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June 8, 2016  By staff Report

Look here for the clear, the colour-neutral and the energy efficient products that will make your facades shine.

Exceeds today’s requirements
AGC Glass Company’s new Energy Select 23 is a high performing triple-silver coating on a clear substrate that delivers a neutral blue aesthetic with the combined performance of a 0.23 solar heat gain coefficient and 50 per cent visible light transmittance. It is ideal for meeting the most challenging energy code requirements. This is the latest step in the development of AGC’s range of advanced coating technology. Available in annealed and post-temperable, Energy Select 23 is designed to achieve the highest level of solar control performance possible using a clear substrate without compromising the neutral colour desired by architects. It is designed to keep more heat out and let natural light in to achieve greater indoor comfort and energy savings for the hotter climate regions.   Energy Select 23 is part of the family of low-emissivity coated glass products that offers high-performance glass solutions that go beyond what is required today, positioning architects to meet the challenges of designing for the future.

Perfect for showers
Guardian Glass North America introduces Guardian UltraClear glass, a low-iron product that delivers maximum clarity and colour neutrality without the green tint of standard glass. Elevating light transmission and presenting views that are near true-to-life, UltraClear glass is a featured product
from Guardian InGlassT,  a complete offering of interior glass solutions.

“Architects and designers choose UltraClear glass to bring natural light deep into interiors,” explains Sarah Wansack, interiors segment product manager for Guardian Glass North America. “The versatility of UltraClear glass means the product can be used with many low-E SunGuard coatings to combine vivid clarity with the high performance SunGuard coatings bring.”


Interior applications include frameless enclosures, walls, partitions, entranceways, display cases, tables, railings and more – all bringing pure, bright and boundless clarity.

“Guardian UltraClear glass allows natural light to pass through with remarkable clarity and brilliance that is perfect for shower applications,” says Jared Ross, president of Cardinal Shower Enclosures. “Frameless shower enclosures are in high demand, and customers want the true colour transmission without the green tint from standard glass. Guardian UltraClear glass offers colour neutrality all the way through to the edge.”

Fabricated, laminated and heat-treated like standard float glass, UltraClear glass elevates the performance and aesthetics of a wide range of glass products, whether it’s laminated glass layers without the distortion, back-painted or spandrel glass that achieves a true colour match, or simply stunning clear views. Manufactured in Corsicana, Texas, UltraClear glass is available in thicknesses from two to 12 millimeters and sizes up to 130 by 204 inches.

Possibilities for historical restoration
Pilkington Spacia is the world’s first commercially available vacuum glazing. It offers the thermal performance of conventional double glazing in the same thickness as traditional, monolithic glass (single piece of six millimeters). Spacia provides a real solution to the problems of balancing historical preservation with modern comfort and environmental requirements. This product offers a cost-effective method of improving the energy efficiency of older homes where glazing dimensions are physically limited or where maintaining the original frames is desired. Spacia vacuum glazing consists of an outer pane of low-emissivity glass and an inner pane of clear float glass, separated by a micro-spacer grid of tiny pillars, each measuring 0.5 millimeters in diameter. The grid ensures that the panes are kept a fixed distance apart. The edges are welded to achieve a hermetic seal.  Air is extracted to create a vacuum via the extraction point, rather than being filled with air or gas. Because there are no gases in the space for convection or conduction, the thickness between the two pieces of glass can be extremely thin (0.2 millimeters) while still achieving the desired energy improvement.  The result is excellent thermal performance from a unit that is only slightly thicker than single glass. With a narrow overall thickness and good acoustic performance, Spacia is ideal for use in variety of building types. Various types of Spacia are available for a multitude of glazing solutions. Spacia offers historic buildings the ability to maintain their original design, while improving glazing performance. It may even allow the use of the original frames if these are in a reasonable or repairable condition or if replica sashes are feasible. Until now, the only choices were to sacrifice thermal performance and comfort, or to compromise the appearance of the building by using bulkier modern frames.

From skylight to spandrel
Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass by PPG provides a superior option for curtainwall glass applications, offering brilliant clarity and true-to-life views of the outdoors. When the design calls for maximized transmission of natural light, Starphire glass is as its strongest. Offering maximized transparency with seven per cent higher visible light transmittance than other clear glass in a typical skylight or spiderwall, Starphire glass provides sparkling clarity and undistorted transmission of colour. From art galleries to convention centers, corporate office buildings to shopping malls, Starphire allows designers to bring the beauty and brightness of the outdoors into the interior. For vision glazings in which enhanced energy performance is required, Starphire glass can be combined with other glass coatings to satisfy energy requirements while maintaining its unique ultra-clear visual character, free of the green cast inherent in ordinary clear float glass. To boost VLT, combine Starphire with solar control low-E coatings, such as Solarban 70XL, Solarban 60 or Solarban 67 glasses. To increase the solar heat gain coefficient, combine Starphire with passive solar coatings, such as Solarban R100 or Solarban z75/z50 glasses. Starphire maintains its remarkable clarity in thickness from 2.5 to 19 millimeters and is stocked regionally to ensure consistent supply reliability.

Architects have a beautiful way to conceal the electrical and mechanical areas between floors with Starphire. Its brilliant clarity and absence of greening combine to offer spectacular views and true colours, enabling whites, reds and yellows to be seen with remarkable fidelity. PPG Architectural Glass is a marketing alliance partner with ICD High Performance Coatings, an industry leader in spandrel glass coatings and manufacturer of Opaci-Coat-300, a line of high-performance spandrel glass coatings in a range of colours and metallic finishes. When these water-based coatings are combined with Starphire glass in a spandrel glass unit, they offer a vivid palette of spandrel glass solutions with unparalleled brightness and colour fidelity.

Designed for triple glazing
Nowadays, rising energy prices and climate change are driving the performance of buildings to a new level in terms of energy savings and CO2 reduction. In this context, improving the thermal efficiency of homes is a particular target. New generation windows are becoming one of the most efficient components in new houses, thanks to excellent thermal insulation when triple glazed now combined to high passive solar gains. Saint-Gobain Glass has developed very new low-E coated glasses especially dedicated to triple-glazed units for a better living. Designers can enlarge windows for a maximum of daylighting, comfort and energy savings, bringing more space inside. SGG Planitherm Lux is a new generation of low-E coatings dedicated to triple glazed units with the highest energy balance ever reached. Occupants will enjoy the best thermal insulation (0.7 U-value in a triple-glazed unit with two cavities of 14 millimeter argon-filled) and maximize passive solar gains (62 per cent, combining Planitherm Lux with clear float glass Planilux). Planitherm Lux is manufactured on Saint-Gobain’s magnetron coaters. A unique combination of multiple layers is applied to high quality clear float glass or SGG Diamant extra-clear float glass using a magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering process under vacuum conditions. The resultant thin and extremely transparent coating reflects long-wave heat radiation back into the room, while maximizing transmittance of natural light and short-wave solar radiation. With a light transmission of 73 per cent, a triple-glazed unit using Planitherm Lux and clear float glass ensures a high level of daylighting. This coating is particularly suitable for passive-houses and low energy-houses, including residential windows, patio doors and French doors, along with commercial structural glazing, curtainwall and façades and windows.

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