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TOP GLASS PREVIEW – February 2015

Canada’s top commercial glazing suppliers will show off the latest and greatest at Top Glass. Here’

February 10, 2015  By Glass Canada

Alumicor is proud to be a gold sponsor of Top Glass Conference and Exhibits 2015


Maximum light

Booth: 17
Alumicor is proud to be a gold sponsor of Top Glass Conference and Exhibits 2015, where it will display its new addition to the Entrance Doors collection, the Phantom Door. For a sleek façade with zero sight lines, the discrete Phantom Door is an innovative design solution. It is a natural extension of the design aesthetics when wrapping a building in a waterfall of glass providing natural illumination. Additionally, the door corners are both mechanically fastened and plug welded for dual-moment construction.The Phantom Door is suitable for SSG curtain wall applications and is available in custom sizes, finishes and designs. Alumicor also offers zero-sight-line vents for natural ventilation while delivering maximum security. The Phantom Vents allow random placement of operable windows and have been fully tested to current performance standards. Alumicor champions LEED with a commitment to sustainable design through the exclusive use of recycled aluminum. Fully dedicated to support green building projects, Alumicor is devoted to maintaining LEED eligibility. Since 1959 Alumicor has driven innovation with its products and manufacturing capabilities that effectively respond to the evolving needs of the architectural and building community. Alumicor has earned respect and recognition for technical competence, responsiveness and integrity and is a preferred Canadian-based supplier of architectural aluminum building envelope products.


Compression-seal tech

Booth: 1
Rehau’s comprehensive line of commercial uPVC window and door designs includes solutions to address the tight building envelope goals of today’s sustainable construction projects. Featuring uniquely engineered compression-seal technology, high-performance windows and doors from Reha provide notable energy efficiency, structural and acoustical performance and security. 


“Compression-seal technology uses special gaskets that are compressed, via multi-point locking hardware, between the operable sash and frame of a window or door,” said James Clavel, Rehau sales director for Ontario. “Similar to the seals surrounding doors and windows on cars and airplanes, these gaskets create a tight barrier that inhibits air, noise and water infiltration.”

Rehau compression-seal designs are some of the highest performing windows and doors available in North America, suitable for buildings targeting LEED Platinum, German Passivhaus and hurricane impact-resistance ratings.

One of the featured designs at Top Glass 2015 will be the Rehau System 4700 Geneo tilt-turn window design. The Geneo achieves exceptional strength and thermal performance without the use of steel reinforcement. The proprietary Rau-Fipro fiber-composite material and unique Geneo profile design combine to achieve U-values down to 0.13, STC ratings up to 45 and forced-entry resistance of Grade 20. In addition, these profiles feature a patented integrated reinforcement system (IVS), with screw channels and additional lateral stiffening that ensure the highest degree of strength at all critical points of the system. 

Other designs exhibited at Top Glass will be the Rehau System 4500 tilt-turn window design and System 1400 casement window design.

Replaces wired glass

Booth: 6
Glassopolis offers Protect3 safety glass as the best value replacement for traditional wired glass, which has been proven dangerous and has been banned in the U.S.A. School boards across Canada are looking for ways to economically replace their wired glass with something that is impact-safe to the highest standards. Protect3 safety glass is fully certified by ULC and meets tough ANSI Z97.1 impact safety standards. Each piece comes ULC-marked and approved for use in schools, hospitals and other commercial applications. Glassopolis offers a range of specialty glass including a full range of fire-rated glass, lead x-ray glass, switchable privacy glass, security and ballistic glass, and more.


Bendable spacer

Booth: 4
Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra stainless steel warmedge spacers have been added for distribution, manufactured by Roll Tech, a Fenzi-owned company. These spacers are available with corner keys and connectors for those wishing to bend on bending equipment, providing improved thermal properties over traditional aluminum spacers. Both Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra spacers are available in a  wide range of air space widths. The Chromatech Ultra has a polycarbonate bridge across the top, available in traditional white, grey and black colours. Combined with Fenzi Hotver 2000 HM Butyl, Fenzi Thiover Polysulphide, Fenzi Poliver Polyurethane, Fenzi Molver 3A Desiccant, Fenzi Butylver PIB and Alu Pro aluminum spacer profiles, Chromatech spacers can be part of a complete IG-manufacturing system.


Money-saving machinery

Booth: 15
Erdman Commercial Equipment has helped customers more than double their production without increasing their cost. Erdman Equipment Lines provide safe and easy handling and precise manufacturing. It can help commercial fabricators achieve increased production and a higher level of consistent quality product. Erdman Equipment for curtain wall and interior glass partitions includes structural sealant applicators, cap bead sealant applicators, commercial pressure roll-downs, frame assembly stations, glass handling manipulators, tilt/tip equipment, sawing equipment and conveyor lines.


Easy installation

Booth: 14
Posiglaze railing systems from PureVista allow for fast installation because they are designed to be installed without needing to ensure the fitting surface is totally level. They are fully adjustable after installation due to their unique, simple adjustment system allowing horizontal alignment of each glass panel. Lightweight and extremely strong, Posiglaze components are anodised for increased protection against the elements. The system is tested and engineered to meet the strictest building regulations (with the appropriate fixing and glass thickness) in both domestic and commercial installations. It can be installed in a wide variety of applications. The system will accommodate glass thickness of 12 mm in strengthened glass and 21.5 mm in laminated glass. Posiglaze is suitable for many applications from residential to commercial settings using the same profiles, making for quick and easy product selection and installation by the installer.


Labour saver

Booth: 27
Kear Fabrication has been doing business for over 16 years specializing in equipment for glass handling, material handling, window fabricating and custom fabrication. Located just outside of Toronto, Kear knows the main dilemma facing many window fabricators and glass shops is whether to concentrate on good quality or to be affordable. The Kear Window and Glass Manipulator is the ideal solution to enable one employee to handle a job that would usually require two or more. Glass fabricators can be assured your investment is being handle quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, safely. Designed with the operator in mind, Kear manipulators can be fabricated to handle loads in excess of 800 pounds. Controls can be operated via radio or motion activated. The head moves in a 340-degree circle with a brake that can only be released with the operator present. Swiftly move your glass up, down, forward and reverse. It even has an option allowing you to pick materials up and lay them down horizontally.


Three-level solution

Booth: 9
Tremco’s T3 Building Solutions System introduces a foolproof method for window installation in commercial construction, taking the risk out of the highest risk connection on the building envelope. The T3 System provides a secure seal while accommodating projects with large variance in window type, size and geometry, as well as changes of plane with the bonding surface as with proud-sitting windows. T3 offers a continuous tie-in with the AVB system to ensure connectivity and compatibility throughout the building envelope. This includes not only window-to-wall transitions, but also curtain wall connections, control joints, building fasteners, penetrations and transitions such as roof to wall and foundation to wall. T3 can accommodate movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction, vertical displacement and lateral shear, as well as seismic conditions. Products include pre-compressed, self-expanding, flexible, polyurethane foam tapes, breathable flashing materials, mechanically fastened, engineered transition assemblies and single-component, gun-grade polyurethane foams. An economical choice for architects and building owners, T3 offers true peace of mind, addressing problems plaguing commercial construction the most: structural deterioration, occupant discomfort and energy loss. It also prevents mould and mildew growth caused by moisture infiltration, ensures longer lifespan weatherseals and helps reduce energy consumption.


Tunable smart window

Booth: 11
RavenWindow is a thermochromic, heat activated, smart window that can save up to 30 per cent on energy costs in a building. Applied as a filter inside the insulating glass unit, RavenWindow is programmed at the time of manufacture, to transition from the clear state to the tinted state once the tunable set temperature is reached. In the clear state, RavenWindow allows free passive solar heat into the building when it is desired, like on a cool morning or a sunny winter day. When the set temperature is reached, RavenWindow transitions to the tinted state in a matter of minutes, blocking unwanted solar heat from entering the building, like on a hot sunny summer day. Providing savings on heating and air conditioning costs, allowing for an attractive payback period are the two main benefits of RavenWindow, but glare mitigation on TVs and computer screens, the complete blocking of harmful UV rays and increased occupant comfort round out the advantages of this technology. 


30 years of quality

Booth: 8
Lothar’s has proudly supplied the glazing industry with quality products for the past 30 years. Products include custom-made spindle drill heads and parts, high-speed steel and carbide router bits and custom-made fabrication tooling including punch dies; saw and weld fixtures; corner cleaning equipment; and end-milling cutters. Check out the website for a new used equipment section.

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