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March 21, 2013  By glass Canada

Fenzi North America has added to its product base with the addition of
Fenzi Hotver 2000, a one-part hot-melt butyl specially formulated to
give insulating glass units the best mechanical properties to last
longer in the field.

One-part hot-melt butyl


Fenzi North America has added to its product base with the addition of Fenzi Hotver 2000, a one-part hot-melt butyl specially formulated to give insulating glass units the best mechanical properties to last longer in the field. A mixture of butyl rubbers and synthetic polymers, the product runs on standard hot-melt pumping equipment. Fenzi Hotver 2000 is one of the lowest moisture-vapour-transmission-rate sealants on the market and is formulated to help your IGU meet EN1279 and ASTM 2190 testing. Fenzi’s hot-melt butyl will provide faster flow rates and reduced application temperatures compared to other HM materials. To meet many of our customers’ needs, we are now offering our Fenzi Butylver PIB in the colour grey, as well as the traditional black. Combined with our Fenzi Molver 3A desiccant, Alu Pro aluminum spacer profiles, Roll Tech Chromatech Ultra and stainless steel warm edge along with Fenzi Thermaledge spacer profiles, Fenzi is a single-source supplier for IG component needs.


Four new edge-seal products


Quanex Building Products Corporation has entered into an agreement with Bostik, a world-leading provider of insulating glass sealants, to distribute four new edge-seal products in the Americas. Sold under Quanex’s Edgetherm brand name, the comprehensive product line was designed specifically to meet key requirements in IG production, including low moisture-vapour transmission rates, excellent movement accommodation, low temperature flexibility and low gas permeability. “Quanex is proud to work with Bostik, one of the world’s largest and most trusted adhesive and sealant companies, to add to our Edgetherm product line,” said Brian Kress, product sales specialist at Quanex Building Products. “From butyl-based materials to desiccated matrix, we can now offer a high-performance edge-seal product to suit virtually any application or spacer system.” Edgetherm 3500 single-part butyl rubber-based sealant, Edgetherm 3400 hot-applied desiccant, and Edgetherm 3100 and 3000 one-component hot-melt butyl sealants will be available through Quanex starting the first quarter of 2013.

Rapid bonding


Dymax Corporation has introduced Ultra Light-Weld 431, a versatile adhesive for glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal applications. This material has been formulated to be resistant to high-temperature and high-moisture environments while maintaining superior adhesion and flexibility. It was also designed with low shrinkage, which reduces stress on the bond line or on larger cured surfaces. Ultra Light-Weld 431 bonds rapidly upon exposure to UV/visible light for immediate use in the assembly process. Ideal for assembly applications such as furniture, container glass, and lighting and appliance sub-assemblies, it’s designed for bonding glass and metal but can also be considered for bonding a wide variety of plastics as well as ceramic and FR4.

Architectural possibilities


High transparency and strong adhesion performance are the key features of Dow Corning’s new transparent silicone structural adhesive, TSSA. With approximately four times higher strength than conventional structural silicones, TSSA provides unique design possibilities for glass construction and glass attachment in applications such as point-fixed glazing and glass bridges. TSSA offers many advantages for the applicator and the building owner. It is easy to apply and cost effective, as using a high-strength adhesive removes the need to drill holes into the glass, which is particularly complex when units are to be gas filled. There is also no possibility of gas leakage through drilled holes and no inducement of thermal bridge/heat transfer possible between these specific elements. Silicone fixation offers durability and longevity in use and the esthetics of the finished structure are improved, especially when viewed from the building interior.

Smooth and textured options


CRL M64 and M66 are one-part, moisture-curing, gun-grade modified polyurethane construction sealants. While M64 has a smooth surface, M66 offers a textured surface. Both have excellent primerless adhesion on most common construction surfaces, are durable, are flexible and offer excellent performance in moving joints. CRL M64 and M66 are ideal for joints between framing (door and window) and building structures in both storefront and curtainwall applications to secure a watertight installation. Their advanced polymer formula offers excellent adhesion to fluoropolymer paint coatings for metal surfaces including Kynar, Duranar and Duranar Sunstorm coatings, as well as standard metal, aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, plastics, vinyl, glass, wood, concrete, brass, and other common building substrates. They are specially formulated to outperform traditional VOC solvent polyurethanes for sealing moving joints in concrete, masonry, metal, and other basic perimeter joint applications. These eco-friendly sealants contain no solvents or isocyanates, and are VOC-compliant.

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