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VITRO introduces two new sample kit options for Solarban Acuity low-e, low-iron glass

July 22, 2020  By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

Vitro now offers two new sample kit options for its Solarban Acuity glass.

Vitro Architectural Glass announced that it has introduced two Solarban Acuity glass sample kits, each offering architects and building designers a different way to compare and evaluate these products during the specification process.

A separate “Coating Evaluation Kit” enables architects to select four different Solarban low-e coatings on four-by-six-inch samples of Acuity glass. This allows architects to see and compare the appearance of multiple options from the Solarban family of coatings, which includes five distinct products with a range of solar heat gain coefficient, visible light transmittance and exterior reflectance properties. The “Clarity Comparison Kit” kit contains two four-by-six-inch samples, enabling side-by-side comparison of any selected Solarban solar control, low-emissivity coating on both clear and Acuity glass. Each four-by-six-inch sample uses the coated and interior lite of the same glass to render the clearest, most accurate demonstration possible of the low-iron aesthetic.

Acuity glass is available in six-, eight- and 10-millimetre thicknesses and stocked at all Vitro facilities for immediate shipment. All Solarban Acuity glasses are available through the Vitro Certified Network with similar lead times as other low-glasses. Up to 60 percent less green than conventional clear glass, Acuity glass enables the architect to optimize the cost, clarity and performance of glass building facades. Market research indicates that, nationally, the installed cost of a standard glass and metal curtainwall averages $90 per square foot. Upgrading to Solarban Acuity glass from a standard low-e coated clear insulating glass unit will typically increase the total installed curtainwall cost by $1 to $2 per square foot, a fraction of the total cost.

In addition to office buildings, institutions, hotels and schools, Solarban Acuity glass is suitable for exterior applications from luxury condominiums and mixed-use buildings to entrances and storefronts. Solarban Acuity glass also is well-suited for distinctive exterior applications such as atriums, skylights and spandrel glass.

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