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Efficient window and door manufacturing

October 30, 2008  By Gass Canada

Efficient window and door manufacturing
The Sommer & Maca Machinery Division of C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. has
introduced a new model of the company’s Automatic Vertical Insulating
Glass Production Line.

Efficient window and door manufacturing

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The Sommer & Maca Machinery Division of C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. has introduced a new model of the company’s Automatic Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line.

The company says this newer model is loaded with versatile features that can help door and window manufacturers make their operations more efficient and profitable.  For example, the addition of the new 118 inch (3.0 m) long Flat Platen Press ensures an evenly set PIB film between the glass and spacer frame.

The System’s Manual Spacer Application Station has adjustable automatic index guides to provide accurate spacer positioning.  Also, the System’s Washer Section contains six “Low E” brushes in three compartments, and the washer is compatible with de-ionized water. 

The double blower compartment features an economizer that shuts off the top blower if the glass is less than 50 per cent of maximum height.

Somaca’s Vertical Insulating Glass Production Lines are available in working heights of 63 inches (1.6 m), 78 inches (2.0 m) and 98 inches (2.5 m).

All in one
C.R. Laurence has also introduced CRL Euro Retractable window screens in easy-to-install complete packages.

The company says these cost-effective retractable window screens answer many needs, as they offer insect, heat and light control in one package. With these screen systems, installers can measure, cut and install all in one visit.

The CRL Euro Retractable window screens are available in four maximum opening widths from 31 inches (79 cm) to 55 inches (140 cm) in three colours, and provide a large maximum inside window height of 66 inches (167 cm). Each kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, powder coated extruded aluminum lineals, durable 18 by 16 inch fibreglass screen wire and quality mounting hardware. Screens are interior, inside jamb mounted and can be left in place all year, eliminating the need for seasonal removal and installation.

They can be inside jamb mounted without even drilling into the window frame which is a great way to add a profitable addition to a glazier’s existing screening service.
C.R. Laurence Company, Sommer & Maca Machinery division: 1-866-583-1377,

C.R. Laurence: 1-877-421-6144,


Hybrid technology
Super Spacer nXt from Edgetech I.G. combines the same desiccant and acrylic adhesive as other Super Spacer products with a new proprietary core. Deemed a hybrid technology, nXt is another way Edgetech is helping its customers differentiate themselves in the competitive marketplace.

Providing a virtually seamless seal, Super Spacer nXt is extremely aesthetically pleasing in the window system. It is available in a variety of standard colours with a metallic appearance that mocks the look of a metal spacer, but provides the thermal benefits of Super Spacer warm edge technology.

The company says Super Spacer nXt, which has been thoroughly tested and proven in the field, adds to the company’s comprehensive portfolio of value-added products and services for the window, door and glass industries.
Edgetech I.G.: 1- 800-233-4383,

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A complete supplier
A global supplier in the manufacture of Fenzi Thiover Brand IG polysulphide and Fenzi PIB for insulated glass, Fenzi North America has added to its product base with the addition of Fenzi

Molver 3A IG Desiccant.
Combined with the company’s Alu Pro and Roll Tech spacer profiles, the new addition to the product line allows Fenzi North America to be a complete supplier for the IG component needs of manufacturers.

Fenzi North America: 1-416-674-3831,

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Cold weather adhesion
Venture Tape Corp., is putting a new face on window and door installation by introducing VentureFlash 800, a three-ply zero perm laminate (al.foil/PET/al.foil) coated with a special “CW” cold weather acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive system.

VentureFlash combines quick stick at normal temperatures with superior low temperature performance below freezing. It can be used with all window and door products, including vinyl, aluminum, wood or fibreglass and can be used in metal building construction.

The company says it is a great alternative to rubber-based adhesives because of its cold weather acrylic base which adheres better than butyl, asphaltic, or other rubber-based adhesives that have been used for years. Unlike butyl, asphaltic and rubber-based adhesives, it will stick in cold weather. Typically, rubber-based adhesives are difficult or impossible to install in the cold and can be messy to work with in warmer temperatures as they have a tendency to flow and creep.

VentureFlash 800 is self-adhering and has a moisture and vapour barrier to fight mould, mildew and decay. It adheres to a number of different substrates, (underlayment and house wraps), including plywood, MDF, tyvek, OSB, dens glass, concrete block (CMU), brick, typar, and buffalo board. It is the first in a new series of flashing products by Venture Tape designed for the residential and commercial construction markets.

Venture Tape 1-800-343-1076,

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Improved window performance
Window manufacturers Peerless Products and Thermo-Tech keep their competitive edge with Dow Corning InstantGlaze Assembly Sealant, the industry’s first and only silicone hot melt window assembly sealant.

New case studies about each company’s experience with Dow Corning solutions are now available on Dow Corning’s website. The Peerless Products case study highlights the company’s move from glazing tape to InstantGlaze, which has improved the performance of its windows and enhanced the safety of the manufacturing process. The Thermo-Tech case study highlights the company’s search for a solution to better address the issue of water and air infiltration.

Dow Corning:

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