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August 12, 2013  By glass Canada

Absorbs 50 per cent less water


Absorbs 50 per cent less water

New AB-Q-LW683 Low Wick weatherstrip from Aribell has two significant improvements. The thicker profile generates more contact with the door for a tighter seal, and the Low Wick foam ensures better performance. AB-Q-LW683 replaces the previous PE650 weatherstrip, and seals better. The new design almost eliminates air and water infiltration, even when subjected to high air pressure. The Low Wick foam formulation uses a combination of closed-cell and open-cell structure to absorb 50 per cent less water.  As moisture wicks into foam, its travel and subsequent volume is limited once it contacts the closed cells. This is especially important in cold Canadian climates where the weatherstripping can freeze when saturated.


Next-generation lock and latch system

Building on the popularity of Truth’s award-winning Fusion System, Truth has now embarked on the next generation of combination lock and tilt-latch systems named Harmony.  The name illustrates how this system beautifully integrates the check rail lock and tilt latch together in a manner which creates a new level of installation ease.  Manufacturers will appreciate how easy it is to just snap the tilt latch, screw down the lock you are good to go.


Heavy lifting balances

Amesbury Window Hardware is proud to introduce Spiral, Lite-Lift and Super-Lift balances. The 3/8-inch heavy-duty Spiral can achieve weights up to 52 pounds per pair or up to 104 pounds when used in tandem making it a powerful Class 4 balance in a small package. The Lite-Lift and Super-Lift Class 5 balances can attain weights up to 130 pounds, while leading the market in overall travel and balance length availability.


Agriculture door sill

The new agricultural door sills from Aribell feature all solid plastic construction and low profile design. These economical sills have a durable extruded finish with no caps to break off.  The tough plastic provides maximum holding power for screws and staples. Door hangers will appreciate the full bottom for better sealing with more area to attach jambs. They come in a dark bronze colour, 10 to a box. Sills are available in three- or six-inch sizes.


High performance hinge

New energy specifications and requirements for increased window performance have necessitated sashes that contain triple-pane and/or laminated glass.  This combined with the move towards larger windows has pushed the envelope on what standard-duty concealed casement hinges can handle. Truth Hardware has responded to this issue with our new High Performance Hinge which produces impressive performance and weight-carrying capabilities and allows window manufacturers to meet these demanding new requirements. The new hinge is capable of supporting a 140-pound sash which allows manufacturers to use triple-pane and laminated glass packages in larger windows. This is made possible by the innovative patented shoe design with a built-in roller to reduce friction during operation, providing smoother travel even under maximum load.


State-of-the-art multi joint lock

Amesbury Door Hardware has introduced its new patented P3000 multi-point lock system. This new lock incorporates an American Style look with the thumb-turn oriented above the handle and the deadbolt operation is independent of the satellite locking points. Available with a multitude of locking options, this system is a premium solution in today’s multi-point locking technology.

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