed to quickly and efficiently wrap completed windows prior to shipping. Accordingly, the K-29RWM Ring automatic wrapping machine includes a motorized feed width customized for the customer’s size with a motorized feed length at least 24 inches long. The machine includes easy film changes and is PLC programmable with manual tensioner stretching. Power rollers control the in and out feeds and hook pulls control the automatic cutoff of the film with an automatic one-cycle. The wrapper requires only 230V/1 phase power and 90 psi shop air.

Thermal curtainwall
Underscoring its commitment to provide ultra-thermal performance, Kawneer will display the 2500 UT Unitwall System. The unitized curtain wall system delivers ultra-thermal performance regardless of climate or location, and offers architects and designers a broad range of design options for seamless aesthetics. The cost-effective system is ideal for a variety of mid- to high-rise projects, including office buildings, by providing a virtually seamless connection between interior spaces and the outside world. The ultra-thermal system also offers reduced fabrication and assembly times with a one-piece polyamide thermal break. This eliminates the need for pressure plates and fasteners, enabling glazing contractors to meet tighter deadlines while accomplishing the design and performance objectives set forth by architects and building owners. The system, which has been tested in accordance with all major curtain wall standards, contains stacked joints designed to account for building movement and two-piece verticals that allow for a continuous snap engagement for maximum strength. A 2 ½-inch profile and flexible options offer a wide range of design possibilities. Four-sided captured exterior covers create clear sightlines and structural silicone glazed (SSG) configurations deliver a seamless transition between units with a sleek, all-glass appearance.

Bent to spec
Tri-Temp Glass was established in 2007 with a 96-by-144-inch flat glass tempering oven in a 19,000 square-foot facility in Toronto. Today, the company has 30 employees and is in expansion mode with new products to meet demand for custom glass applications and increasingly stringent building codes. In addition to a CNC cutting line, semi-automatic polishing machine, two straight line edging/mitering machines, an automatic cutting line, a CNC routing/polishing machine, an automatic sandblasting machine and various material handling equipment, the company has recently introduced new equipment and processes. In 2015, a four-level custom EVA lamination machine was introduced. It is capable of laminating glass up to 86 by 144 inches in various thicknesses, compositions and interlayer colours. In late 2016 an addition was made to the front of the furnace to enable the production of bent tempered glass. The curved glass can be produced in sizes up to 66 by 96 inches without the use of a mould. It can also be laminated in-house, making Tri-Temp one of only five companies in North America with such a capability. End-use applications include railings, ballustrades, interior partitions, store fixtures, insulating glass, showers and canopies. In 2017, the company is adding a third straight-line polisher/mitering machine as well as a waterjet cutting machine.

Design freedom
High Performance Glazing uses the latest innovations in glass printing technology open new opportunities to combine boundless creativity with highly controlled functionality. Full expression of vision and outstanding budget-smart performance delivery are now possible with digital ceramic in-glass printing. The company offers easy implementation of any pattern or design with unlimited colours and high resolution for fine details. Durability and accuracy are achieved with inks fused into the glass, providing unmatched resistance to scratching, acid, UV light and weather. Precise micro-drop printing allows accurate photorealistic and graphic designs. The ability to combine transparent, translucent and opaque details in any way with full freedom in colours and shades and the possibility to create double-vision designs for different front and back experiences are moving glass printing into the realm of tools for design. High Performance Glazing helps design teams express their artistic vision in doors and windows, dividers, wall covers, bathrooms and showers, kitchens, balustrades and balconies, public art, canopies, façades, stained glass, signs, memorials and other glass elements while meeting the full range of functional requirements and sustainable architecture goals.

Complies with all codes
Glassopolis will be discussing the changes to the Canadian national standards and building codes with respect to wired glass and will be presenting Protect3 safety glass. This product is fully compliant with both UL fire-rated standards and the new Canadian impact-safety standard CAN/CGSB 12.1. Protect3 safety glass is the best priced option for a building-code-compliant fire-rated glazing product. Each piece comes fully UL labeled as required under the codes ensuring that you are getting what is needed. Users can avoid the risk of unlabelled product and unwanted liability. Protect3 Safety Glass from Glassopolis is suitable for a wide range of fire-rated projects.

Multiple finishes
Muto is a new manual sliding door system from DormaKaba. It offers a slim profile that is deceptively simple and conceals a range of optional features that enhance ease of operation and convenience. The Dormotion damping mechanism, SoftClose, offers the convenience of power-free self-closing. Also available is the Muto status indicator, which allows the door to be monitored from anywhere in the building. Muto is particularly suitable for glass applications, but can be adapted for wood, metal or other door material solutions. Unparalleled design in multiple finishes; choose from aluminum, similar to satin stainless, or over 200 custom RAL colors. Muto can handle door panels ranging from 110 pounds or less to as much as 330 pounds and is available in single- or double-panel, synchro, self-closing and telescopic models.

Beats barrier challenges
Building envelope contractors can address the shortcomings of other air barriers with the Dow Corning Silicone Air Barrier System – a water-based 100 per cent silicone air barrier complemented by a fully compatible system. Providing airtight performance that exceeds industry standards, the system accommodates building movement and eliminates system failures due to material incompatibility. The system’s long-term UV resistance gives architects additional design freedom in applications such as rainscreens by eliminating the concern of UV affecting air barrier performance. A full-system warranty is available for greater peace of mind. The Dow Corning Silicone Air Barrier System, which delivers primerless adhesion, vapour permeability and breathability is ABAA-evaluated and provides performance that passes NFPA 285 assembly testing. The water-based, low-VOC formulation can be applied by a one-coat spray or be roller-applied at temperatures as low as -6 C. The system starts with Dow Corning DefendAir 200, a 100 per cent silicone liquid-applied air and water barrier. Flexible, seamless and vapour-permeable, Dow Corning DefendAir 200 is suitable for use on many wall substrates. A range of high-performance components complements the air barrier, including Dow Corning 778 Silicone Liquid Flashing, a fluid-applied flashing for weatherproofing challenging window and door openings and building transitions; the Dow Corning Silicone Transition System, comprising precured silicone rubber strips and corners for sealing window-to-wall and other building transitions; Dow Corning 758 Silicone Weather Barrier Sealant; and Dow Corning 791 Silicone Weatherproofing Sealant.

Three dimensional motion
GLG will be introducing the new GLG model 400M-3D machine with 880 pounds of lifting capacity featuring its signature 3D technology. The company will show off its full proportional hydraulic functionality with three-dimensional boom tip manipulation achieving superior precision millimeter accuracy at the Top Glass show in Mississauga. The 400M-3D is also equipped with a full hydraulic powered telescopic boom with 49.5-inch extension from front wheels making it ideal for exterior window installations while working from the inside. The boom also offers a manual side shift feature simplifying installation processes. The overall width of the 400M-3D with single wheels is 35 inches, and 42.5 inches with dual wheels on both sides. The side load capacity with single wheels is 220 pounds, dual wheels bring that up to 440lbs. The tires are foam filled for no-flat protection. The overall length of the GLG 400M-3D machine is 89.7 inches with zero turning radius, making it capable of working in minimal access areas. No outriggers are required, which minimizes operator error during the pick and carry process. The machine is self-propelled using battery electric technology. The operating power system is a 24 Volt DC electric system with 115V/230V charging systems powering two 12V DC heavy duty batteries for 10 hours operating time. All GLG products comply with worldwide machinery directives.

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