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Product News – August 2008

September 17, 2008  By Administrator

18aStrength of steel
The superior strength of steel, and the SteelBuilt Curtainwall Systems
from Technical Glass Products (TGP) allow architects and designers to
use larger areas of glass, smaller frame profiles and wider free-spans
than is possible with traditional aluminum curtainwall assemblies.

18aStrength of steel
The superior strength of steel, and the SteelBuilt Curtainwall Systems from Technical Glass Products (TGP) allow architects and designers to use larger areas of glass, smaller frame profiles and wider free-spans than is possible with traditional aluminum curtainwall assemblies.

The SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity series opens up a new realm of design possibilities by offering back mullions of virtually any profile, including I-, T-, U- and L-shapes. The system can be used as a back mullion for almost any type of framing member that can bear the load of the curtainwall, including stainless steel and glulam beams. The back mullion can be adapted to meet nearly any required engineering loads, including high wind loads and large glass lites. As a result, curtainwalls can now provide glass sizes and free-spans that far surpass typical aluminum systems. In addition, materials and profile shapes integral to a building’s overall design may now be incorporated, allowing the curtainwall to better complement a building’s surrounding design and materials.

The SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity series is a dramatic improvement over traditional aluminum curtainwall assemblies, which are typically limited to square-tube back mullions, creating performance limitations as well as a visual break between the main structure and the curtainwall. The flexibility in mullion profiles allow it to be used in many different types of designs, from high-end urban storefronts and grand entrances, to rustic lodges and other facilities that incorporate wood throughout.


The exterior cover caps and interior back mullions of SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity series frames can also be made from stainless steel, an increasingly popular material.

Technical Glass Products (TGP), 800-426-0279,

18bQuality control during assembly
The Series 5250 Unitized CurtainWall from United States Aluminum draws upon years of design experience to deliver a unitized curtain wall system that lowers field installation costs and provides higher performance capabilities. The unitized curtainwall system allows for shop fabrication, glazing and assembly in an interior environment. Higher field labour costs are avoided with shop assembly and allow for higher quality control during assembly. The completed panels are then shipped to the job site for assembly.

The Series 5250 Unitized CurtainWall is available as either a fully captured or vertically butt glazed system with a 2 1/2 inch sightline and 7 1/2 inch overall depth. The system is designed to be flexible with up to 2.5 per cent inter-storey drift to absorb building movement. The Series 5250 Unitized CurtainWall utilizes a unique three-way adjustable anchor designed for easy adjustment during erection. Thermal efficiency, a driving design requirement from the beginning, is accomplished by using a non-conductive injection-molded thermoplastic connector. Exterior and interior members are joined using the thermoplastic connector resulting in superior thermal performance.

Series 5250 accommodates a one-inch insulated glass infill or a quarter-inch spandrel. Dual or two-tone colours can be achieved by specifying different finishes for the exterior face covers and interior mullions. Finishes range from custom matched painted coatings to a wide selection of clear, bronze or black anodic finishes.

United States Aluminum, 972-937-9651,

18cEliminates damage
Hyde Park Enterprises (HPE) Inc., has introduced a new, economical and proven damage prevention product system: Curtainwall Protector (CP). It prevents damage to architectural metal-framed window units during the interior finishing of large-scale,  highrise buildings under construction.  It consists of a laminated and scored .080 calliper solid paperboard made from 100 per cent recycled fibres along with rolls of specifically formulated removable tape.

Curtainwall Protector is designed and engineered as a damage prevention product system to meet specifications.  It can be printed, perforated and coated according to the need of each application.
It is easy to use, ships flat, requires minimal storage, sets up and forms easily into vertical and horizontal applications and is held in place by a special removable tape that does not leave a residue.

Hyde Park Enterprises says Curtainwall Protector offers superior value in reducing or eliminating expensive damage at a relative small cost.

HPE Inc., 856-874-1830,

Design flexibility
18dThe UNA-CLAD SC-1 extruded aluminum sunscreen system from Firestone Metal Products provides industry leading design flexibility. Designers can choose from standard offerings or customize the SC-1 to fit any project. With its wide selection of blade types, outrigger profiles, wall attachment options and custom fabrication capabilities, the design options are endless.
The UNA-CLAD SC-1 blade options include welded or mechanically attached pieces that can be set to any angle and spaced as required.

Available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, the SC-1 offers more options for maximum design flexibility.

The company says that while sunscreen products are not new, providing both pre-engineered standard and custom sunscreens will provide it with a unique niche in the building envelope market. 

Bridgestone Firestone Diversified Products (BFDP) acquired Copper Sales in 2005 and now offers vertical wall panel and column cover product lines in addition to a full line of metal roofing products for the entire building envelope.

Firestone Metal Products Company, 763-712-5238

Dry joint rain-screen system
Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. (SAF) has introduced the SAF Series 4000 panel system, an affordable, dry joint, rain-screen system. The new architectural rain-screen wall panel system provides a defence against moisture problems by equalizing pressure between the interior and exterior environments by channelling air and water. Flashing and weep holes in the panel bottoms and vent holes in the panel tops can be added to allow for back ventilation and drainage.

Designed for both new build and refurbishment projects, SAF Series 4000 panels are available in a variety of cladding materials, including: Aluminum Composite Materials such as Alucobond, Reynobond and Alpolic, Aluminum coated with Fluorocarbon AAMA 2605 coatings and anodized aluminum.

Additionally, the SAF Series 4000 panels are designed for fast and simple installation, making them an economical choice for glazing contractors. Series 4000 panels are easily attached to walls with mechanical fasteners. Installers are supported by SAF’s full-service CAD Services department.
SAF is an aluminum distributor, aluminum fabricator, and aluminum finisher specializing in Kynar painting and architectural anodizing for architectural specifiers and glazing contractors.

SAF, 770-942-1207,

Architectural systems and hardware
CR Laurence (CRL), has published a new AM09 Architectural Metals Catalog. This full-colour, 208-page catalogue is available online at, as well as in print.

The AM09 includes an extensive selection of architectural systems and related hardware for the construction of code-compliant building façades, including cladding; column covers; wall, ceiling, and canopy panel systems; sunshades and glass awnings; perforated panels systems and architectural wire cloth; ornamental metals; aluminum and steel canopies and grilles; spider fittings; railing systems; standoffs systems; mall front clamps; windscreens, barriers, and wall protectors; and a variety of tools and accessories.

 CRL’s architectural metals can be used in conjunction with the company’s door rails, exit devices, handles, railings, and other architectural hardware to create entire all-glass storefront entrance packages, including custom canopies and sunshades, and metal-clad columns. 

CR Laurence 877-421-6144,

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