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GlastonAir – Trouble-free thin tempering

October 7, 2015  By Patrick Flannery

GlastonAir is the successful result of Glaston’s extensive R&D work. The unique air flotation technology allows a higher exit temperature, making it possible to temper thin glass down to two millimeters. The stable bottom heating ensures excellent and consistent end product quality.

The GlastonAir furnace tempers glass as thin as two mm with a maximum sheet size of 1,000 by 2,000 mm. Its tempering norms are comparable to the three-mm EN standard, including fragmentation. GlastonAir keeps precise control over the high heat transfer and air volume rates as the glass exits the furnace and enters the quench. This enables the fast glass surface cooling that is needed for successful thin glass tempering. The new air flotation technology used in GlastonAir provides homogeneous support of the glass throughout the processing line, avoiding any problems with waves or other optical problems. GlastonAir does not require large quench blowers or excessive cooling power. In fact, it consumes less than half of the energy needed with conventional methods for heat threatening thin glass. Therefore, it provides a lower investment and lower energy consumption solution, ensuring a superb end product for various applications where weight and cost are an issue.

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