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Top Glass 2019 – Show floor sneak peek

March 15, 2019  By Glass Canada Staff

Here’s an advance look at what you’ll find on the floor at Top Glass 2019.

Naturally good-looking
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Glassopolis, a premier Canadian source for fire-rated glass, will show two fire-rated glass options for Canada. First, Schott Pyran Platinum, a premium choice for fire-rated glass, is now available in a large glass ceramic sheet size at 51 by 101 inches. It is a fire-rated glass ceramic that is floated, not rolled, and as a result it does not require polishing like other glass ceramics. Its naturally good-looking for better quality and better value. Secondly, Protect3 Safety Glass is a low-cost fully building-code-compliant fire-rated glazing available in Canada. Based on a surface-laminated wired glass, each piece comes UL-certified for fire and meets the most stringent impact safety requirements. Glassopolis also will present an array of lead x-ray glass and other specialty glass products.

Polymer isolator
Booth: 64
Kawneer has redefined thermal technology with the introduction of its new Insulpour Thermal Entrances featuring the advanced IsoPour thermal break technology. Ideal for high-end commercial and multifamily facilities, Insulpour Thermal Entrances offer high thermal performance, strength, and interior and exterior dual-finish options for increased design flexibility. The new IsoPour technology merges the industry-proven pour and de-bridge thermal break with polymer isolator technologies. Both the door and the frame employ it to create assemblies with higher structural performance, enhanced energy efficiency and greater design flexibility. With sightlines that match non-thermal doors, the entrance is available in 250T narrow, 350T medium and 500T wide-stile options. The unique thermal break design allows for a wider selection of locking hardware than previous thermal entrance designs. Additionally, multiple cross-rail sizes and bottom rail heights are available, giving architects, designers and building owners more opportunities to bring their vision to life. Insulpour Thermal Entrances have undergone shock tube testing for blast mitigation and meet ASTM E1996 hurricane impact resistant requirements up to Zone 4 and Level D.

Eliminate direct labour
Booth: 59
The Erdman unmanned robotic IG work cell produces large-size insulating glass (up to five-by-12 feet) with no direct labour. The use of three robots not only minimizes labour but also reduces needed floor space by roughly half.  The target cycle times are one five-by-12-foot IG unit every minute with no gas fill and every 90 seconds with gas fill. The needed floor space is only approximately 20 by 75 feet. Non-gas filled IG units can be produced one per minute and the robots don’t need to take lunch or breaks. With the robotic work cell users can produce 480 units in one eight-hour shift. Running around the clock and at 100 per cent efficiency, 1,440 units can be produced in only 1,500 square feet whereas a traditional line would require roughly 3,000 square feet of machinery and 12 to 18 people. This solves the labour problem in this time of very low unemployment. Fabricators can reduce labour by four to six operators down to less than one and shift labour into areas of more critical thinking. Less direct labour means more safety because all the heavy lifting is performed by robots. Erdman robotic lines also produce cleaner IG because of reduced conveying and material handling.


Let the light in
Booth: 43
The model G-FF-Butted skylight from Artistic Skylight is a sloped modular glass skylight that can be fabricated to any desired length. This model is extremely versatile and can be adapted to any residential or commercial application. Its modular design results in an almost infinite amount of possibilities of lengths and makes for simplified logistics. This design has been laboratory-tested to the highest standards of NAFS-17 (North American Fenestration Standards) to meet and exceed all water and air penetration standards. This testing categorizes it among the most elite glazing categories. Its options include any custom colour exterior and interior finish combinations, high-performance glazing including reflective, tinted, or laminated glass, and an upgraded option for Self-Supporting Rafters (model G-FF-Butted-STR). The model G-FF-Butted skylight is a perfect complement to any luxury home project to bring in that much-needed daylight into the living area. Its price-point is moderate, with a wow-factor that far exceeds its price tag. For commercial-style buildings these skylights are recommended for areas with large atriums, over large office spaces or in dark hallways to provide the staff inside with natural daylighting and warmth as well as extended energy and cost savings.

Thermal aluminum
Booth: 50
The Everlast Altitude Plus window series sets a higher standard for aluminum windows.  This window features extruded aluminum profiles interior and exterior connected to a thermal insulation system called the Performance Core, representing the core of the window. The Performance Core is a new proprietary engineered material. It is designed for this specific task, offering improved dimensional stability and higher deflection temperatures resulting in increased strength – the perfect combination for any market. The Altitude Plus line also features mitred corners assembled with gaskets and corner keys all crimped together. This window series has achieved Energy Star certification.  Low profiles make it an ideal window for today’s modern homes. Altitude Plus also meets the CW classification, making it suitable for mid-rise buildings with institutional application. It provides the possibility of multiple assembly and opening configurations, including casement, awning or fixed window configurations.
Combination windows are achieved using either structural mullions with continuous frames or modular construction. The frame depth is 114 millimeters. The standard sash depth is 73 millimeters with a height of 44 millimeters. It is designed for 31-millimeter glazed units in dual- or triple-pane configuration. Cardinal glass in various low-E combinations is available to achieve the desired performance. Mullions are 116 millimeters deep. Installation clips make for quick and easy installs as well.

Laminate solutions
Booth: 53
Kuraray’s Trosifol business is a leading global specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of PVB and ionoplast interlayers for laminated safety glass in architectural applications. With the acquisition of the DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions business in 2014, Trosifol PVB and SentryGlas ionoplast provide the broadest range of interlayer solutions in the market. The Trosifol portfolio’s innovative glass-laminating solutions include structural and functional interlayers for safety, security, impact resistance, sound insulation, and UV protection.  In structural applications, SentryGlas is the premier interlayer for glass guards and railings as its post-glass breakage performance is unsurpassed. Trosifol SC can improve STC and OITC by three points in applications where acoustic performance is critical. For decorative applications, Trosifol offers coloured interlayers for interior design projects and shower enclosures. Trosifol UltraClear and SentryGlas exhibit the lowest yellowness index (YID) in the industry for low-iron glass applications.

One-stop metal curving
Booth: 35
For 35 years, Rimac has built a reputation of quality and trust in the Canadian and North American metal curving market. The company provides a wide variety of services, including metal curving, press brake forming, sheet metal shearing and machining. Rimac employs various methods for curving, including stretch forming, roll forming and rotary draw bending. Each method of curving provides unique advantages and disadvantages. By providing various methods for curving, it provides the best quality of parts, with minimal distortion at the best price. Rimac recently acquired a sheet metal shear and press brake, each measuring 13 feet three inches long. This added service allows it to provide custom brake formed profiles to compliment its curved parts. The full-service machine shop augments services by allowing Rimac to drill, tap, notch and contour parts. This allows the company to provide customers with complete parts, ready for assembly. This also helps it to build custom tooling, quickly, in house and at a fraction of the cost. Rimac truly is a one-stop-shop for custom curved components. The team of experts is dedicated to delivering first-rate customer service with their expertise in the industry. Rimac prepares a competitive and comprehensive quotation, outlining all necessary details for the job. The company maintains an inclusive social media presence, showcasing some of its best work.

Efficiency upgrades
Booth: 21
Your next glass tempering furnace will save you money. By upgrading to a new high-efficiency glass tempering furnace with a variable frequency drive or simply upgrading controls on your exhaust system, you will lower your energy consumption and increase productivity – meaning higher margins and lower bills. Alectra Utilities specializes in upgrading small and large manufacturers to maximize their energy efficiency with equipment retrofits, monitoring and targeting solutions, process and systems analysis, construction audits and consulting.

Efficiency upgrades
Booth: 28
Alcurv Canada is a metal curving company dedicated to excellence in continuous service to the residential and commercial glazing industry. Located in Brampton, Ont., – just minutes from the airport and the technology triangle – Alcurv has been providing outstanding quality service to all customers with the highest possible level of quality while ensuring that turnaround time is kept to a minimum. Using state of the art machinery and techniques the company provides stretch forming, roll forming and more. Alcurv Canada can curve it all from small angles and channels to large sections for skyscrapers. Whether the project demands one curve or 10,000, Alcurv is here to help and add a unique look and feel to every project. The team of knowledgeable staff will make sure each project is a complete success. From the introductory phone call or email, right through to completion, Alcurv prides itself on expert customer service.

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