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Product News – June 2006

May 8, 2008  By Administrator

18aAFG Glass is offering Comfort Ti-AC 40, its premium solar control low-E
coating, on a variety of tinted substrates, setting a new standard for
both solar control and aesthetics.

Sets the standard for solar control
AFG Glass is offering Comfort Ti-AC 40, its premium solar control low-E
coating, on a variety of tinted substrates, setting a new standard for
both solar control and aesthetics.

By glazing the low-E coating on the second surface of a commercial insulating unit instead of the third surface, AFG is able to put the coating closer to the sun, resulting in
enhanced solar protection and improved year-round energy efficiency for
commercial buildings. Compared to a third-surface low-E coating, AFG’s
new second-surface Comfort Ti-AC 40 (on a green tinted substrate) will reduce
solar heat gain from 0.37 to 0.31 while the shading coefficient also
improves, from 0.43 to 0.35.


The company says its newest coated product is a practical solution to balancing aesthetics with performance. By combining AFG’s most popular tinted glass products with the proven solar control of Comfort Ti-AC
40, it can now offer a commercial glass solution to meet stringent
energy codes. To meet a spectrum of aesthetic and design needs, Comfort
Ti-AC 40 is available on green, dark green, bronze and gray substrates.

For maximum flexibility and efficiency, AFG’s new low-E tinted products are available with post-temperable coatings. The company says it is supplying its premier solar
control coatings to insulators, laminators and temperers across North
America with a coating strategy that puts AFG products into the
marketplace faster, cutting lead times. -end-

AFG Glass Telephone: (423) 229-7252

Coating technology for residential window glass
Guardian Industries has launched a
revolutionary coated glass technology featuring a UV blocking glass
product called ClimaGuard SPF. The first of its kind, and designed
specifically for use in residential windows, ClimaGuard SPF blocks more
than 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation without any visible change in

ClimaGuard SPF is a unique combination of patented coating technologies
that enhance the performance of low-E by adding the benefit of complete
protection from damaging UV rays. While low-E glass provides some UV
protection, it is not enough to safeguard home furnishings from
damaging UV rays. Additionally, other measures such as Damage Weighted
Transmission (Tdw) that have been suggested as an indication of fade
protection simply do not apply to the typical homeowner.

With the introduction of ClimaGuard SPF, Guardian provides the
residential market with the ability to completely block ultraviolet
radiation without sacrificing the primary benefit of windows – natural
daylight and outdoor views. Visible sunlight passes straight through
this unique combination of patented glass coatings to illuminate the
home. Only the invisible damaging UV rays are removed.

ClimaGuard SPF window glass looks the way glass should look, no bright colours, no dark tints and no shiny reflections. -end-
Guardian Industries Telephone: (800) 436-2157


Coatings reduce energy consumption
Arkema Canada, formerly Atofina Chemicals, has introduced Certincoat
low-E glass coatings to reduce energy consumption. Arkema’s Glass
Coating Group provides innovative coating solutions designed for
commercial and residential use.

The Certincoat low-E glass coating products result in valuable energy
savings in northern and central climates versus other coated glass

The company says that windows play a significant role in a building’s
energy consumption and that architects have many choices in the type of
glass that can be specified. It can recommend the types of low-E which
maximize energy savings.

Arkema’s Certincoat pyrolytic coatings, which achieve optimum
year-round thermal efficiencies, can outperform ‘high performance’
sputtered coatings in heating dominated climates. Pyrolytic coatings
carry a higher solar heat gain coefficient and provide energy savings
by utilizing the sun, a cost-free resource.

The company says that when designing and developing commercial and
residential projects, architects should consider specifying windows
with pyrolytic low-E coatings because of their passive solar properties
and high durability.

Arkema’s Flat Glass Coatings Group specializes in providing innovations
in coating materials, processes and proprietary coating systems from
floatline-applied low emissivity coatings to off-line conductive
coatings for special applications, including IG windows, storm windows
and windows for appliance doors. -end-
Arkema Canada Telephone: (800) 225-7788

Restores and protects glass surface
Diamon-Fusion International (DFI), a global developer and supplier of
the Diamon-Fusion hydrophobic nano-technology, offers a RPM Surface
System, a Restoration-Protection-Maintenance system, that allows any
licensed glass fabricator or glazing contractor to service a wide range
of new markets that have been created with these innovative products.

The RPM Surface System offers a complete range of products, both safe
and friendly to the environment, to restore an existing surface, then
protect it by applying DFI’s patented hydrophobic nano-coating. The RPM
system provides a Professional Restoration Kit for licensed
professional companies to service the existing, already installed,
glass markets and a consumer-friendly Maintenance Kit.

DFI’s nano-coating provides LM-Glass (low maintenance glass) and a full
range of enhanced hydrophobic properties to the treated glass surface.
Additionally, the reduced accumulation of moisture on the glass,
created by the water repellency, provides an anti-microbial property by
inhibiting or decreasing the growth of mould and bacteria on the
treated surface.

The multi-functional characteristics of nano-technology include: water
and oil repellency (hydrophobic and oleophobic), impact and scratch
resistance, protection against graffiti, dirt and stains, finger print
protection, UV stability, additional electrical insulation, protection
against calcium and sodium deposits and increased brilliance and
lubricity. -end-
Diamon-Fusion International Telephone: (800) 213-0793

Before window film application.
After window film application.

Keeps original appearance
Madico has introduced a new suite of high definition solar control
films. Dubbed Madico Advanced Ceramics, the visually acute product line
will dramatically reduce ultraviolet rays and solar heat gain while
preserving the clearest glass imaginable.

The company says it has set new standards in window film style and
performance with this versatile film that does not alter the appearance
of the original glass. The new film is appropriate for residential,
commercial and automotive applications.

Madico will produce its Advanced Ceramics products using an innovative
two-step process. A US-based partner will sputter the raw material,
which Madico will then laminate in its Massachusetts manufacturing

The company says it has been advancing the science of lamination for
nearly 50 years and it has now refined this process to add tremendous
value to its finished product.

Madico started shipping the premium products to qualified dealers in
the spring of 2006 in concert with its distribution partners. The
company will select dealers based on geographic and performance
criteria. -end-
Window Film Systems Telephone: (519) 641-8371

High light transmission
Viracon has introduced the newest addition to its VRE (Viracon Radiant
low-E) architectural glass family, Solarscreen VRE-67 insulating glass.

VRE-67 combines a crisp, neutral exterior appearance and the VRE offers
the highest light transmission (67 percent) with exceptional solar
control performance equal to Viracon’s Solarscreen 2000. The VRE series
provides a neutral exterior colour and allows two-way vision under
varying light conditions. Its increased light transmission addresses
the need for natural light. Its reduced solar heat gain provides
economic benefits. The Light to Solar Gain (LSG) ratio for VRE-67
ranges from 1.25 to 1.92. The LSG ratio of 1.25 or higher is required
for ‘green glazing’ designation.

The company says the VRE-67 coating represents the perfect balance for
a high performance coating for commercial building applications.
Architects continue to design with a ‘green building’ mentality and
even for clients who may not strive to obtain certification, VRE-67
offers yet another option for designers balancing aesthetic quality
with energy performance.

VRE-67 joins the company’s VRE-38, VRE-46, VRE-54 and VRE-59 insulating glass options.
Dimensions available range from a minimum of 12in x 36in (305mm x
914mm) to a maximum of 84in x 144in (2134mm x 3658mm), with a maximum
available size of 65sq.ft (6.04sq.m). -end-
Viracon Telephone: (800) 533-2080


Nearly invisible
Vista SpectraSelect 75, a specialty solar control film that provides
very high light transmission and heat control, has been introduced by
CPFilms, a producer of solar control window film.

The new film is designed to allow sunlight to shine brightly through
glass, illuminating interiors and provide high visibility while taking
the heat (near infrared) out of the sun’s rays and totally blocking
ultraviolet light. UV light and heat are the principle causes of fading
of furnishing fabrics and carpets, as well as fine woods, antiques and
art. The combination of heat reduction and the virtual (99.9 percent)
elimination of ultraviolet light make the film ideal for retail stores,
commercial buildings and residences where fading and over-heating are a
severe problem.

Objects viewed through glass fitted with SpectraSelect 75 usually
appear to be more sharply focussed than through untreated glass. The
nearly invisible film will not change the appearance of the glass,
unlike highly reflective films that can create a mirror-like surface
and reduce visible light, darkening interiors.

SpectraSelect 75 film is a laminate of polyester and metallized
coatings that employs nano-technology. An exclusive, clear, distortion
free adhesive system and a special scratch resistant face coating
allows for easy maintenance using standard window cleaning products.

Vista SpectraSelect 75 provides a powerful combination of light and
heat control of any window film on the market today and it carries a
residential lifetime warranty for materials and labour. Commercial
installations carry a 10 year warranty. -end-
CPFilms Telephone: (800) 461-8468

First clear, non-metallic window film
3M has introduced an innovative new line of window film products called the 3M Window Film Prestige series.

The new Prestige series marks 3M’s latest technological contributions
to the industry. Leveraging world-class capability in nano-technology,
adhesives, multi-layer optical films and precision manufacturing, 3M
has created a new-to-the-world window film that is comprised of
hundreds of layers, while being less than the thickness of a Post-it

These new films are the first clear and non-metal based window films to
significantly reduce heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays entering a home or
building. In addition, the Prestige series does not interfere with
wireless and cellular signals which can occur with other metallic or
ceramic window films. They also dry much faster upon application due to
no metals/ceramics.

The company says the Prestige series marks a significant technological
advancement in how window films can enhance buildings and homes
year-round, even in the winter.

Residential and commercial property owners now have high performance,
clear or lightly tinted window film options that combine all the
benefits of heavily tinted or reflective film without the inherent
drawbacks of darkened rooms or shiny windows. Window films in the new
Prestige series actually have less reflectivity than the glass they
cover, so the appearance of a home or a
building is virtually unchanged.

3M window films are designed to reduce the effects of solar heat and
visible light on furnishings and will block up to 99.9 percent of
harmful UV rays.

The 3M Prestige series blocks up to 66 percent of heat penetrating the
window, resulting in less demand for air-conditioning systems.
Increased retention of heat in the winter means year-round energy cost
savings. Since these films allow more light to enter a home or building
than traditional windows films, they can also help building owners and
homeowners save on energy costs as well.

The Prestige series is backed by a limited lifetime residential
warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty. 3M window films are
available through a dedicated dealer network in Canada to ensure
professional installations. -end-
3M Canada Company, Telephone: (519) 451-2500; Convenience Group, Telephone: (416) 233-6900


Decorative coatings
Grosvenor North America Technologies, based in Vancouver, British
Columbia, offers a ColorStyle proprietary system that allows glass
companies to choose from a limitless selection of glass in
brilliant colours for any vertical or horizontal design application for
interiors and exteriors. Virtually any Pantone colour can be
permanently bonded onto any thickness or size of glass substrate,
including colour free glass, acid etch and more.

The company manufactures performance decorative coatings for glass
substrates. The ColorSystem, developed by its partner company,
Grosvenor Pty of Sydney, Australia, allows for the application of
coatings that bond molecularly to the glass.

The product range is based on an epoxy urethane coating utilizing a
‘cold fusion’ process. This process allows for a safe, efficient and
permanent means of adding an unlimited range of vibrant colour to
virtually any type of architectural glass. Colour vastly increases the
design possibilities of architectural glass in commercial and
residential applications. Ideal for both interior and exterior glass
applications, the coating has been used successfully for years and can
be incorporated with tempered or laminated glass (PVB or resin method).
It does not have the inherent maintenance problems of etched and
sandblasted glass. Textured glass can even be reproduced in some forms.

The process produces a coated glass product offering outstanding
performance in the areas of appearance, weathering, adhesion and
colour-fastness. Standard colour formulas are included and custom
colours can be easily matched. -end-
Grosvenor North America Telephone: (866) 755-4527

While Glass Canada editors make every effort to be objective when
reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible for claims
made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for
more details.

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