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June 13, 2023  By Glass Canada Staff

Eliminate hassles
Smart-Toolbox is a glazing job management system designed specifically for the glass industry.  By streamlining the quoting, scheduling, ordering and invoicing processes for the entire team, Smart-Toolbox removes bottlenecks and boosts efficiency. The intuitive glass job statuses and user-friendly dashboard enable users to identify and address potential mistakes before they become problems. Interactive online quotes empower customers to visualize their glass or shower, accept the quote and make online payments, eliminating the need to chase payments or disrupt teammates. Glaziers can say goodbye to the hassle of chasing paper, hunting for job folders and interrupting colleagues every time a customer calls by working smarter, not harder, with Smart-Toolbox. The team at Smart-Builder have been developing glass software exclusively for glaziers and glass fabricators for more than two decades. By working closely with clients to enhance tools continually, Smart-Builder drives a more efficient and streamlined glass business.

Share measurements immediately
Flexijet has released FlexiCAD 3.3, the latest software accompanying the Flexijet 3D digital measurement system. This release includes Flexijet Livestream, a live camera view of the points being measured, adding even more flexibility when measuring outdoors or in bright light situations. With Flexijet 3D and FlexiCAD, measurement drawings are created in real time on the jobsite, allowing for the immediate verification of as-built measurements and eliminating the need to return to site after drafting for verification. Flexijet can move to aim its laser back at points, allowing users to mark out mounting and drill points and visually verify measurements. Adjustments are made in real time while on-site, reducing the risk of later human and drafting errors and streamlining the measurement verification process.  Flexijet 3D is helping the glass industry transition from traditional manual measuring methods to accurate digital measurements. Flexijet 3D’s Next Generation laser technology allows it to capture sub-millimeter-accurate 2D and 3D measurements of actual site conditions. This accuracy helps to reduces errors and end the need for costly reworks or adjustments, resulting in substantial cost savings for glass fabricators. The measurement drawings created with FlexiCAD are detailed and accurate, providing a digital representation of the site conditions and outages as well as final designs. Digital measurement drawings also facilitate effective communication between the fabricators and other stakeholders, such as architects, contractors, and clients. And digital measurement files can be shared directly with suppliers to eliminate the chance of human error or miscommunication. By replacing manual methods with digital measurement technology, Flexijet 3D improves efficiency, enhances accuracy and enables the seamless transfer of measurements. With its CAD-centered editing power, the FlexiCAD software empowers glass fabricators to deliver perfect installations, reduce costs and stay at the forefront of innovation in the glass industry.

Export entire bid packages
Frameless Hardware Company has launched its new design, quoting and ordering online configurator. This new program is designed to expedite and improve the quoting and ordering process for all-glass entrances and storefronts comprising Herc-Door entrances, Steincraft panic devices and all combinations of headers, sidelites, transoms and related hardware packages.  Ease of use and accessibility were primary drivers for incorporating monthly membership packages available without license fees. Cloud-based server integration and the Instaquote platform ensures peace-of-mind by eliminating the human-error factor with robust, intelligent built-in safety backstops to guarantee the opening meets applicable specifications, codes and standards. Additionally, users can easily export entire bid packages complete with 3D renderings to give their customers a comprehensive understanding of the design, components, cost and esthetics. The program integrates the latest available technology to provide customers with a handy, foolproof dashboard for seamless estimation. The new FHC Instaquote online design, quote and order system is live and available now. 

Track that rack
Sigfox is service provider for Internet of Things, specializing in connecting simple, low powered, low-cost devices to the internet while consuming as little energy as possible. It offers an end-to-end packaged solution for glass and window rack tracking. Benefits of implementing the solution include reduced loss ratios; improved cycle times; increased operational efficiencies; improved service delivery and customer relations. Users can immediately locate lost and vacant racks while reducing loss rates by 50 to 90 percent. Empty racks can be collected quicker to reduce cycle times and improve rack fleet utilization, scaling faster. The technology reduces manual handling and saves time planning tasks with automated recurring inventory. The software suite produces updated and accurate data for each delivery to improve product visibility and quickly resolve customer issues. Bill Gioskos of Sigfox Canada has partnered with HeronTrack to offer the Smart Glass rack tracking solution to keep track of glass stillages. The cost-effective proven solution combines tracking devices and a dashboard specifically designed for supply chain optimization to locate glass racks when they move out of supply, chain journeys, improve customer experience and save money.


Gain complete control
OpenJanela software for glass fabricators adapts to the individual user’s way of doing business while bringing experience and knowledge gained from dealing with hundreds of glass fabricators. OpenJanela is fully customizable so that it can handle just about any business or manufacturing requirement. Users can configure, cost, price, estimate and fabricate single-pane glass, residential and commercial sealed units, tempered glass, shower doors, sliding glass doors, glass entrances and more. OpenJanela enables complete control of the entire operation from web order entry to installation and everything in between. Glass fabricators can ship products on time, every time, with no mistakes. The software adds efficiencies to every process for competitive advantage. Users can deploy OpenJanela to run fully automated lines, optimizers and CNC machinery with powerful interfaces and production sequencing. Third-party software such as accounting, Sales Force and other solutions can be integrated with a flexible API. OpenJanela helps glass fabricators manage the entire operation from order entry to invoicing.

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