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Product News – August 2006

May 9, 2008  By Administrator

20aThe 7500 Wall systems from Kawneer can be customized for versatile
design applications from storefronts and strip windows to window-wall
or curtainwall applications.


Customized for energy savings
The 7500 Wall systems from Kawneer can be customized for versatile design applications from storefronts and strip windows to window-wall or curtainwall applications. Combining Kawneer’s 24mm and 49mm ISOWEB thermal break with double or triple glazing meets both energy and building code requirements while reducing total energy usage and saving HVAC capital costs. Aesthetically, two colour finishes are available so exterior covers can be finished differently from interior framing. This system accommodates various glazing in-fill options and has a profile of 21⁄2in. Its pressure equalized design delivers excellent air and water performance and boasts a ‘U’ factor as low as 0.98W/m2 degrees C. Door adapters for Insulclad thermal entrances are included and 7500 Wall accepts 5500, 5525 ISOWEB open-out operating windows.

Commercial application: Kawneer’s 7550 triple glazed unitized curtainwall was specified for the seven storey, American Axle and Manufacturing world headquarters. This custom design used the larger 49mm thermal break in conjunction with triple glazing insulating units. The architects, Luchenback/Ziegelman say the effective co-mingling of equipment, triple glazed curtainwall and operating concepts achieved outstanding results in energy savings with a two year payback in costs and reducing operating costs by more than 30 percent in the first year. -end-
Kawneer, Telephone: (416) 755-7751, (403) 259-5527

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Multi-adjustable curtainwall brackets
Halfen Anchoring Systems, a division of Meadow Burke Products, has launched its HTOS line of brackets for top-of-slab anchoring of glazed  curtainwall. For the first time, a standard line of multi-adjustable brackets has been introduced to the glazing industry. The HTOS brackets can be used with most stick and unitized systems, have three dimension adjustability and have a working load capacity to suit many typical applications.

The company says having a standard, off-the-shelf bracket for curtainwall greatly simplifies both the design and installation of curtainwall systems. The HTOS series features all-steel construction, is available in four sizes and includes a device to prevent displacement of unitized panels due to thermal expansion. Based on input from Canadian curtainwall companies, Halfen is currently working on the design and engineering of a second generation of top-of-slab brackets. This second generation will feature a connection to the backside of the mullion, dead load allowable load of 1600lb (7kN), and wind load allowable load of 4500lb (20kN). Halfen expects to have the new brackets available by the fall of 2006. -end-
Unistrut Central-Halfen Anchoring Systems, Telephone: (416) 984-7969


Integral water deflection
United States Aluminum has completed its improvements for its series 4500 curtainwall system. The company offers a full range of aluminum entrance doors, storefronts, window-walls, curtainwalls and slope glazed systems. Its improved series 4500 has a face dimension of 21⁄4in with 4.0in, 5.0in and 8.0in back members available. The series 4500 curtainwall features the patented Uniflash integral water deflection system. The improvements include: screw spline or shear block assembly and streamlined fabrication methods.

Uses two glass stops
United States Aluminum has also complemented its line of thermal framing systems with the introduction of its series 250-T Narrow Stile and series 400-T Medium Stile thermal doors. To improve the glazing process, the doors feature a patented glazing design using two glass stops instead of the normal eight. Structurally, the doors feature the Structlink II nylon thermal break, mechanically fastened corners and a spring-loaded, fully adjustable, dual-weathered astragal between doors. These doors include a thermal 2.0in x 41⁄2in frame designed for 1.0in insulated glass. A 10in bottom rail is available to meet various ADA requirements. -end-
United States Aluminum Telephone: (972) 937-9651

Addresses project-specific criteria
C.R. Laurence (CRL) has introduced the ARS Aluminum Railing System for commercial and residential applications. Designed and manufactured by CRL, this premium system features impact resistant extruded aluminum railings with high structural durability, and special coatings to resist the corrosive effects of the elements and salt water. In addition to a variety of standard designs, the company offers custom railings that address project-specific criteria.

The company says these strong, yet lightweight systems provide superior colour retention, impact resistance and weatherability in any environment. As today’s architects are becoming more view-oriented in their designs, the use of glass railings is rapidly growing in popularity. Glass railings give buildings a sophisticated appeal and serve as effective wind barriers, further enhancing the outdoor balcony environment.


CRL’s ARS glass railing systems can accept 1⁄4in (6.0mm) to 3⁄8in (10mm) tempered clear or tinted glass in-fill options. These are not only ideal for commercial applications, but also for residential decks, patios and balconies. The ARS mounts to the surface of most substrates, but other mounting options are offered, such as core-mounted and fascia-mounted designs. ADA compliant grab rails, custom gates and post-mounted lighting systems are also available. Railings and components can be ordered in seven standard powder paint colours, as well as custom colours.

The company also offers a Picket Railing System. Simple, attractive and strong, this system utilizes 3⁄4in (19mm) square or round vertical pickets, with a selection of four standard top rail designs. Decorative cast in-fill panels can also be specified to create a unique architectural accent. Another option is CRL’s Cable Railing System that uses high quality 316 alloy stainless steel cable and hardware. This system performs in the harshest of conditions and is ideal for projects that require a more commercial or nautical feel. Typical applications utilize horizontal cables spaced 31⁄2in (88.9mm) on centre.

CRL’s extensive line of tubing and accessory connectors makes hand rail assembly simple. In addition, the company offers technical assistance at each step of the way, from design and specification through installation techniques. The company says this growing niche presents an excellent opportunity for glass professionals. These systems are attractive, stronger and more durable than vinyl, and they are cost effective. -end-
C.R. Laurence Telephone: (800) 421-6144, (877) 421-6144


Designing with glass and light
Technical Glass Products (TGP) now offers Pilkington Profilit, an exciting alternative to glass block and other translucent materials for commercial and residential applications.

The Pilkington Profilit glazing system consists of unique, self-supporting glass channels and an extruded metal perimeter frame. The end result is a wall, façade or partition that obscures vision but allows light to pass through. Pilkington Profilit can be used in interior or exterior applications, each with an overall span of up to 23ft. The channels can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

The ‘U’ shaped cast glass channels are installed without needing any vertical or horizontal supports except the framing. The perimeter frame and sills can easily be shaped to form a wall with virtually any number of curves.

The glass is available in a variety of colours and textures with varying translucency, allowing for the passage of natural light without the loss of privacy. As one of the most cost efficient glass cladding systems available, Pilkington Profilit cuts the need for artificial lighting and provides excellent sound reduction, up to 42dB(A). -end-
Technical Glass Products-Pilkington Telephone: (888) 397-3473

While Glass Canada editors make every effort to be objective when reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible for claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for more details.e held responsible for claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for more details.

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