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GlastonInsight – Intelligent online process assistance

October 7, 2015  By Glaston

GlastonInsight is an intelligent online process assistance system that gives operators proposals based on real-time feedback about how to tune the heating process to achieve the highest possible glass quality. It is the first system in the market that automatically gives operators instant feedback from the process and enables them to make better operating decisions. GlastonInsight excels at helping glass processors get the most out of their tempering technology by maximizing quality, variation and capacity.

By using the online quality measuring system iLooK and an accurate temperature scanner, GlastonInsight helps raise glass quality to an excellent and more uniform level. This results in minimized waste and higher production efficiency. The system visualizes the temperature distribution of each batch. It measures all glasses for roller wave and edge kink and gives the operator recommended tuning options to best optimize the tempering process. This enables every operator to easily achieve the ultimate glass quality regardless of previous training and experience. This advanced solution for simple online operational performance optimization is ideal when production volumes are high. The system gives the proposals on how to adjust operations to maintain consistent glass quality in serial production. GlastonInsight is now available as an option for the Glaston’s flat tempering lines and also as an upgrade for the Glaston’s RC/FC Series machines.

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