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Sneak peek: An advance look at the Top Glass show floor

Here’s a look at the groundbreaking technology on display at Top Glass 2018

March 19, 2018  By Glass Canada staff

Alumicor will show off its new Integra 6000 integral rain screen window system.

Proven thermal performance
Booth: 39
Alumicor will show off its new Integra 6000 integral rain screen window system.
The Integra 6000 is a single-platform window system engineered to deliver unlimited configurations of fixed, open-in and/or open-out operable combinations within one system, along with superior thermal performance. Canadian winters demand windows with superior thermal performance and condensation resistance and both are delivered by the innovative Integra 6000 window system.  There’s even an option for additional insulating foam in the frame, sash and around the glazing unit for accredited-laboratory tested 10-per-cent-improved thermal system performance, as well as improved condensation resistance and acoustic performance. Ideal for the institutional, commercial and residential markets, the integral design allows for many configurations without the need for additional sub-frames.  Available in 60-, 100- and 150-millimetre frame depths and horizontal and vertical intermediates, the varied options allow for limitless creation of unique architectural details.  Accommodating a one-inch double-glazed sealed unit, the Integra 6000 is available in fixed, awning, hopper, casement and combination units, as well as large size capacity, appealing to all project requirements. The Integra 6000 is completely fabricated by Alumicor.  In Alumicor’s controlled environment, quality can be easily monitored and achieved, reducing field issues, all with Alumicor’s product guarantees. As a rain screen system utilizing Alumicor’s ITGRseal, the cost of caulking and backer rod installation can be reduced as well as making glass replacement easier, while improving air and water performance. The Integra 6000 has been accredited-laboratory tested and rated to NAFS AW-PG85 for open – in-and-open – out and fixed windows.

Field-friendly installation
Booth: 54
The Commdoor 8200 HP curtainwall system has been designed to meet new thermal performance requirements, such as SB 10. The initial series 8000 curtainwall utilized standard curtainwall design based on a thermal break between the back section neck and the pressure plate. The newest version, the 8200 HP series, now offers a dual polyamide thermal break which is capable of achieving the desired thermal performance. The system face width is 2 ½ inches with five back section depths available from four to 10 inches. Traditional caps and pressure plates are available along with structurally glazed versions offered in stock lengths up to 24 feet,two inches. Available in both traditional stick and split vertical mullion versions, the 8200 HP system provides greater flexibility to suit varying job site applications. It is designed for low- to mid-rise building designs and is desirable for its ease of shop fabrication and field-friendly installation. The 8200 HP series is designed to accept a variety of infills: glass and glazing up to 1 3/4 inches triple glazed along with Series 225 operable vents, 2000 series SSG vents or commercial doors including Series 4487 high-performance terrace doors. Most system profiles are in stock in either clear or bronze anodized finishes, with custom colours also available.


Material synergy
Booth: 49
RPM Climatech Spacer is a technology that had been designed by RPM and is manufactured right here in Canada. RPM believed there was a better solution for saving energy and cost, so the engineers went to work and designed a better way to insulate glass.  The demanded for thermally broken technology increased in 2017 so that RPM Climatech Spacer became Canada’s most recommended spacer for commercial use. Combining the strength of steel, the corrosion resistance of chrome and the thermal performance of plastic, this premium product has set the industry standard for energy efficiency and structural conformance. And because it is direct from the manufacturer it is customizable to your dimensional needs, colour preference and desired lengths. RPM Rollformed Metal Products cares about your product reputation and about conserving energy and is committed to making it better.  

Float glass-ceramic
Booth: 44
Bigger is clearly better. Glassopolis announces that the most innovative fire-rated glass-ceramic in the industry is now also the largest. At 51-by-99 inches, the new Schott Pyran Platinum sheet size lets you realize projects that were previously impossible. For years architects have appreciated the smooth surface, neutral colour and proven technical performance of Pyran Platinum – the world’s first and only floated glass-ceramic. Pyran Platinum is produced using Schott´s unique Microfloat process. The hot molten glass ribbon is floated on an inert bed of liquid tin and is allowed to cool slowly without any mechanical contact that could blemish the smooth surface. The result is Pyran Platinum’s smooth, distortion-free mirror finish. Pyran Platinum is also clear and colourless, without the distracting amber tint associated with competitive fire-rated glass-ceramics. The neutral color allows Pyran Platinum to blend in with the surrounding architecture of the building. With the new Schott Pyran Platinum, bigger is clearly better. Glassopolis has the new Pyran Platinum in stock right here in Canada for immediate delivery.

Knows the industry
Booth: 30
Lothar’s Industrial Sales is a knowledgeable machinery supplier to the Canadian PVC window and curtainwall industries, proud to supply manufacturers and contractors with quality products for over 30 years. Lothars carries custom-made multi-spindle drill heads and parts; high-speed steel and carbide router bits; quality Teflon products for vinyl welding equipment; custom-made fabrication equipment; bending forms for PVC; punch dies; saw and welding fixtures; and corner cleaning and end mill cutters.

Solutions for glass railings
Booth: 25
Sika Canada offers two innovative products with the mechanical strength necessary to outperform existing structural glazing and insulating glass silicone adhesives: Sikasil SG-550, rated at a superior 0.20 Newtons per square millimetre, and IG secondary-edge sealant, Sikasil IG-25 HM Plus, evaluated at 0.19 Newtons per square millimetre. This kind of innovation allows for slimmer frames, cost savings and lighter designs. Furthermore, Sika offers a solution for embedding glass guardrails – the SikaGlaze GG-735. Glass rails need to be affixed to the floor with the lowest stress possible on the glass panes, but mechanical fasteners transfer high punctual stress to the glass resulting in thicker glass panels being used. SikaGlaze GG-735 allows for a more uniform distribution of the stress allowing for less punctual stress, and is impervious to moisture, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

Purpose-designed for curtainwall
Booth: 38
The ACK 550 from INT Machinery is an upcut miter saw specifically designed to perform straight and miter cutting with large aluminum profiles such as curtainwall or industrial extrusions. The ACK 550 features a 550-millimetre saw blade and a 5.4 horsepower, 230-volt, three-phase, 60-Hertz, 2,400 RPM motor. The pivoting range from minus 75 degrees left to plus 75 degrees right is infinitely adjustable, but the saw is also provided with pre-set location points at 75, 60, 45, 30, 22.5, 15, and zero degrees in both directions for accurate and quick adjustment of most common mitre angles. The up-raising of the saw feed is hydro-pneumatic to guarantee a constant raise feed. A two-year factory warranty covers the whole Yilmaz product line.

High performance IG
Booth: 6
LiteZone is a new kind of insulating glass unit that can achieve insulating values up to R19.6 at the centre of glass and as high as R17.0 for an overall window. Winner of the 2016 prestigious Green Building Product of the Year from the Canada Green Building Council, LiteZone embraces the need for thicker insulating glass to achieve these remarkable insulating values. LiteZone can be thicker because it has a proprietary system to allow the air pressure between the inside and outside of the glass unit to equalize with changing temperatures, while keeping water vapour from entering the unit. Its insulating and other performance values are customized to specific project requirements by varying the number of suspended films, the space between the layers and the number of low-E coats used in the configuration. LiteZone is air-filled so that there is no concern over performance loss due to inert gas escaping over its life. LiteZone has an extremely strong and flexible edge seal that is impermeable to water vapour. Edge seal stress due to changing temperatures is minimal because all the materials used have comparable coefficients of thermal expansion and because the unit is pressure-equalized. The expected life of LiteZone is more than 60 years. Because it only uses two glass lites, LiteZone weighs less than triple-pane glass units. With its weight, performance and other important advantages, LiteZone provides design flexibility to use large windows and generous glass areas.

Bonded PIB
Booth: 32
GlassCan will exhibit Viracon’s new proprietary warm-edge spacer technology for insulating glass units called Viracon Thermal Spacer (VTS). VTS replaces a traditional spacer, desiccant and primary sealant with a better-performing, single component spacer available in glass sizes up to 130 by 236 inches.  VTS’s exclusive formulation consists of a black thermoplastic with integrated desiccant and polyisobutylene (PIB) that is chemically bonded to the glass and the secondary silicone sealant. This exclusive technology has been engineered to outperform other spacers and edge seal systems. Thermal performance is 14.4 per cent better than aluminum spacers and condensation resistance is notably higher.  VTS is the newest addition to Viracon’s spacer offering which includes aluminum, stainless steel, and ExtremEdge. VTS’s exclusive technology delivers excellent thermal performance. It is available in a range of thicknesses; it improves edge of glass aesthetics; and units produced with VTS include an argon fill.

Restoration solution
Booth: 34
Spectrem Restoration Overlay (SRO) extrusions are custom-designed, patented solutions for restoring leaking skylights, sloped glazing, pressure bar and zipper/lockstrip systems. Adhered to substrates using Spectrem 1 silicone sealant, SRO’s patented design allows it to encapsulate leaking purlins while completely enclosing the silicone sealant bead.  Leak points are drastically reduced when all joineries, other penetrations and screw heads are completely covered. With sealant minimally visible on the interior and exterior, SRO creates straight sight lines on the interior and exterior. SRO’s colour-fast formula resists the effects of UV exposure. The result is a clean, esthetically pleasing appearance plus an extra layer of protection that shields the sealant bead from exposure to the elements and eliminates air and moisture penetration. Compared to traditional dry glazing repair methods involving total removal and replacement of the system components, SRO offers a cost-effective alternative requiring less sealant and reducing down time and labour costs. The product is easy to install and clean up and offers a 20-year warranty. Custom colour matching also is available.

Raises the standard
Booth: 5
The Erdman high-speed Dura line produces IG vertically in a fashion that nearly doubles the speed of traditional vertical lines. The Dura line is a pioneering solution for vertical automation for the single seal IG market. Never before has Dura been produced vertically. Vertical production eliminates the need to tip a unit up to four times in the production sequence. This saves time, eliminates injury potential, qualifies more operators for service and minimizes breakage. The Erdman high-speed Dura line produces IG at a rate nearly twice as fast as a traditional IG line. Total labour for the Dura high-speed line is three to four operators making at least 1,200 units per shift.  Speed is joined with other innovations and benefits such as reduced floor space, reduced labour and higher-quality product. The Dura high-speed line has inspired IG manufactures to expect more out of their IG production equipment. This has raised the standard expected output in the IG industry.

Insulating aluminum
Booth: 59
The Everlast Altitude Plus Window Series sets a higher standard for aluminum windows. This window features extruded aluminum profiles interior and exterior connected to a thermal insulation system called the “performance core,” representing the core of the window. The performance core is a new proprietary engineered material designed for specific tasks offering improved dimensional stability and higher deflection temperatures. The resulting increased strength gives manufacturers access to the perfect combination for their market. The Altitude Plus Window Series provides window manufacturers with a competitive edge. It also features mitered corners assembled with gaskets and corner keys all crimped together. This window series has achieved Energy Star certification both in Canada and the US. Low profiles make it an ideal window for today’s modern homes. Altitude Plus also meets the CW classification, making it suitable for mid-rise buildings with institutional applications. It provides the possibility of multiple assembly and opening configurations. It’s available in casement, awning or fixed window configurations. Combination windows are achieved using modular construction. The frame depth is 114 millimetres. The standard sash depth is designed for 31-millimetre glazed units. The frames and sashes can hold a triple glazed unit as well.

A better vent
Booth: 22
Elton Manufacturing will display the 2248 three-quarter vented door lite, part of its well-established collection of high-quality venting units and residential entry door products. The addition of the 2248 three-quarter vented door lite gives customers and trade partners access to a full line of venting units in a wide array of standard sizes and glass options. Key features of the 2248 vented unit include a constant force balance sash for ease of operation and a large open area for ventilation. This well-designed vented insert comes with a contemporary injection-moulded frame that will not fade in the sun and includes a high-heat foam caulking rated to 240 Fahrenheit for a secure fit and finish. Celebrating over 34 years of business, Elton Manufacturing continues to grow through its commitment to deliver innovative quality products with superior service. Top Glass visitors can get coomplete information about Elton’s entire line of quality residential entry door products, including a wide selection of both traditional and contemporary injection-moulded, PVC and aluminum door lite frames. Recent additions to the Elton product line include a full line of laminated wood profiles in two distinct finishes. With all production completed in Elton’s own facilities, quality control is maintained and customer service maximized.

Harvests light
Booth: 63
The Velux Dynamic Dome is an innovative commercial skylight designed to harvest low-angle light for up to two additional hours, keeping flourescent lights off longer. In addition to delivering bright, diffused light at midday it also creates a more consistent light level through the day. The revolutionary dome balances the structural demands of industry professionals with an architecturally progressive design. The smooth outer dome provides up to 20 per cent more light than a prismatic outer dome. The white prismatic inner dome achieves 100 per cent diffusion/haze. The sidewall of the dome is engineered to match the sun angles of the morning and afternoon hours to improve light transmittance.

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