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Glaston HTBS – Zero-tool bending

October 7, 2015
By Glaston


HTBS is a zero-tooling bending and tempering machine. With its flexibility and high end product quality, the furnace allows glass processors to meet the requirements of the market and achieve maximum efficiency. Its capability to process multiple glass sheets in one production load considerably helps increase production output.

The bending conveyor mechanism and the patented press roller system of HTBS are designed to provide high repeatability and quality to meet standards today and in the future. The intelligence in mechanical design guarantees stability in production. Without tooling, bending and tempering are as simple and cost efficient as in a high-quality flat tempering process. Thanks to the technology involving bending by gravity on rollers, the minimum bending time can be as short as one second, resulting in first-class optical quality. This is especially important when processing thin glass. Proven, state-of-the-art control, together with high-accuracy computer control, assures precision even in the most demanding process conditions. Rapid bending also boosts the capacity of the entire production line. Changeover time takes only 5–10 minutes from product to product. The HTBS furnace is designed with safety in mind. Extensive experience in the tempering field has yielded innovative features to protect the user, the equipment and the production. Solutions are designed to fulfill national safety standards throughout the world, as well as European safety regulations and directives.

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