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Glass bonding made easy

March 31, 2009  By Patrick Flannery

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Glass bonding made easy
Full accessory system makes bonding and fabrication easier and more profitable.


C.R. Laurence Co. Inc., (CRL) is introducing a new Glass Bonding System that includes a complete line of UV and UV/Visible Light Adhesives, innovative Fixation Devices, UV Curing Lamps, and Glass Display and Furniture Hardware.

“We’ve created an easy solution for a wide variety of glass bonding needs, supported by easy-to-understand instructions and guidelines, to help our customers produce glass-bonded work – from functional glass furniture, displays, and showcases – to beautiful glass artwork,” says Bill Gyore, CRL product manager. “With our advanced UV Adhesives, glass can be firmly bonded to a wide variety of substrates, including laminated glass, which normally does not lend itself to UV adhesives.”


 CRL’s unique Fixation Devices keep glass parts from moving during set-up.  Many of these feature adjustment screws to raise and lower the glass parts with precision for proper application of high and low viscosity UV adhesives.  Other devices have marked dimensions for fixing glass parts at virtually any angle.

CRL’s UV/Visible Light Cure Adhesives come in seven different formulations, and colours.  Typical applications include glass knobs and metal towel bars bonded to frameless shower doors, glass shelves on mirrors, glass showcases, glass sculptures and artwork, and glass furniture production.
CRL also offers a wide selection of UV Curing Lamps. These emit the correct UV wave length of 365 nm for curing.  Different intensity lamps are available to cure at different speeds.

Since glass bonding is often used to produce glass furniture, CRL is also offering a wide selection of the latest glass hardware to help create custom furniture for homes and businesses.

“Our Glass Bonding System provides glass fabricators with another niche they can pursue to help them grow their businesses.  To help our customers get started, we are offering Basic and Professional Glass Bonding Starter Kits,” says Gyore. “In addition, we offer the right cleaners and accessories to make bonding and fabrication easier and more profitable.”

All of these products are now available for viewing in CRL’s GB10 Glass Bonding Catalog with information on how to use them properly to build safe and attractive displays and furnishings. 

This full colour publication is available for viewing or downloads at the company’s website.

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