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Product News – February 2008

May 11, 2008  By Administrator

C.R. Laurence (CRL) says its three-panel Tri-Vent slider and its POWR-Sliders with solar glass for the 2007+  Toyota Tundra is a ‘Perfect Fit’ for autoglass professionals.


A perfect fit
C.R. Laurence (CRL) says its three-panel Tri-Vent slider and its POWR-Sliders with solar glass for the 2007+
Toyota Tundra is a ‘Perfect Fit’ for autoglass professionals.

The company says these sliders feature fully contoured perfect fit frames with flexible flanges for an excellent fit and easy installation on extended cab models. The soft rubber flange hugs the contours of the body and conceals the weep holes while also reducing road noise. They also feature narrow stiles, tight sealing weatherstrips, self-locking latches and solar glass.

The Tundra POWR-Sliders utilize flexible cable and a remotely located, compact drive unit, which simplifies installation and provides smooth, quiet one-touch operation. The convenience and security of electric operation make POWR-Sliders a selling feature for glass shops. CRL sliders feature bend-over mounting tabs that align the slider in the opening and provide a quick securing system for these windows. CRL Tri-Vent Tundra sliders are available for 1999 to current models.

The company manufactures a wide variety of automotive windows including van, RV and big rig truck windows; Duo-Vent and Tri-Vent rear sliders for pickups; POWR-Sliders, the first electrically-powered rear window for pickup trucks; and the SFC/CRL line of sunroof products. These products, as well as installation tools, urethanes, cleaners and other products used by autoglass replacement shops, can be seen in the CRL43 Auto Glass Replacement Catalog. This catalog, along with all other CRL catalogs, can be downloaded in pdf format at the company’s web site. -end-
C.R. Laurence: (877) 421-6144,


Tall vehicle access
Sommer & Maca’s new adjustable Step Scaffold for autoglass technicians makes working on any truck or large vehicle easier and safer. The Step Scaffold won the Best New Product Award at the 2007 NACE show in Las Vegas in November. It was displayed in the New Product Pavilion with a 2008 Ford MidBox utility truck to show its application for tall vehicles.

The all aluminum platform is adjustable to 3.0ft and the ‘step deck’ holds 300lb on the 15in x 42in work deck and weighs only 28lb. A 4.0ft four step model is also available. Options include safety handrail, spring-loaded wheels, tool trays and connecting planks. Sommer & Maca says these scaffolds are exceptionally stable and make working on large vehicle windshields and body panels safer, easier and a lot more convenient. -end-
Sommer & Maca: (800) 323-9200,

Everything installers need
Following the recent success of its BetaSeal 0°ne Clear EZ Kit, Dow Automotive has introduced three more kits for aftermarket glass replacement. Autoglass installers can now choose from four kits containing everything they need for a day’s work, with options for adhesive products and packaging.


The company says these new kits extend the convenience and economy of its EZ Kit concept for use on virtually every car and light truck in North America. Each kit contains all the supplies installers need with a single lot number. That cuts down mistakes, simplifies inventory and makes job tracking and Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) compliance a snap. All the contents have the same expiration date, which eliminates waste.

The first EZ Kit, introduced last fall, featured BetaSeal 0°ne adhesive in 12 310mL cartridges. The new kits are:
• BetaSeal 0°neBP Clear EZ Kit with six BetaSeal 0°ne 600mL sausages;
• BetaSeal Express Clear EZ Kit with 20 BetaSeal Express 310mL  cartridges;
• BetaSeal ExpressBP Clear EZ

Kit with six BetaSeal Express 600mL sausages.
Each kit contains everything needed for eight windshield replacements, or 13 in the case of the BetaSeal Express Clear EZ Kit. Both adhesives, BetaSeal 0°ne and BetaSeal Express, offer one hour safe drive-away time and work great in all weather conditions above zero degrees F (minus 17.8 degrees C), according to the company. BetaSeal 0°ne is a high modulus, non-conductive formula ideal for windshields with embedded antennas or heating elements.

All the kits include:
• BetaPrime Clear One-step glass/frit primer in convenient (no shaking required) stick applicators;
• BetaClean GC-800 glass and surface cleaner;
• BetaPrime 5404A pinchweld and encapsulation primer; and
• the needed supply of nozzles, daubers, lot number stickers and instruction sheet.

While the BetaSeal 0°ne kits can be used for virtually any replacement, the BetaSeal Express kits are perfect for the 95 percent of cars in North America that do not need a non-conductive adhesive. At the beginning of each day, the installer can just grab one box off the shelf and go. All the accessories are in clear, re-sealable packages so they are easy to identify and keep from being contaminated. The adhesive and primer packaging is colour coded to eliminate mistakes. EZ kits provide a real boost in productivity and quality assurance at an economical price. -end-
Dow Automotive: (248) 391-6300,


Unbeatable strength
The revolutionary cordless Crystal Glass Extractor PRO V28 Milwaukee combines rugged performance with unbeatable strength and boasts 40 to 50 percent more power than an 18V. Equipped with the industry’s first battery fuel gauge and two Lithium-Ion batteries, autoglass technicians will never be caught with a dead battery again. The Extractor PRO V28 Milwaukee and the entire Extractor series includes both pneumatic and corded models. -end-
Crystal Glass Extractor (877) 628-8837,


Point of sale opportunity
Gold Glass Group expands its product line with the introduction of its GGG brand Premium windshield wiper blades. The company says the new line of GGG wiper blades meet OEM specifications and are suitable for most vehicles. The high quality natural rubber is appropriate for all season performance.

For autoglass shops, these wiper blades are a great opportunity to increase profits with every windshield installation. The new line of wiper blades are available in the unique GGG packaging as a point of sale display item and will only be available to the autoglass industry. A self-contained refillable display unit containing an array of sizes is also available. -end-
Gold Glass Group: (800) 448-5188,

Windshield repair made easy
A new windshield repair tool by Crackmaster Distributors will change the way windshield repair fills the
legs of star and combination breaks. Filling stubborn legs is the most frustrating task of windshield repair,
but this is now easier with the new stainless steel Star-Leg Flexor that makes manual, time consuming and painful flexing of star legs with a hand-held probe obsolete.


How it works
The tool ‘flexes’ open the legs of stars easily and holds the pressure until it fills, completely filling legs to the tip in seconds. This eliminates having to drill legs and cuts repair time in half. The Star-Leg Flexor connects legs to the break’s bull's eye and allows for higher viscosity resins to be used. It does not spread the crack and can be easily moved around the break.

Pressure is adjustable and it can be placed at any angle on the leg (crack). The Star-Leg Flexor easily moves from leg to leg, can do two legs at once and has three pressure points and three adjustable pressure positions. Pressure can also be adjusted by the size and durometer of the suction cup. The bolt at the tip can move the pressure point from the base of the leg to the middle or tip when it is a longer leg and also allows the tip to be raised to check a leg when mounted over and parallel to the leg. The Star-Leg Flexor can mount parallel or perpendicular to the leg(s) and it also works as a crack opener for long cracks off the bottom of the windshield where the dashboard prevents use of other crack openers. -end-
Crackmaster Distributors: (888) 349-2729,

While Glass Canada editors make every effort to be objective when reporting on new products, they
cannot be held responsible for claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for more details.

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