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April 25, 2023  By Sigfox Canada

Sigfox is service provider for Internet of Things (IoT), specializing in connecting simple, low powered, low-cost devices to the internet while consuming as little energy as possible. It offers an end-to-end packaged solution for glass and window rack tracking. Benefits of implementing the solution include reduced loss ratios; improved cycle times; increased operational efficiencies; improved service delivery and customer relations. Users can immediately locate lost and vacant racks while reducing loss rates by 50% to 90%. Empty racks can be collected quicker to reduce cycle times and improve rack fleet utilization, scaling faster. The technology reduces manual handling and saves time planning tasks with automated recurring inventory. The software suite produces updated and accurate data for each delivery to improve product visibility and quickly resolve customer issues. Bill Gioskos of Sigfox Canada has partnered with HeronTrack to offer the Smart Glass rack tracking solution to keep track of glass stillages. The cost-effective proven solution combines tracking devices and a dashboard specifically designed for supply chain optimization to locate glass racks when they move out of supply, chain journeys, improve customer experience and save money.

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