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Product News – April 2007

May 9, 2008  By Administrator

18aSealants and Handling and Transportation product introductions.

Bonds to wide range of substrates


Sika’s Advanced Technology (AT) is based on a new type of hybrid polymer, a marriage between its powerful Sika PU-Technology that has been well established for 40 years and the well-known Modified Silicone-Technology (MS). The advantage of this hybrid chemistry is the combination of the best properties of both technologies in the new Sika advanced technology.


Sikaflex AT-Connection is a high quality one-part joint sealant for building construction joints based on Sika’s advanced technology. It matches the requirements for all kinds of construction, isolation/connection joints, window and door perimeter joints, balcony parapets, building façade and metal claddings.

Sikaflex AT-Connection is ideal for bonding to movement joints and a wide range of porous and non-porous substrates, especially on metal and PVC window and door frames in concrete or brick façades.

Minimal substrate preparation
Sikaflex AT-Connection is silicone free and paintable which makes it ideal for connection joints. It is easily gunned even at low temperatures and provides a long tooling time for extended work cycles. This results in an optimum combination between working time and curing speed over the whole temperature range for longer working cycles.

The high colour stability and non-yellowing properties ensure a good looking joint for an improved appearance, making this odourless and solvent free formulation suitable for internal applications.

It is also UV resistant for external applications with a long service life and the non-tacky surface makes it ideal for external and internal applications. -end-
Sika Canada: (800) 689-7452,

A proven performer
Fenzi North America has introduced thiover polysulphide, which provides reliable field performance demanded by the market while being an ‘equipment friendly’ sealant that runs on all automated lines and all hand gunning equipment. Maintaining the highest quality, this material contains no solvent with 30 percent polymer content. It is available from warehouses throughout Canada and the US. -end-
Fenzi North America: (416) 674-3831,


Permanently flexible
TVM has introduced a new high quality line of one-part RTV silicone sealants for window, ceramic, high temperature and general construction applications. These new silicone sealants are intended for interior and exterior applications. It remains permanently flexible and resistant to sunlight, rain, sleet, snow, UV, ozone and temperature extremes.

Typical applications for TVM multi-purpose silicone include sealing of window and door frames, general weatherproofing and sealing building and construction joints. The silicone sealants are available through Brichem Sales based in Oakville, Ontario. -end-
Brichem Sales: (800) 309-2709,

Neutral cure
Dow Corning’s 795 Silicone Building Sealant is a neutral-cure, one-part sealant that adheres to most common construction materials including glass and aluminum.

The weatherproofing sealant maintains adhesion in extreme environments including sunlight, rain, snow, ozone and temperature extremes from minus 79 degrees C to 149 degrees C (minus 40 degrees F to 300 degrees F). Available in standard and custom colours, Dow Corning 795 silicone building sealant is frequently specified for renovation and general weatherproofing applications, including perimeter sealing of door and window frames. It is well-suited for structural and non-structural glazing of glass, metal and plastic, as well as for adhering stiffeners to building panels.

Softer feel, superior performance
Dow Corning has also introduced its second generation of InstantGlaze Hot Melt Technology: InstantGlaze II. It allows easy application and installation of glass for residential and small commercial window and door manufacturers while increasing productivity up to 33 percent over tape glazing. Responding to customer feedback on the successful launch of InstantGlaze I in 2004, InstantGlaze II is a lower viscosity, softer material that squeezes down during application to increase contact surface with the window while offering the same green strength, reduced hold time and increased efficiency.

The company says this next generation of InstantGlaze technology meets the needs of customers who have asked for a softer feel while still providing all the performance benefits of hot melt technology. InstantGlaze I is used in the commercial and residential sales markets. InstantGlaze II is used solely in the residential and light construction markets. -end-
Dow Corning: (989) 496-6000,


Design and selection
Adchem Corporation offers qualified window manufacturers its complete
test protocol for the design and selection of muntin tapes. The document includes guidance for selecting proper clearances for wood, vinyl and aluminum grids, as well as cleaning and assembly methods.

Adchem’s MT series for simulated divided light (SDL) windows and doors was developed specifically as a muntin tape system which eliminates the need for liquid silane primers or enhancers. The MT series is engineered to provide long-term indoor and outdoor adhesion to a variety of substrates including glass, cellular PVC, vinyl, primed and non-primed wood, plastic, painted aluminum and Kynar coated aluminum.

Adchem’s MT series maintains high shear, tensile and cleavage strength while providing resistance to air, water, detergents, moisture, UV light and dust. The product is available in light gray, charcoal and black. -end-
Adchem Corporation: (631) 727-6000,


Emphasizes safety and efficiency
Designed specifically for the fast, safe handling of lighter loads, the Bystronic Easy-Lift series of single-column lifts save production time while reducing operating costs. High quality aluminum construction makes these units light in weight yet rugged enough to easily manipulate loads as high as 350kg. Its vacuum grip is reliable and is generated by either the Venturi method or a pneumatically driven pump.

Three Easy-Lift configurations are available. The basic Easy-Lift is an all-around workhorse capable of providing lifting, tilting and rotating functions with a safe working load of 150kg, 250kg and 350kg. For screen printing or the handling of other coated glass plates, the Easy-Lift Turnover Manipulator provides lifting and turnover of 96 or 180 degrees.

For lifting, tilting and manual turning in low quantity operations, the Easy-Lift Mandy can safely accommodate small glass plates up to 100kg in weight. Ideally suited for lightweight X-Y craneways, these smooth running, reliable systems are also economical to own. -end-
Bystronic-glass: (800) 247-3332,


Workshop on wheels
Bromer, based in Terrebonne, Quebec, has introduced its new Sprinter Truck and Rack for transporting glass. The Sprinter, powered by a five cylinder Mercedes diesel engine, is fuel efficient and offers a 6ft1in roof clearance.

This versatile glass handling and transport unit is practically a workshop on wheels, without all the inconveniences of a six-wheel cube van, such as book logging and inspections. The company says the Bromer aluminum rack is rust proof and lighter than stainless steel and is equipped with a unique patented glass locking system. Combined, the Sprinter Truck and Rack help glass companies reach high levels of efficiency when transporting glass. The company says this is a wise solution for companies looking to purchase a new transport unit. -end-
Bromer Incorporated: (450) 477-6682,


Multiple options
Tekimex International ApS develops, produces and delivers transportation racks for glaziers and other craftsmen globally who work with glass or sheet material. The company offers a wide range of carrying systems to transport glass, windows and sheet material outside and inside the van. The length and height of the racks can be adjusted to the vehicle. Frails for flatbed vans also provide multiple options.

The versatile transportation racks can be installed on the side or on the platform of a flatbed truck, at only one end or on each side. The racks are designed to fit all kinds of transport vehicles, large or small.

The company’s new Tekimex racks fit ideally to the Mercedes Sprinter and the new VW Crafter models. In Europe they are already being used as transportation vehicles by many glass firms. The interior racking has retainer for holders and ‘combi-shelves’ can be installed to utilize the space behind the rack. Tool retainers with 15 holders are also available and there is a wide range of aluminum modules to fit any vehicle. -end-
Tekimex International:


Reconditions rubber vacuum pads
Wood’s Powr-Grip has added a new product to its already extensive product line: Wood’s Powr-Grip Vacuum Cup Cleaner is a cleaning solution targetted at filling a void in the vacuum cup industry. Historically, customers who have inquired into the proper cleaning and maintenance of vacuum cup products were instructed to clean the cup surface with warm, soapy water. With the introduction of the new cleaning solution, Powr-Grip offers a more scientific approach to maintaining and cleaning the vacuum cups it produces.

Wood’s Powr-Grip Vacuum Cup Cleaner is a 2.0oz bottle of liquid cleanser specifically designed to easily clean, condition and rejuvenate vacuum pads. The cleaner removes common contamination associated with rubber products, such as glaze (polished, glossy surface), blooming (dusty, white surface) and some adhesives. Wood’s Powr-Grip Vacuum Cup Cleaner reconditions rubber vacuum pads to improve surface texture, flexibility and grip.

Vacuum cups submitted to the rigours of everyday use pick up dirt and grime that compromise their effectiveness. This dirt and grime degrades the vacuum cup’s ability to maintain suction, which risks harming the materials being handled and, potentially, the worker. Through a frequent, diligent vacuum cup maintenance and inspection regime, material damage and injury may be virtually eliminated. -end-
Wood’s Powr-Grip: (800) 548-7341,


Moves clumsy window and door units
In the past, large, heavy, awkward and clumsy window or door units have had to be transported and moved around mostly by sheer muscle power. This has lead to damaged units and employee injuries.

LCS Precision Molding has introduced solutions for these problems. They include the LCS2000 lift handles, which are screwed to side jambs, making lifting safer and more manageable; the LCS602 door skid/bottom protector; and the LCS601 window and door slide plate. Both parts are an economical alternative to scrap wood.

Transportation damage and employee injuries are reduced when using these products. Distributors, freight handlers and installation contractors welcome the convenience, ease and added safety of handling window and door units.

LCS Precision Molding has also introduced a new solution for maintaining the alignment of French doors. The LCS607 can be used with either interior or exterior – twin or French doors. This latest introduction will maintain stable and aligned door units during transportation and installation and helps to reduce shipping damage and secures door slabs to its frame. Installation of the LCS607 French door clip can be either stapled or screwed to its door frame header. This is an extremely strong and secure solution to keeping French doors stable and aligned in the frame. -end-
LCS Precision Molding: (507) 362-8685

While Glass Canada editors make every effort to be objective when reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible for claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for more details.

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