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Check out some of the groundbreaking products that will be on display April 20.

March 23, 2016  By Glass Canada

Sneak peek, What you’ll find on the show floor at 2016 Top Glass.

Field-friendly installation
Booth 15
The Commdoor 8200 HP curtainwall system has been designed to meet new thermal performance requirements, such as SB 10. The initial series 8000 curtainwall utilized standard curtainwall design based on a thermal break between the back section neck and the pressure plate. The newest version, the 8200 HP series, now offers a dual polyamide thermal break which is capable of achieving the desired thermal performance. The system face width is 2 ½ inches with five back section depths available from four to 10 inches. Traditional caps and pressure plates are available along with structurally glazed versions offered in stock lengths up to 24 feet,two inches. Available in both traditional stick and split vertical mullion versions, the 8200 HP system provides greater flexibility to suit varying job site applications. It is designed for low- to mid-rise building designs and is desirable for its ease of shop fabrication and field-friendly installation. The 8200 HP series is designed to accept a variety of infills: glass and glazing up to 1 3/4 inches triple glazed along with Series 225 operable vents, 2000 series SSG vents or commercial doors including Series 4487 high-performance terrace doors. Most system profiles are in stock in either clear or bronze anodized finishes, with custom colours also available.

Huge demand
Booth 30
RPM Rollformed Metal Products has fabricated high-quality fenestration products at its Ontario manufacturing facility for nearly 30 years. Products include spacer, grill bar, Climatech spacer (warmedge), desiccant, corner keys and connectors. RPM’s spotlight  product is the Climatech spacer (warmedge) one of the company’s busiest production lines for 2015 thanks in part to an IGMA TBC Classification. RPM saw a staggering 300 per cent increase in demand from Canadian fabricators for Climatech. Climatech spacer features an electrolytic chrome-coated steel with perforated plastic to absorb desiccant. This thermally broken warmedge spacer is sought after and specified for both residential and commercial use.

Full sealing system
Booth 10
Tremco’s T3 Building Solutions System is designed as a foolproof method for window installation in commercial construction, taking the risk out of the highest risk connection on the building envelope. The T3 System provides a secure seal while accommodating projects with large variance in window type, size and geometry, as well as changes of plane with the bonding surface as with proud-sitting windows. T3 offers a continuous tie-in with the AVB system to ensure connectivity and compatibility throughout the building envelope. This includes not only window-to-wall transitions, but also curtainwall connections, control joints, building fasteners, penetrations and transitions such as roof-to-wall and foundation-to-wall. T3 can accommodate movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction, vertical displacement and lateral shear, as well as seismic conditions. Products include pre-compressed, self-expanding, flexible, polyurethane foam tapes, breathable flashing materials, mechanically fastened, engineered transition assemblies and single-component, gun-grade polyurethane foams. An economical choice for architects and building owners, T3 offers true peace of mind, addressing problems plaguing commercial construction the most: structural deterioration, occupant discomfort and energy loss. It also prevents mould and mildew growth caused by moisture infiltration, ensures a longer lifespan for weatherseals and helps reduce energy consumption.


Knows the industry
Booth 4
Yvonne Parker of Sun Life Financial worked for 27 years in the glass industry and knows the value of hiring and retaining top employees. Sun Life Financial’s Workplace Solutions can help with a variety of financial services that complement the workplace plan at no cost to employers or employees. Financial education seminars are available to help employees achieve lifetime financial security. Topics include individual financial consulting, termination and retirement services and specialized services for executives. Even small business owners can provide benefits packages that can make a big difference to ownership and the employees without breaking the budget. Attractive benefits packages give employees incentive to join and stay with the company. Sun Life offers customized, affordable plans to meet the needs of business owners with three to 50 employees.

Tilt-turn revolution
Booth 26
The Rehau System 4500 uPVC window and door design offers a unique product for large openings in both residential and commercial markets. Matching System 4500 door designs allow for configuration into tilt-slide, bi-fold, and inward or outward opening single- and double-panel entry. These uPVC windows and doors not only far exceed aluminum on thermal performance, they can also meet the highest available structural standards. This system produces some of North America’s highest performing window and door units due to its specific characteristics and benefits. Fusion-welded corners enhance structural strength and offer a cleaner finish. Dual overlapping compression seals resist air and water infiltration. Specific chambers on the main profiles (frames, sashes and mullions) can accommodate galvanized steel reinforcement. Insulated glass up to 1 3/8 inches thick achieves U-factors down to 0.18. The multi-point locking system increases security and ADA-compliant hardware solutions achieve disability design goals. Multiple chambers, compression seals, glazing and reinforcement abilities ensure STC’s in the low 40’s.

Compact and versatile
Booth 17
Dorma introduces MUTO Comfort, a new manual sliding door system. MUTO’s deceptively simple, clean design conceals a range of optional features that enhance ease of operation and convenience, including self-closing action, the Dormotion damping mechanism (Dorma SoftClose) and a door position status indicator. The versatile MUTO Comfort delivers multifaceted solutions. Suitable for glass, wood, and other types of door applications, MUTO supports doors weighing up to 330 pounds. Easily installed and adjusted, with a removable front cover, MUTO offers unparalleled design in multiple finishes, including aluminum, a finish similar to satin stainless or over 200 custom RAL colours. MUTO is available in single- or double-panel, synchro, self-closing, and telescopic models. The system offers extraordinary convenience housed in a slim profile, impressing by virtue of its compact elegance and extensive functionality, creating a sliding door system with enhanced user-friendliness.

Automated sealant application
Booth 9
The Erdman structural/cap bead semi-automated sealant applicator for commercial glass is a semi-automated sealant application system that stand outs as a precise multitasker. Joystick control by the operator offers greater accuracy of sealant application due to increased visibility provided by cameras and monitors. This feature works especially well for larger curtainwall and multi-lite panels. Another groundbreaking feature is the ability to apply either the structural sealant or the cap bead. In the past, the two different applications would have required two individual stations. Now consolidated into one streamlined system, the switch between applications requires minimal fuss; reducing waste in time, floor space and resources.

Seeking partners
Booth 34
Tianjin CSG Energy-Saving Glass Company, a subsidiary of China Southern Glass Group, is now the largest glass processing business in China. Its leading products are low-E coated glass and related products such as insulating glass, laminated glass, enameled glass and safety glass. Working with overseas curtainwall businesses, Tianjin has provided glass products for projects all over the world. In Canada, its very first project was the expansion of the Vancouver Exhibition Center in 2010.  Tianjin is now looking for partners who would like to work with it as it expands into the eastern Canadian market. It offers quality, service and competitive pricing to add value to these partnerships. 

Automated wrapping
Booth 16
Kear Fabrication serves the fenestration industry searching out the best possible products on the market. No single equipment manufacturer is the best at everything. Individual fabricators have certain packaging requirements that are essential for success. Kear wrapping machines have been designed to quickly and efficiently wrap completed windows prior to shipping. Accordingly, the K-29RWM Ring automatic wrapping machine includes a motorized feed width customized for the customer’s size with a motorized feed length at least 24 inches long. The machine includes easy film changes and is PLC programmable with manual tensioner stretching. Power rollers control the in and out feeds and hook pulls control the automatic cutoff of the film with an automatic one-cycle. The wrapper requires only 230V/1 phase power and 90 psi shop air.

Patented glass coating
Booth 35
Just like the benefits of a non-stick cooking pan, Diamon-Fusion is a protective glass coating product that makes cleaning surfaces much easier than non-coated surfaces. From hard water stains and calcium deposits to environmental elements and even graffiti, fewer contaminants stick to glass surfaces coated with Diamon-Fusion and are easier to remove when they do stick. This world-class coating makes glass and other silica-based surfaces easier to clean, increases brilliance, protects and creates a more hygienic surface while eliminating the need for harsh and harmful cleaning chemicals.  Diamon-Fusion also makes surfaces more scratch- and impact-resistant.  To apply the coating, no special equipment is needed and there is no cure time. The coating offers contractors the optimum in flexibility as it can be applied in the shop or at a customer’s site.

No outriggers
Booth 13
One of the major factors that sets GLG machines apart is that they do not require stabilizers or outriggers, resulting in increased productivity on the jobsite. The machines are engineered with a lower center of gravity in the design of the chassis so that a seamless installation process becomes possible, allowing one man to pick, carry and install panels with precision accuracy. Additional features include stainless steel hardware, foam-filled no-flat tires and side shift control. The GL250D is the base model, which is a manual push mobile glass handler capable of picking, transporting and precision placement of 550 pounds.  The GL350 is a self-propelled, battery electric-drive mobile glass handler capable of picking, transporting and precision placement of 770 pounds. The GL250/GL350 front lift frame is designed to lift loads straight up or down with lift geometry similar to a fork lift. The GL550 features a self-propelled, battery electric hydrostatic drive for rough terrain mobility. The GL550 can lift, transport and precisely place panels weighing 1200 pounds. The GL5003D battery electric mobile glass handler and installer can lift, transport and precisely place panels weighing 1100 pounds. It has telescopic front axles in lieu of outriggers to increase mobility.

Equalizes pressure
Booth 42
LiteZone Glass introduces LiteZone, a breakthrough in insulating glass technology. LiteZone insulating glass achieves the high insulating values and long life comparable to any IGU available. LiteZone can achieve up to R19.6 at the centre of glass and as high as R17.0 for an overall window. Its insulating and other performance values can be varied to satisfy specific project requirements. This scalability is achieved by varying the number of suspended films, the space between the layers and the number of low-E coats used in the configuration. LiteZone varies in thickness between 1.75 and 7.5 inches. LiteZone is air-filled and has a proprietary system to allow the air pressure between the inside and outside of the glass unit to equalize with changing temperatures, while keeping water vapour from entering the unit. Edge seal stress due to changing temperatures is minimal because all the materials used have comparable coefficients of thermal expansion.

Designed to a higher standard
Booth 1
Security Mirror Industries has designed a high-end, theft-resistant, stainless steel
framed mirror that looks good in any installation, from fast food restaurants to expensive steak houses to residential settings. Named after some of the favorite classic cars from the past, the new models will add class when parked in any décor. The New Classic Series comes with a wide three-inch frame and is available in five different finishes and five different sizes. Designers wanting to create something unique and different can try glazing with one of Security Mirror’s beautiful Antique Mirror patterns or with a mirror-finished polished stainless steel insert. Other designs include Bel Air brushed etched silver stainless; Cutlass brushed black stainless; Phantom stainless mirror-on-mirror; Riviera hairline rose gold stainless; and Viper brushed satin stainless. SMI stainless mirrors are five-millimeter clear mirrors in three-inch-wide stainless steel frames.

Alternative to wired glass
Booth 5
Protect3 Safety Glass from Glassopolis is the fully C-UL certified, impact-safe alternate to GPW. Wired glass will not pass the new Canadian glass standard for impact safety and unlabeled fire-rated glass is not allowed under the building code. Protect3 Safety Glass is designed to be the lowest cost, fully code- and standard-compliant labeled alternate to wired glass. It is factory manufactured in Canada and is permanently marked with the C-UL symbol to ensure it passes all Canadian building inspections. It is available cut and labeled for project sales or in whole cases to companies wishing to fabricate it.

High performance curtainwall
Booth: 25
Alumicor ThermaWall SM 2600 curtainwall is a high-performance, pre-fabricated, pre-glazed split-mullion curtainwall featuring a 2 ½ inch profile with mullion depth of 5 ¼ or 6 5/8 inches in both double- and triple-glazed configurations. Ideal for low to medium rise curtainwall, the split mullion and expansion/stack horizontal makes prefabricated or pre-glazed panel installation a snap. The pre-glazing capability affords shop-fabricated quality control and the polyamide structural thermal break provides complete thermal separation of caps and pressure plate screws from interior components. Two-, three- or four-sided structural silicone glazing capability offers freedom in design. Anchor options ranging from complex to simple will suit any project budget. ThermaWall SM 2600 is fully tested to current performance standards.

Pays for itself
booth 20
The GM 2000-16 with winch from Ergo Robotic Solutions has a maximum lifting capacity of 2,000 pounds and a maximum lift height of 16 feet. It can easily fit in a freight elevator and goes through a standard man door.  It has an unladen weight of 3100 pounds without its 1400-pound counterbalance. The standard handling articulations include tilting the load left and right as well as up and down; shifting side to side;180 degrees rotation and the optional EZ Pick, an Ergo Robotic Solutions feature for picking and placing loads with one movement. When equipped with a winch, as pictured, it can also lift sections of curtainwall into position from the floor below, making the machine doubly useful in the field and eliminating costly cranes in many instances.

Everything you need
Booth 7
Salem Flat Glass and Mirror provides machinery and supplies to help glass companies achieve success. In addition to an impressive machinery line, which includes Bovone bevelers and edgers and a new line of CNC work centers from Denver, Salem also carries an extraordinary line of diamond tooling and supplies for fabricators and glaziers. From diamond wheels to core drills as well as felt polishing wheels and cerium oxide polishing compounds, fabricators will find Salem products to be superior in performance and value. For glaziers, Salem offers silicone sealant, cutters, gloves and more, including a vast array of material handling equipment.

Four offices to serve you
Booth: 31
BG Distribution is an architectural hardware and electronic security distributor with four offices: Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto. The company remains focused on providing competitive pricing without compromising the personal service and technical support that its clients have come to expect. BG always strives to offer new and innovative products to better meet the growing needs of companies in the architectural glass business. The experienced and knowledgeable customer service team supports a diverse client base comprised of locksmiths, school boards, universities, hospitals, government agencies, glass companies and contract houses.

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