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August 20, 2012  By glass Canada

Full range of products


Full range of products
Sikasil represents a proven line of high-performance silicone sealants and adhesives for structural glazing, weather and joint sealing, insulated glass and a variety of specialty applications. The Sikasil range, combined with Sikaflex and SikaBond polyurethane technologies, is engineered to provide a wide cross-section of properties, allowing specifiers, manufacturers and applicators to select the best product for their needs. Silicones are easy to apply even at sub-zero temperatures, offer superior adhesion to glass and non-porous substrates, excellent movement capabilities, greater service temperature ranges, prolonged durability and long-lasting weathering resistance. Sikasil expands upon Sika Canada’s comprehensive portfolio of sealants and adhesives.  These products are well established and extensively employed in construction and industry, worldwide.

Sikasil sealants provide durable protection to moving joints on parking decks, bridges, airport runways and other horizontal applications. Sikasil silicones afford the opportunity to install weather seals year round and provide long-term protection to building envelopes in all seasons. Sikasil insulated glass sealants and adhesives offer improved adhesion values, fast-curing capabilities and long-term sealing of glazing units in manufacturing.



Fast flowing hot melt

Fenzi North America has expanded its product line with the introduction of Fenzi Hotver 2000 Hot Melt Butyl. Formulated to give your IGUs the best mechanical properties and proven through EN1279 and ASTM 2190 testing, Fenzi’s hot melt butyl will provide faster flow rates and reduced application temperatures compared to other hot melt materials.

Continuing to listen to our customers’ needs, we are now also offering our Fenzi Butylver PIB in a grey colour to go along with the traditional black. Combined with our other IG components (polysulphide, desiccant, aluminum and Warmedge steel spacers) Fenzi North America continues to be a complete supplier for all your IG component needs.

Cellular glazing tape

Venture Tape, a 3M company, has introduced a new generation of products in its glazing product line for window and door applications in residential, industrial and light commercial buildings.  Venture Tape VG700 Series and VG1200 Series glazing tapes are closed cell polyolefin foam tapes that provide high performance, better adhesion, weather resistance and durability. Both products feature a reformulated adhesive system and a new and improved liner.  They also have low VOCs, making them environmentally friendly and contributing toward LEED compliance credits.  Venture Tape has also announced that these products will now be available on a national basis through Industrial Sales Corp., a leading sales and distribution company of products for the fenestration market.

Venture Tape VG700 Series glazing tapes are coated on both sides and feature a high-performing adhesive system.  The exposed side adhesive is a rubber-based adhesive specifically designed for adhesion to PVC and other low-surface-energy sash and frame materials.  The liner-side solvent-based acrylic adhesive is specifically designed for adhesion to glass.

Venture Tape VG 1200 Series glazing tapes are coated on both sides with a solvent-based acrylic adhesive system.  The exposed side adhesive system is designed for adhesion to PVC and other low-surface-energy sash and frame materials.  The liner-side adhesive has excellent adhesion to glass.  The solvent-based acrylic is UV resistant and has greater adhesion properties in colder temperatures.

Both tapes exceed AAMA specification 810.1, Type 1 performance requirements for cellular glazing tapes. Both products are available in black, grey or white foam and come in a variety of foam thicknesses.

“We are pleased to be part of this new national partnership with Venture Tape,” says Jim Hornung, president of ISC. “The new relationship will benefit customers by streamlining sales and service of products for the window and door market.”

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