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Product News – February 2006

May 8, 2008  By Administrator

22aFebruary 2006: While Glass Canada editors make every effort to be objective when reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible for claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for more details.


The application champion
The next generation SikaTack-Drive (New Formulation) has arrived. This new product features Sika’s industry-leading primerless system with even better application properties than the original. Add to this a one hour safe drive-away time and Sika’s innovative all-in-one modulus technology and autoglass technicians clearly have a winner. The new SikaTack-Drive (New Formulation) is a breakthrough product, which offers a two hour safe drive-away time according to the strict safety standards of FMVSS 212/208 with passenger side airbags and no seatbelts. If seatbelts are used, the safe drive-away time is one hour in temperatures ranging from five to 35 degrees C, regardless of humidity.

This worry-free safe drive-away time is coupled with very impressive application properties. SikaTack-Drive (New Formulation) was developed with a focus on providing extraordinary application properties. The results of these efforts can be seen in an adhesive, which as a very short cut-off string, a tight stable bead and an open time of 15 minutes. In addition, the adhesive is also easy to extrude by hand from cartridges as well as unipacs up to 600mL.


Process safety is an important issue in creating a safe autoglass replacement system. Sika’s primerless systems have less application steps, which leaves less room for application errors and more room for time and cost savings. This also will reduce inventory costs. SikaTack-Drive (New Formulation) is, of course, primerless and helps give you peace of mind when doing a windshield replacement. -end-
Sika: (800) 689-7452,

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Primes windshields in one pass
Dow Automotive has re-introduced its single application unit of BetaPrime 5500SA one-step glass/frit primer. The product is known to save autoglass technicians both time and money, as much as 30 percent on primer per installation, because it easily prepares and primes windshields in one pass, meeting all OEM and long-term durability requirements.

The company says it is responding to customer concerns about reported primer leakage in some of the single application units. It solved this by first redesigning the applicator head to reduce primer wet-out. Then it went one step further to make it easier to differentiate the improved product from old inventory by changing the applicator head colour from black to brown.

The company says the BetaPrime 5500SA modifications advance its goal to serve as a consistent and responsive partner, providing autoglass replacement solutions and technical support to meet its customers’ needs at competitive prices.

Dow Automotive has also optimized its BetaPrime 5404A pinchweld and encapsulation primer to meet customer needs. This product is known for saving time and money and is used for priming pinchwelds, RIM and PVC, as well as activating pre-applied adhesive systems to simplify installation. -end-
Dow Automotive: (248) 391-6300,


Ideal for autoglass removal
Fein Canadian Power Tool has introduced the new SuperCut-Auto FSC 1.6 tool. This new generation SuperCut is the latest version of Fein’s innovative oscillating electric tool. Featuring electronic speed control with tacho-generator electronics, it is suited to glass applications. Its lighter, more ergonomic design allows for easy and efficient cutting, sawing, trimming, sanding and other applications.

Equipped with a 400W Fein high power motor and an oscillating frequency of 11,000 to 18,500 per minute, the SuperCut-Auto is the ideal tool for autoglass removal. With its ability to move along a minimal arc of 3.2 degrees and its patented oscillating motion, the SuperCut makes it possible to remove autoglass safely and easily with minimal risk or damage to the vehicle. Designed to reach difficult areas, such as 90 degree angles or tight corners, it saves time, effort and money on a variety of autoglass and bodywork applications. SuperCut also performs well when cutting through plastics and fiberglass at a rapid speed. -end-
Fein Canadian Power Tool: (800) 265-2581,


Handles windshields
Wood’s Powr-Grip has introduced a new product group that incorporates the handle from its RF36HG Handi-Grip and its popular LJ45, LP6 and TL6 vacuum pads. The Handi-Grip employs an economical and rugged cast aluminum handle that makes it easy to lift and position a variety of materials. The cups also feature Powr-Grip’s original red-line vacuum indicator, to assure a firm and reliable grip on every lift.

Handi-Grips are well-suited for load weights from 40lb (18kg) to 70lb (32kg), making them an excellent choice for handling windshields or any number of items including windows, floor tiles, electrical panels, HVAC duct work, picture frame glass and sheet materials. Different pad styles enable the cups to be used on curved or flat surfaces, as well as on narrow surfaces, depending on the application. Flat vacuum pads attach more quickly on flat surfaces, whereas concave pads attach more readily to curved surfaces. -end-
Wood’s Powr-Grip: (406) 628-8231,

Will not scratch paint
The PipeKnife Company has unveiled its newest product: the scratch-resistor cold knife blade. This new tool was produced to specifically address the latest concern of the Auto Glass Replacement (AGR) technician of no-molding windshield on newer model vehicles that makes it virtually impossible to not scratch the paint when cutting the urethane to remove the windshield. The scratch-resistor blades include a layer of powder coating and a plastic cap to eliminate the bare metal of the cold knife blade from contacting the painted surfaces.

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The design of the ergonomic cold knife will greatly reduce the stress on the autoglass technician when cutting the urethane. The technician can push or pull the cold knife, greatly increasing its capabilities. Both the Power Advance and Easy Pro cold knife have the same one-step quick change blade feature along with a fully adjustable blade. -end-
The PipeKnife Company: (303) 232-8788


Quality windshield repairs
Glass Pro Systems is releasing the Super Cinch windshield repair tool, a new and improved version of the company’s popular Cinch tool which is designed to speed up autoglass repair processes and create better quality repairs for all types of windshield damage. The company is testing a prototype (pictured), but the production models are anodized blue on the bottom (casing receiver), red in the middle (injector) and white or clear for the piston knob.

The unit incorporates a modified Wood’s pump and generates 28in of vacuum with three easy pumps. The repair tool holds the resin suspended above the damage while subjecting the damage to an intense vacuum allowing moisture and air to evacuate the break, then the injector is lowered to the bottom of its travel and seals off the primary vacuum, isolating the vacuum within the damage. The injector piston is then turned injecting resin directly into the vacuum pocket without breaking the vacuum. This allows for far better consistency to repair damage and works at any angle. -end-
Glass Pro Systems: (800) 395-7380,


Distributes weight evenly
The patented Glass Handler Kit from Aegis Tools International is designed to utilize the installer’s total upper body strength, reducing the likelihood of lower back injuries. Proper use with the provided elbow pad distributes weight evenly. Another benefit is greater control when setting windshields, with a straight-in approach that eliminates sliding. The result is an installation with more precise urethane contact and a safe, leak-proof seal. In addition, the company’s three-handle set (not pictured) fits the bill when two technicians are needed to install large lites.

The company has also introduced Aegis resins which are laboratory and field tested in conditions from humid summer temperatures to frigid winters. Multiple viscosities are offered and most are available bottled or in 25 packs of ‘single shots’, our convenient single-use packaging. The latter eliminates the need for syringes and allows greater inventory control; both formats deliver up to 25 repairs each. All Aegis resins are cured with ultraviolet light and mylar squares for optimum strength and clarity, plus cleanup is easy with any alcohol-based glass cleaner. They have an unopened shelf life of approximately two years. -end-
Aegis Tools International: (888) 247-6000


Reuse the glass
The T201 and the T202 underside moldings are Gold Glass Group’s solution to one of the biggest challenges facing the autoglass technician: the successful removal of encapsulated parts. Many new vehicles use an underside molding that has an exposed edge design which is often damaged during the removal process. This molding often gets damaged while removing the glass. Until now, this would render the glass useless; the only choice was to purchase another glass with the encapsulation on it.

Not anymore! The T201 and the T202 underside moldings both have a revolutionary adhesive that keeps the molding on the glass. Simply cut off the old molding, clean the surface and apply T201 or T202 depending upon your application.

The T201 is an EPDM based underside molding suitable for making mitred corners. The molding can be glued at the mitred joint by using a specially formulated glue, the G-Glue, and by using the Gold Glass molding cutter, the G-TOOL500. The T202 is a closed cell foam molding, also designed for exposed edge glass applications. It is specifically designed to replace damaged moldings on quarter and back glasses that have tight radius corners.

Autoglass shops that perform removal and reinstallation work can now save and reuse the glass. -end-
Gold Glass Group: (613) 244-2586,


Slips between the tabs
Equalizer offers more than one solution for autoglass professionals. The company’s FTF399 Clip Remover for Ford F-150, 2004 to 2006 model pickups also works on Nissan Maxima and many other vehicles.

The trend in recent years is to create a clip that can be pushed down to different levels and lock in place. This corrects any uneven fit between the molding and the glass. It works well for installing the molding and when it needs to be a little higher or a little lower, but it becomes a problem when you must remove the clip. Each time you release one holding tab it catches on the next one and must be released from it. There can be as many as five of these holding tabs. Made of high quality hardened steel, Equalizer’s FTF399 clip remover is very thin on the front and edge to allow it to slip between the tabs on the clip and the receiver clip. Pry up slightly and all the locking tabs are held apart while the molding is lifted out.

In addition to this, the company’s latest tool, the Equalizer Express, is designed to cut through the toughest urethane. A heavy-duty 18V motor provides the power to quickly remove the most difficult glass. There is no need to worry about finding an electrical outlet or extension cords. Each kit comes with an 18V battery, a battery charger, one BFE1400 blade, one instructional DVD, one pair of safety glasses and a handy carrying case. -end-
Equalizer: (512) 388-7715


Software drives
shop efficienciesGTS Services, a technology unit of PPG Industries, has introduced its latest software, GlasPacLX, Version 3.2 with many new features that allow small shops an easy path for expansion and enables larger multi-branch businesses to increase the functionality of their operations. Schedules, order transfers, inventory transfers, security and call centre functionality are all significantly enhanced. This is done to support new business models that drive efficiency. This version also provides a VIN based catalog look-up tool. Now shops can enter a VIN number and gain access to the make, model, year and style for glass replacement. If the VIN number is entered incorrectly, the auditing function alerts the CSR to re-enter the correct VIN number. This feature helps eliminate time looking for parts and reduce the number of errors that cause EDI billing rejects.

The company has also released a tool to integrate its wholesale oriented products to the internet. This tool provides breakaway wholesale customers with an ‘off the shelf’ branded web ordering system. The advantage of this system is tight integration of web ordering to an already very robust order processing system. Orders placed from the web site appear immediately in the order processing system. The web ordering site is flexible enough to handle more than just autoglass sales. Wholesalers become more efficient and increase sales per CSR, and retailers receive increased service levels.

In addition, GTS Services’ InfoMAX data management tool gives shop owners access to all the key data to make critical business decisions and shops that are looking to expand will utilize the added extensive features for multi-branch operations such as multi-branch scheduling, resource planning, inventory transfers, advance security, exceptional call centre functions and real-time access to all branch functions. -end-
GTS Services: (503) 684-5066


Exceptional bonds
A new line of adhesives from Dymax, called Multi-Cure 605 series for autoglass and glass to metal assembly, exhibits a wide range of high performance properties including excellent tensile shear, high clarity, and exceptional peel and impact strength.

Multi-Cure 605 glass bonders are ideal for automotive glass and fixture assembly. Key characteristics that make the 605 series adhesives suitable for these applications include invisible bonds, high adhesion, toughness and durability, as well as resistance to moisture and thermal cycling. Though most applications require the joining of mating surfaces, the 605 series forms acceptable bonds where irregular surfaces cause less than perfect fit. The adhesives can fill irregularities in bonded joints and cure through a thickness of 1⁄4in in seconds, to create stronger bonds and better seals.

Besides delivering the highest levels of strength, durability and appearance, Dymax adhesives are formulated to cure in only a few seconds upon exposure to moderate intensity 365 nanometres wavelength ultraviolet light. Fast cures provide optimized productivity in
automated and hand assembly processes. Additionally, 605 series glass bonders do not cure until exposed to light to allow for precise positioning prior to bonding. Even under intensities as low as 10mW/cm2, many of the adhesives are capable of full cures in as little as 30 seconds and may even be cured using ‘black light’. Their Multi-Cure feature means they can also be cured with heat or Dymax activators in areas that light cannot reach. -end
Dymax Corporation: (860) 482-1010,

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