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Product News – February 2007

May 9, 2008  By Administrator

19aExpanding on its current line of hand-held vacuum cups for autoglass,
Wood’s Powr-Grip has combined its Handi-Grip handle with its popular
LJ45, LP6 and TL6 vacuum pads.

Easy to lift and position


Expanding on its current line of hand-held vacuum cups for autoglass, Wood’s Powr-Grip has combined its Handi-Grip handle with its popular LJ45, LP6 and TL6 vacuum pads. The resulting cups, LJ45HG, LP6HG and TL6HG offer the same reliable vacuum grip as the company’s existing models but feature an alternative, ergonomic means of handling the vacuum cup. The Handi-Grip models employ an economical and rugged cast aluminum handle that makes it easy to lift and position autoglass. The cups also feature the original Powr-Grip red-line vacuum indicator to assure a firm, reliable grip on every lift.


Handi-Grip models are available with capacities of either 40lb (18kg) or 70lb (32kg), making them an excellent choice for handling windshields. Different pad styles enable the cups to be used on curved or flat surfaces, depending on the application. Flat vacuum pads attach more quickly on flat surfaces, whereas concave pads attach more readily to curved surfaces. The LJ45HG features a 41⁄2in (115mm) concave pad and has a capacity of 40lb (18kg). The LP6HG features a 6.0in (305mm) flat pad while the TL6HG features a 6.0in (305mm) concave pad, both have 70lb lifting capacity. -end-
Wood’s Powr-Grip: (406) 628-8231,

No slips, no guessing


A. N. Designs, manufacturer of the UltraWiz brand of autoglass cutting blades, has introduced the Interior Cutting Blade Series that was designed by one of its customers to simplify the removal of Dodge Ram and Dakota pickup truck backglasses.

Based on the UltraThin 5000 blade series for strength and slenderness the interior blades are bent to reach and cut the urethane adhesive from the inside of the vehicle without removing most
interior panels or headliners. The short cutting length makes this blade ideal for getting under the encapsulation from the interior of the cab.


Autoglass technicians use the 1⁄2in 5500-M as a starter blade and then use the 3⁄4in 5501-M to easily finish cutting the urethane adhesive. The offset design shape gives a positive depth stop and is manufactured right into the blade. This allows technicians to always know how deep they are cutting, no slips and no guessing. The shank of the blade is angled back to allow the UltraWiz lever knife or a cold knife access in tight places such as above headliners or behind quarter trim panels. It works exceptionally well with the new UltraThin lever knives, part number 3008-K. Use an approved cutting fluid to assist in the ease of cutting and keep the blades sharpened.

Prevents paint scratches
A.N. Designs has also launched its newest set of UltraWiz cold knife blades: the coated, UltraThin Paint Protection Blades, which are ready to cut right from the package.

The company chose to coat the UltraWiz UltraThin blades because of their proven strength and thinness. A special resilient, durable coating has been selected to protect automotive paint from scratches and damage while cutting out windshields with exposed pinchwelds. -end-
A.N. Designs: (866) 482-2921,

Kit simplifies installation
For the first time, Dow Automotive is marketing a complete kit for automotive replacement glass installers which contains all the adhesive, primer, cleaner and other supplies needed for eight windshield replacements.


The kit allows an installer to go into the field and do a full day’s work out of one boxed kit and each one has a single lot number for all its contents to make job tracking and AGRSS compliance easy. All of the contents have the same expiration date to eliminate waste. The kit concept can significantly reduce installers’ inventory costs and simplify inventory control.

The company says the key to making the kit concept work is a single adhesive, BetaSeal 0°ne, that works at any temperature above zero degrees F (minus 17.8 degrees C). It is an FMVSS 212 crash-proven adhesive with one hour safe drive-away time. The kit includes an exciting new glass/frit primer, BetaPrime Clear.

Dow Automotive says it field tested this kit with many installers who provided feedback to indicate they wanted a primer in applicator sticks that did not require shaking and were clearly marked for ease of use. That is why the company is shipping BetaPrime Clear in colour coded packaging for easy identification.

The kit includes 12 BetaSeal 0°ne cartridges, eight BetaPrime Clear applicators, plus one can of BetaClean GC-800 glass and surface cleaner; one can of BetaPrime 5404A pinchweld and encapsulation primer; 12 nozzles, six cut and six uncut; 10 daubers; 16 master lot number stickers; one tooling paddle; 10 instructional mirror tags and an installation guide.

The company says the kit helps installers be more productive in the shop and in the field, while simplifying record keeping and inventory management. -end-
Dow Automotive: (248) 391-6300,

More power


The revolutionary Extractor PRO V28 Milwaukee is the newest 28V option for autoglass replacement technicians looking for rugged performance and unbeatable strength. With 40 to 50 percent more power than an 18V, its groundbreaking battery will run twice as long. Equipped with the industry’s first battery power gauge, operators will never be caught with a dead battery or put up with slowdowns.

The Extractor PRO V28 Milwaukee is outfitted with an exclusive gear protecting clutch and each kit includes two Lithium Ion batteries. -end-
Extractor/Crystal Glass: (780) 436-3251


Solutions for technicians
Gold Glass Group has introduced new products for the autoglass replacement industry.

Cavity moulding T-101B with butyl: This moulding is a wider version of the T-100B but the top of the moulding is a little beefier! The moulding fin holds tight to the corners of the body and does not wrinkle around corners. It can be used as a solution when the edge of the glass is further away from the vertical wall of the pinchweld than normal.

Moulding cutter, the GTOOL500 is a cutting tool that assures straight cuts and mitred cuts. It features comfortable lever cutting action, precise mitred and straight cuts of 90, 45, 30 or 15 degrees. It is safe to use, it never needs sharpening and uses standard utility knife blades. -end-
Gold Glass Group: (631) 981-4277,

Winged innovation
BTB Auto Glass Tools has released its new ‘winged’ pinchweld scraper blade range for the BTB WK10HD glass removal tool, which is an update of its popular WK6 pinchweld scraper blades.
These new blades have a special ‘wing’ on each end of the cutting face which allows for safe removal of the excess adhesive bead from pinchweld or glass after the removal, without damage to pinchweld paint work or vertical pinchweld wall. -end-
BTB Auto Glass Tools, (888) 483-0708,


One and two hour drive-away
ADCO Products has introduced the Titan bonding systems’ Professional Series. The series features PRO1, a true one hour, all weather, primerless, non-conductive, high modulus and isocyanate free urethane adhesive; and PRO2, a true two hour, all weather urethane adhesive that is also primerless, non-conductive, high modulus and isocyanate free.

The complete Titan bonding systems line of products include urethane adhesives, glass and body primers, tapes and cleaners that meet the stringent requirements of automotive replacement glass (ARG) professional installers. A cost saving line of sausage packs and a new universal primer is also available. -end-
ADCO Products: (800) 248-4010,

Inspect for quality
SynergX Technologies, a supplier of automated vision technology for the automotive glass industry, announced that it is now shipping its new generation of automotive glass inspection systems.

The new AGI-X006F systems utilize patented technology that provides automotive glass manufacturers with complete in-process inspection and yield management solutions.


The system does complete surface defect detection and classification, integrated edge inspection for grinding defect detection, paint inspection, dark tint and clear glass processing, adjustable pass/fail specification settings, quality and exclusion zones, automatic change-over and calibration, yield management and process control data. -end-
SynergX Technologies: (450) 978-1240,

Install windshields ‘solo’
Aegis Tools International has introduced the Aegis Solo windshield setting system that enables a single technician to install windshields alone on traditional ‘two technician’ jobs. The benefits of the Aegis Solo make this system a valuable addition for any autoglass installer.

Return on investment is fast, based on results from the company’s survey of regional glass shops. Solo can pay for itself in months, not years, says the company, adding, productivity also increases. Using Solo, a single technician can safely and successfully install windshields that would otherwise require a second set of hands.

Strains and sprains are reduced: Solo features an ergonomic design, using the patented technology found in the Aegis glass handlers. Lifting and reaching is minimized, lessening the chance of injury and injury compensation claims.

Quality construction: Aegis Solo boasts a hardened steel support assembly and utilizes the trusted Wood’s Powr-Grip suction cups found in the company’s glass handlers.

Solo is available in two models. The Solo Deluxe, part number KIT3010, includes a set of Aegis glass handlers. Customers already using the glass handlers can order the basic Solo system as part number KIT3000. Both models include easy-to-follow printed and video instructions. -end-
Aegis Tools International: (888) 247-6000,


Windshield protection
On behalf of Madico, Window Film Systems has introduced ClearPlex Invisible Windshield Protection Films. ClearPlex is the first and only optically clear protection film for automotive windshields. It is thermally fitted to the exterior of the windshield, forming a bond with the glass and ensuring optical clarity.

This product absorbs the impact of standard road hazards, significantly reducing the occurrence of rock chips, stars, pitting and bull’s eyes. ClearPlex stabilizes UV rays, reducing the amount of heat in the vehicle while slowing down fading in the interior. ClearPlex stands up to everyday use and is guaranteed not to bubble, peel, crack or yellow. -end-
Window Film Systems: (800) 387-1772,

Next generation adhesive
Sika Canada has introduced the next generation in automotive glass replacements adhesives. SikaTack-MoveIT has been designed to provide the best performance using Innovative Technology (IT). This product provides for a 60 minute safe drive-away time, in any climate from minus 10 degrees C up to 35 degrees C and is suitable for all cars due to Sika’s All-in-One Modulus technology. The company says it is the most convenient automotive glass replacement AGR system available in the industry today.


The company pioneered the development of ‘climate independent’ windshield adhesives in 2004 when it launched SikaTack-Move. The innovative technology used for warm-applied SikaTack-Move has now been adapted to the cold-applied product SikaTack-MoveIT. This breakthrough product allows for a 60 minutesafe drive-away time in all of the weather conditions automotive glass replacement professionals meet in their daily work.

Sika’s safe drive-away time is based on crash tests done according to the strictest safety standards of FMVSS 212/208, with passenger side airbags and no seatbelts. This guarantees  maximum safety. The development of SikaTack-MoveIT focussed on increasing the work performance of the adhesive. The result is an adhesive which allows for the shortest windshields installation times, increased flexibility for installers and provides excellent application properties.

There is no need to stock an additional specialty adhesive. Since SikaTack-MoveIT is antenna suitable and non-conductive, it can be used on modern aluminum-bodied or hybrid-bodied vehicles and passenger cars with antennas integrated in the windshield or body glass making it the right choice for all cars. -end-
Sika Canada: (800) 689-7452,

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