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Product News – October 2006

May 9, 2008  By Administrator

17aODL Incorporated, a manufacturer of door glass, is debuting its ODL
Architectural series, a brand new line featuring fluted frames that
adds dimension and style to finished doors. Designed for standard width
doors, the Architectural series is offered in four popular styles and
four caming finishes: Expressions (brass), Expressions (satin nickel),
Paris (Patina), Jacinto (wrought iron), Heirlooms (brass) and Heirlooms


Fluted frames
ODL Incorporated, a manufacturer of door glass, is debuting its ODL Architectural series, a brand new line featuring fluted frames that adds dimension and style to finished doors. Designed for standard width doors, the Architectural series is offered in four popular styles and four caming finishes: Expressions (brass), Expressions (satin nickel), Paris (Patina), Jacinto (wrought iron), Heirlooms (brass) and Heirlooms (brass).

This door glass features unique corner medallions that can be co-ordinated to match the glass caming and are available in satin nickel, Patina and brass finishes. The decorative glass in the Architectural series frame is only available in a wide panel size, best suited for use in fiberglass doors. Contractors will appreciate that there are no screw hole plugs for the builder or painter to deal with at the job site. The frame is ready to paint or stain.


Sealed between lites
In addition, the company offers its ODL motorized door glass blinds which provide an easy-to-use, low maintenance solution for controlling light and privacy. The first door glass product of its kind, these units feature blind slats sealed between two lites of tempered safety glass. The battery-powered motorized tilt system easily tilts slats open or closed at the touch of a button, which is integrated into the door glass frame.

The motor has a unique slip clutch design that prolongs battery life and prevents over rotation. The blind will operate for two years on two AAA batteries, with no wiring required. ODL has made it easy to replace the batteries, which are housed in the door glass frame. The motorized door glass blinds use proven moisture-resistant technology that has been subjected to extensive operation and weather-cycle testing.

They are offered in standard door glass dimensions of 22in wide by 36in long and 22in wide by 64in long and come standard with a 20 year warranty. ODL door glass is available in many popular steel and fiberglass doors.

Elegant designs
The ODL Michael Graves Collection of decorative door glass brings a new level of sophistication to the entryways of residential homes. The collection features elegantly clean designs inspired by trends in architecture, fashion and housewares. Three styles of decorative door glass, Acacia, Vienna and Fleur-de-lis, are available. All styles were inspired by early 20th Century art and design. -end-
ODL Incorporated Telephone: (616) 772-9111


Window winch system
C.R. Laurence has introduced the CRL Wood’s ladder lifter. Developed by a high volume remodelling contractor, the new ladder lifter was designed to provide a fast, efficient way to install above-grade windows and eliminates the necessity of staging scaffolding.

Using the innovative winch system of this lifter, installers can easily lift up to 185lb (85kg) safely, making two storey window installations easier than ever. The winch and pulley do the work safely, avoiding installer back strain and injury. Typical installations require only a two-person crew and two hours to complete because there’s no time lost staging and disassembling scaffolding. This provides a quick payback for your equipment.

Using a 375lb minimum weight capacity ladder, the Wood’s ladder lifter quickly clamps onto the rungs with the pulley assembly on top and the braking winch assembly near the bottom. Suspended from the galvanized steel cable is the adjustable width hand cup lifter bar that uses two metal handle vacuum cups that attach to the window’s glass. Using a second ladder, the window can then be fitted and sealed into place.

The ladder lifter uses a special ‘braking’ winch, so there is no need to flip levers to lock the unit in place. Just release the winch handle and it is locked into position. To lower the lifter bar, simply rotate the winch handle counter clockwise.

The load capacity of the lifter is 185lb (85kg) with an ANSI Type 1AA 375lb capacity ladder. The maximum lifting height is 30ft (9.1m). Two 8.0in Wood’s Powr-Grip hand cups are required to operate this unit and can be ordered separately or as part of a package. -end-
C.R. Laurence Telephone: (877) 421-6144


Passes performance test
P.H. Tech, a Canadian PVC extruder based in Quebec City, continues to lead the way for performance with its System Boreal window line that meets North America’s toughest impact standards – the ASTM Large Missile Impact and Cyclic Pressure test protocols (ASTM E1886-03 and E1996-03).

As extreme weather events grow more frequent, the need for impact resistance has fuelled demand for top quality vinyl windows capable of withstanding tornados and hurricane-force winds. Vinyl is increasingly seen as a better option than aluminum because it typically offers superior properties as far as resistance to salt spray and environmental conditions in coastal applications.
One of the first extruders anywhere to satisfy exacting Dade County standards, P.H. Tech came up with window assemblies that now meet International Building and International Residential Code requirements in force in most coastal states. Successfully tested to ASTM wind-borne debris standards (Zone 4 with winds of 140mph and over), the windows incorporate sealed insulating glass to provide the latest in energy efficiency.

P.H. Tech products are an ideal solution for residential window manufacturers seeking to break into the hurricane market because they provide a broad range of top quality, code-approved windows at minimal investment and manufacturing cost to fabricators.

The 31⁄4in casement and fixed casement window combinations are rated DP 65 (zone 4) and are available in sizes up to 194in by 72in (maximum casement unit width of 36in and maximum fixed casement width of 60in). -end-
P.H. Tech Telephone: (418) 833-3231


Guards against harsh weather
The new windows and patio doors from Silver Line are built to endure punishment in the most demanding weather conditions. Weather Stopper impact-resistant windows and patio doors are designed to endure impact from wind-blown debris and keep the home sealed from wind pressure.

All Weather Stopper sizes and styles meet ASTM testing standards for impact and wind pressure cycling along with Miami/Dade County codes including: ASTM E 1886-02, ASTM E 1996-02, Miami-Dade County TAS 201-94, TAS 202-94, and TAS 203-94.

The first line of defense begins with Dupont’s patented SentryGlas and Sentry Glas Plus. This state-of-the-art window safety glass contains a specially designed plastic polyvinyl butyl (PVB) inner layer for both safety and security.

The Weather Stopper impact-resistant window and patio door line features a series of steel and aluminum reinforcements, as well as other specially designed components to add strength.

Space limited solution
The Silver Line series 8700 vinyl replacement sliding window is the perfect solution when space limitations prohibit the use of projecting windows. The company has enhanced this popular two lite sliding window by offering it with Weather StopperT impact-resistant protection, which features reinforced sashes and laminated glass.

Strong yet economical
Silver Line has also introduced its series 700 aluminum window line, providing a strong and economical window solution that features aluminum alloy construction for lasting strength. The series 700 aluminum single-hung window features dependable aluminum construction, with a 1⁄2in flange for block construction or a 1.0in nailing fin for frame construction.

The series 700 is available in a wide selection of styles and sizes, including an extensive line of picture windows and geometric shapes for added style. Several grille patterns are available and are sealed inside the unit for lower maintenance.

They are available in a single lite, non-insulating glass with a choice of clear, tempered, tinted or obscure glass. A 1⁄2in insulating glass option is available in tempered, obscure, tinted glass as well as LoE2 glass for year round comfort. -end-
Silver Line Telephone: (732) 937-5800

Material quality service for manufacturers
A new service to identify causes of production downtime for window and door manufacturers is being offered by PLV Systems in Concord, Ontario. The service focusses on material variation in extruded profiles and the cost/effect on the manufacturing process. No capital purchases are required and the services are customized for each manufacturer.

PLV Systems is a developer of extrusion material measurement systems that has added its new service to provide an incoming material quality audit and analysis for the window and door manufacturing industry.

The industry generally incurs a loss of four to six percent of available production, due to incoming material variations. The availability of this service means that a window and door company does not have to make the commitment to purchase measurement equipment, and provide the training and support staff to run an extensive Quality Control department, to achieve benefits in reducing production downtime.

The service starts by working with the window and door manufacturer and when possible, the supplier of the extruded profiles, to identify material orientations used in the manufacturing process. These orientations are then translated into an electronic measurement specification that can measure an incoming extruded cross-section. The incoming material is measured as it is received on an automated measurement system, provided as part of the service, in approximately 15 to 20 seconds per profile. The time frame over which to run the audit may be determined by the manufacturer.

Following the audit period, a report of the dimensional characteristics of the material audited is generated. The report is used as a guideline to identify the areas of dimensional variance
causing production disruptions. It is at this point a dialogue with the supplier may be required to identify areas in the original material specifications that may need to be updated to improve the incoming material.

The company estimates that, based on annual sales of $20 million per year, a window and door manufacturer can save $200,000 per year with this service. -end-
PLV Systems Telephone: (905) 760-7234


A process reaches maturity
For window manufacturers who are absolutely dedicated to customer satisfaction, there can be a significant mix in production, as well as orders, both of which vary greatly in size. Expectations for the insulating glass line are correspondingly high. When production requirements often necessitate running almost the entire bandwidth of insulating glass products, from spacers made of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, as well as muntin frames, the optimization of production is significant when switching from manual to automatic desiccant filling.

Bystronic has introduced desiccant filler AT, an automatic desiccant filling station that works at its optimum in production runs that require filling spacers of different size formats, a common occurrence when trying to keep individual orders together. Because a number of feeders can be filled at the beginning of the line, a larger buffer is created, adding flexibility to the process through pre-sorting.

Two key advantages: the larger buffer ensures that delays can be caught in pre-production. If a spacer bender fails, the cycle time of the line can still be maintained. The automatic, computer-controlled transfer of frames onto the butyl applicator eliminates the need to place the frames on the conveyor belt manually, optimizing production further.

Making the switch from manual to automatic filling is easy because the desiccant filler is always the first element in the insulating glass line. Unlike a washing machine or press, production can continue to run normally during the conversion without major interruption. -end-
Bystronic Telephone: (800) 247-3332

Meets the most stringent building code
Royal Group Technologies, a PVC window and door profile extruder based in Woodbridge, Ontario, launched the RoyalGuard DP-50+/Impact window and sliding patio door system at the GlassBuild America Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada in September.

The RoyalGuard line, designed specifically to meet the recent changes to specifications of the Florida Building Code, which is one of the most stringent building codes in North America, is a full line of DP-50+/Impact window and door products.

RoyalGuard windows feature a fully welded 31⁄4in frame, fully welded sash, 7⁄8in double glazed IG units, and meet TAS-201, 202, 203 and ASTM 1886, 1996 standards. Options include a totally compatible window series, accessories and options for any type of window, multiple trim and accessory package, brick molds, J-channels, nailing flanges and interior drywall return.

The RoyalGuard DP-50/Impact sliding patio door features a 711⁄4in to 96in fully welded 55⁄8in frame, all-welded and reinforced panels, a sturdy reinforced centre mullion, 1.0in double glazed IG unit, two-point standard hardware, extruded heavy-duty aluminum screen with 45 degree mitered corners. It also meets TAS, ASTM standards and qualifies for Energy Star certification. Options include exterior key lock, foot lock, security bar, brass handle and a corrosion-resistant hardware package. -end-
Royal Group Technologies Telephone: (905) 652-2897


For masonry installations
The Bilco Com-pany’s ScapeVIEW series 6000 masonry egress window is an International Residential Code (IRC-2003) compliant basement egress solution, adding light and ventilation to finished basement areas. Specifically designed for use in masonry installations, its look, strength and time-saving design make it the perfect choice for builders and contractors who need to keep jobs moving and on schedule without sacrificing quality.

Ideal for new construction projects, the egress window consists of a two piece window and buck system which offers several benefits such as:

  • Energy efficiency – Intercept warm edge spacers between two lites of glass to create the 3⁄4in thick glass panel.
  • Strength and durability – The window and buck feature injection-molded vinyl construction and fully welded corners for superior strength and proper support in masonry installations.
  • Easy to install – Bucks are factory-reinforced with wood bracing to maintain squareness during the concrete pouring process and feature built-in tie slots for hanging on forms and back-out screws to simplify window well installation.

Window units are available in three standard emergency egress sizes that include slider and double-hung designs. Additionally, windows are manufactured in standard buck widths of 71⁄2in, 77⁄8in, 91⁄2in and 97⁄8in with extensions available for custom applications.

Snap-in window unit
Earlier, Bilco introduced the ScapeVIEW series 6000 foundation window system assembly, which
is a two-piece system consisting of a pour-in-place buck and a snap-in window unit. The window, available in three standard sizes, meets code requirements for emergency egress.

For ease of installation, the buck is equipped with tie-slots for hanging in forms, back-out screws for window well installation, and a full perimeter seal to ensure weather-tight and secure installation of the window unit.

Utilizing Intercept warm edge technology, the window is constructed with insulating glass and warm edge spacers to reduce condensation and minimize heat loss. -end-
The Bilco Company Telephone: (203) 934-6363


Operates from one central point
Truth Hardware has introduced the Fusion lock and latch system, the company’s newest product for the single-hung and double-hung window market. An engineering marvel, the Fusion system allows the homeowner to operate the lock and tilt latch from one central point making it simpler to use and more appealing to look at as the tilt latches can now be enclosed within the sash.

Combining the strength, security and reliability that the market has come to expect, the new Fusion system will help window manufacturers differentiate themselves from the competition and provide that unique ‘something special’ for their customers. The Fusion lock and latch system is available for use on both wood and vinyl window systems. -end-
Truth Hardware Telephone: (800) 866-7884


Prevents pitting and staining
HOPPE North America has introduced its new HOPPE HLS9000 multi-point swing door hardware for wider stile entry doors with 60mm and 70mm backsets. The company’s new 60 page catalogue features these new multi-point gear systems for wood, vinyl and UPVC profiles. The individual versions featured with the new 60mm and 70mm backsets are manual tongue, manual tongue/shootbolt, manual shootbolt and inactive versions.

The HOPPE HLS9000 multi-point locking door system offers added security, tighter weather seals, smoother operation and protection against warping and twisting in fine wooden patio and entry doors by offering multiple locking locations along the lock stile.

The company is the only manufacturer of stainless steel multi-point in North America. Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance in natural atmospheric conditions that prevents pitting and staining. The HLS9000 line features a stainless steel deadbolt that is stronger than traditional deadbolts, a miss-handling devise that prevents accidental locking point engagement as well as full size screw supports that help control possible bending of the gear. -end-
HOPPE North America Telephone: (888) 485-4885


High thermal performance
Kawneer Company has released the AA900 ISOWEB window, developed specifically for climates subject to temperature extremes. The new window debuted at the AIAExpo this year in Los Angeles, California.

Developed in conjunction with a team of European designers and engineers, Kawneer leveraged the global capabilities within Alcoa Building and Construction Systems. The AA900 ISOWEB window features an ISOWEB polyamide thermal break that provides low thermal transmittance and high condensation resistance while eliminating dry shrinkage. This design feature not only helps the product meet all applicable North American performance standards, it also allows for a two-colour finish option not possible with traditional thermal barriers.

With versatility and aesthetics as top priorities in the development of the new thermal window offering, contemporary styling and a variety of configuration options resulted. The AA900 ISOWEB window can be specified in a number of combinations in addition to the typical fixed, projected or casement configurations. Unique corner joinery creates mitered ‘picture frame’ corners and consistent sightlines while the hardware attachment is simplified with Euro-Groove mounting.

Adjustable, multi-point locking hardware adds to user convenience and increases product performance. All of this makes the AA900 ISOWEB window an ideal choice for use in health care and educational facilities, office buildings and condominiums. -end-
Kawneer Company Telephone: (770) 449-5555


Uses two glass stops
To complement its line of thermal framing systems, United States Aluminum has introduced the series 250-T narrow stile and series 400-T medium stile thermal doors. To improve the glazing process, the doors feature a patented glazing design using two glass stops instead of the normal eight.

Structurally the doors feature the Structlink II nylon thermal break, mechanically fastened corners and a spring-loaded, fully adjustable, dual-weather astragal between doors. These doors include a thermal 2.0in by 41⁄2in frame designed for 1.0in insulating glass. A 10in bottom rail is available to meet various ADA requirements. -end-
United States Aluminum Telephone: (972) 937-9651

A contemporary look
C.R. Laurence has introduced the Laguna series sliding glass door systems. These standardized sets come in 316 alloy brushed finish stainless steel construction and provide a contemporary look for the office or home. Four different complete installation assemblies are available: two for wall mounting (single and double) and two more (single and double) for glass mounting.


These sets can be installed on glass partitions or directly to the side of a sufficiently reinforced wall. Their smooth operation and solid stainless steel construction minimizes maintenance issues. Adjustable rollers make final adjustments quick and easy without the need to remove the door. Adjustable glass attachment fasteners are provided for either flush mounting or cap mounting.

They can be adjusted to compensate for slightly out of specification hole alignment and accommodate either 3⁄8in or 1⁄2in (10mm or 12mm) tempered glass. Laminated glass cannot be used in these systems. A wide variety of CRL pull handles are available to customize the standard sets and accommodate the most imaginative designers.

Standardized sets ship complete and allow you to make planning and purchasing quick and easy for basic installations. -end-
C.R. Laurence Telephone: (800) 421-6144


A softer feel
Dow Corning has introduced a second generation of InstantGlaze hot melt technology, InstantGlaze II allows easy application and installation of glass for residential and small commercial window and door manufacturers while increasing productivity up to 33 percent over tape glazing.
InstantGlaze II is a lower viscosity, softer material that squeezes down during application to increase contact surface with the window while offering the same green strength, reduced hold time and increased efficiency of InstantGlaze I, launched in 2004.

The company says this next generation of ‘instant glaze’ technology meets the needs of customers who asked for a softer feel and still provides all of the performance benefits of hot melt technology. The softer texture of InstantGlaze II also increases elasticity and elastic recovery performance, which have passed tests to meet the newly instituted Dade County, Florida, hurricane standards.

InstantGlaze I is used in commercial and residential markets, while InstantGlaze II is used solely in residential and small commercial markets. -end-
Dow Corning Corporation Telephone: (989) 496-8447


Seals perimeter joints
Sikaflex AT-Connection is based on a new type of hybrid polymer, a marriage between the successful and powerful Sikaflex polyurethane technology, established for more than 40 years, and the well-known Modified Silicone (MS) technology.

The advantage of this hybrid chemistry is the combination of the best properties of both technologies. Sikaflex AT-Connection has excellent adhesion to a wide range of non-porous and porous substrates with minimal surface preparation. The excellent UV resistance and non-yellowing properties make it the ideal choice for sealing perimeter joints on PVC windows and doors. -end-
Sika Canada Telephone: (866) 697-2829

Panning detail
DUXTON Windows & Doors in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has expanded its range of fenestration accessories to include a panning detail, most recently applied in an installation of single-hung windows at a school retrofit project (architect: Stantec Winnipeg).

17tl 17tr

The new exterior trim detail is factory-applied to the wide range of DUXTON fiberglass windows and doors. The panning accessory replicates a ‘site flashing’ detail that is designed to be compatible with a range of 3.0in to 4.0in rigid insulation. As it is applied to other DUXTON perimeter and brick-mold accessories, the panning accessory is available in a wide range of standard and custom colours including limestone.

The company has also expanded its range of swinging doors to include a full range of smooth skin and woodgrain insulating fiberglass door frames and panels. Insulating fiberglass door frames and panels offer many advantages including greater stability and strength in a wide range of finishes. Fiberglass door panels do not experience ‘site damage’ as easily and can allow for easier site finishing as necessary. Woodgrain fiberglass doors offer unique advantages to steel doors, having the appearance of wood while providing greater stability.

As it applies to other DUXTON window and door products, a wide range of perimeter and brick-mold accessories allow for easy customization to suit new construction or retrofit applications. Accessory options are available in a variety of standard and custom colours. -end-
DUXTON Windows & Doors Telephone: (204) 339-6456

The cure for window installers
Convenience Products, the manufacturer of Touch ‘n Seal insulating foam products, has confirmed that Touch ‘n Seal No-Warp window and door insulating sealant has been tested by an independent laboratory and proven to meet or exceed AAMA standard 812-04 for low pressure insulating foams. The company says in that independent testing, Touch ‘n Seal No-Warp outperformed all other foams tested for curing force, so it can be confidently used in installations of original or retrofit aluminum and vinyl windows without fear of over-expansion.

The company says that No-Warp not only builds less pressure during initial installation, it drops to ‘zero’ pressure sooner than other tested foams and after 10 minutes it exerts zero pressure through total cure. Zero pressure means zero worries for insulating contractors and door and window installation.

Touch ‘n Seal No-Warp foam insulating sealant is a bright white one-component polyurethane foam specially formulated for use around window and door frames providing airtight insulation that blocks drafts, moisture and insects without bowing the frame. Gun-applied, No-Warp can be used under the plate line, at the juncture of the plate line and the slab or foundation, and any penetration through the top or the bottom plate line into a conditioned area. -end-
Convenience Products Telephone: (800) 325-6180


Rated for fire protection
NABCO Entrances’ (Gyro Tech) GT 710 low energy ADA swing door operator has passed rigorous certification testing and is now approved for use on fire door assemblies rated up to three hours. In the event of a fire emergency, the GT 710, which is wired into the fire safety system, powers down and allows the doors to close and latch. Once the doors are locked, entry is prevented, but
personnel can exit the area by simply pushing the panic hardware. The GT 710 fire door operator works in conjunction with all UL listed door, frame and fire exit hardware. It can be conveniently mounted to either single or double doors.

It meets the latest ANSI and BHMA requirements and the low energy operator section of ADA and it also provides all the necessary features to accommodate the needs of the elderly and physically challenged, including adjustable opening and closing speeds for safe operation and energy savings. The GT 710 operates in both automatic and manual modes. The access system features a two to 60 second hold-open range and a ‘push-n-go’ feature for automatic opening when activated by a pedestrian. The system also incorporates an automatic ‘sensitivity adjustments’ feature to stop, then close the door if an obstruction is encountered. In the manual mode, the system closes slowly upon release to enable passage.

The GT 710 has an adjustable heavy-duty door closer and a large chain drive. This offers the flexibility to adjust the closing pressure as needed for specific site conditions when variable pressure is required. -end-
NABCO Entrances Telephone: (877) 622-2694


Unique adhesion demands
Adchem Corporation offers a complete line of cross linked closed cell polyolefin glazing and muntin fenestration tapes specifically designed to meet the unique adhesion demands of the window and door markets. Adchem’s MT series for Simulated Divided Light (SDL) windows and doors is an innovative adhesive muntin tape system, which eliminates the need for a liquid silane primer. The MT series is engineered to provide long-term indoor and outdoor adhesion to a variety of substrates including glass, cellular PVC, vinyl, primed and unprimed wood, plastic, painted aluminum and Kynar coated aluminum.

Establishing a new standard for muntin bar adhesives, the tapes maintain high shear, tensile and cleavage strength while providing resistance to air, water, detergents, moisture, heat and ultraviolet light. Due to lower material costs than competing technologies, easier application and the elimination of the silane primer, the MT series is a cost effective solution for the window and door markets. The products are available in gray, charcoal and black. -end-
Adchem Corporation Telephone: (631) 727-6000

While Glass Canada editors make every effort to be objective when reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible for claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for more details.

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