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December 13, 2012  By glass Canada

PPG Industries offers a complete range of tinted, solar control and passive low-E coated glass products.


High-performance glass
PPG Industries offers a complete range of tinted, solar control and passive low-E coated glass products. Advanced glass products for both residential and commercial construction include Sungate 600, 500 and 400, with light transmittance values up to 78 per cent and solar heat transfer up to 70 per cent. Two low-heat-transfer glasses, Solarban 70XL and Solarban 60, block up to three quarters of the sun’s heat energy while transmitting up to 70 per cent of the sun’s available light.


Innovative automation
LiSec has introduced a number of new solutions for glass cutting and for the manufacture of high-quality triple-glazed units. The FlyOver loading crane for glass-cutting machines uses an intelligent, one-row design on the suction bridge that allows it to move diagonally above the entire glass storage area when no glass is being transported. In this way, the bridge will automatically follow the shortest path to the next storage rack, which minimizes cycle times and keeps cutting machines working at full capacity. It renders costly remnant plate storage systems obsolete by transporting remnants back to the glass storage area and by using the storage racks as remnant plate racks. LiSec’s fully automatic insulating glass line for the industrial manufacture of triple-glazing units includes a new multiple spacer applicator for different types of flexible spacers, and an improved sealing process that significantly enhances the quality of glazing units.


Triple-glazed fabrication
Best known for its Intercept Warm Edge spacer bar system, GED launched its new Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System (ATLAS) last year, a revolutionary glass fabrication system that automatically produces triple pane IG units in 20-second cycles (triples at three units per minute, duals at six units per minute). ATLAS offers seamless integration into existing GED Intercept lines and is capable of accommodating other spacer systems. Designed to be flexible for schedule-drive production, the ATLAS is adaptive to handle small and large units, duals and triples in any order or combination.



Outperforms triple glazing
Guardian Industries counters rigorous new energy codes and Energy Star standards in the northern U.S. and Canada with Guardian ClimaGuard HiLightR 802, the newest product to demonstrate Guardian advanced glass technology. By pairing two ClimaGuard low-E coatings on a single pane of glass, Guardian intensifies the insulation of residential windows without changing the window design. ClimaGuard HiLightR 802 can help a double-glazed window generate Energy Rating scores that outperform triple-glazed windows, with light transmission that rivals clear glass. If HiLightR 802 is the interior pane of a double-glazed window, rate of heat loss (measured as centre-of-glass U-factor) is cut by 18 per cent. HiLightR 802 has a U-factor of .22, and visible light transmission is 79 per cent.


Better mechanical properties
Fenzi North America has supplemented its product base with the addition of Fenzi Hotver 2000, a one-part hot-melt butyl specially formulated to give IGUs the best mechanical properties to last the longest in the field. A mixture of butyl rubbers and synthetic polymers, the product runs on standard hot-melt pumping equipment. Fenzi Hotver 2000 provides one of the lowest MVTR sealants on the market and is formulated to give IGUs the best mechanical properties and proven EN 1279 and ASTM 2190 testing. Fenzi’s hot-melt butyl will provide faster flow rates and reduced application temperatures compared to other HM materials.


Automated gas fill
Bystronic has introduced its assembly, gas-fill and press robot. Type ZPG-V for quick gas-filling of triple insulating glass units. One single work step fills both spaces between the glass lites with inert gas. One-off pressing of the triple insulating glass unit protects the butyl bead. The ZPG-V is suitable for processing TPS as well as all common, flexible and conventional spacers. It can be programmed for simultaneous assembly, gas-filling and pressing of two triple insulating glass units in tandem operation. Suitable for rectangular formats and nearly all kind of shaped formats, it is capable of processing different dimensions and spacer widths in any sequence. The control system allows for constant pressing of double and triple insulating glass units, accomplishing a high gas-filling degree with only low gas leakage. The quick-reaction sensor allows for permanent observation of the gas-filling process.


Sealants, spacers and tape
C.R. Laurence offers several products for insulating glass unit production. CRL 877 Super Spacer sealant is an easy-to-use urethane for the inexpensive fabrication of low-production, high-quality, single-seal IG units. CRL Edgetech Super Spacer works well with CRL 877 sealant and is the most versatile spacer available to allow for the production of standard and special shaped IG units, such as curved and odd shapes and triple-glazed units. CRL 9542 insulating glass silicone sealant is formulated for manufacturing dual-seal IG units with excellent glass-to-glass adhesion and resistance to UV light, climate changes, and ozone. CRL PIB primary seal is used to manufacture dual-seal IG units and works well with CRL 9542 silicone sealant. PIB is a one-part, non-drying, non-hardening material with excellent adhesion to glass and metal, as well as resistance to water, ozone, and UV light.


Spacers and muntin bars
For more than eight years, SBMS has been distributing Allmetal spacer bars and muntin bars across Canada. These products are broadening the horizons of our industry thanks to their superior aesthetics and performance. Allmetal spacer bars made from stainless steel, which, as an inorganic separator, doesn’t react to coatings like plastic. This flexibility allows for great expansion and contraction performance. Plus, they are bendable to fit different machinery on the market. Because SBMS carries them in two warehouses, fabricators can integrate this technology into the product line and conveniently enhance product offerings. Allmetal spacer bars and muntin bars are available in a wide variety of colours, and a large range of thicknesses and length.


Point-supported IG system
ClearPoint by Viracon is a point-supported insulating glass system engineered to provide building designers with greater flexibility. The hardware solution offered by Viracon is made from 316 stainless steel and has a Number 4 finish. The interior base spacer that rests between the exterior and interior glass of the insulating glass unit is comprised of a proprietary material that has passed testing for out-gassing, ultraviolet light, caulking and discoloration. A countersunk system is available for applications requiring exterior tempered glass solutions. Nupress can supply a variety of stems that connect the insulating glass unit fitting to the client’s connection point. Architects who specify ClearPoint can optimize performance with Viracon low-E coatings and/or silk-screen options. For additional peace of mind, ClearPoint offers heat soaked glass and a limited 10-year insulating glass warranty.

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