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Live impact testing a first for Win-Door show

October 14, 2009  By Administrator


Live impact testing a first for Win-Door show
The upcoming Win-Door Show, Nov. 17-19, in the South Hall of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre promises
to deliver education and excitement.

Oct. 14, 2009, Toronto – The upcoming Win-Door Show, Nov. 17 to 19, in the South Hall of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre promises to deliver education and excitement.  Three times each day, professional engineers will undertake live impact testing on a  large tempered, laminated window and witness the results.
"This is a real first us", says Show Manager Patrick Shield. "Never in our fifteen year history, have we been able to present this kind of active testing on the show floor. It should prove to be a great hit with show attendees."
A large demonstration area, surrounded by plexi-glass to provide protection for viewers, is being established to provide show visitors with an eye-witness view of testing as it happens. "For manufacturers who plan to market their products in the U.S., learning as much as possible about impact testing and the latest requirements is an integral part of what they'll need to do to be part of the markets along the east coast" continues Shield.  "In states like Florida, Louisiana, the Carolinas and as far north as Maine, protection against hurricanes is simply a mandated part of building construction regulations. Windows, frames and sealants all have to work together to protect against wind and debris."
"What no one wants is a window to break open with a hole," comments Shield. "Holes create quick entry points for wind which will lift off a roof and destabilize the entire structure. The demonstrations presented at the show will simulate an impact by a large missile – things like wind or debris that would be common in a hurricane."
The actual test utilizes a piece of pneumatic piping equipment approximately 16' (4.8m) in length and known as a cannon. It will be loaded with a 9' (2.75m) piece of 2×4 lumber and positioned approximately 12 feet (3.6m) away from a piece of laminated, tempered glass. When launched, the wood projectile will be travelling at approximately 40 to 50 feet per second or 34 mph to mimic how the projectile would move through the air in a 110 mph (177 kph) wind.
Testing demonstrations will be spaced throughout each of the two show days and will be hosted by professional bi-lingual engineers from well-known testing facilities who will be on hand to explain the process, give the audience tips on what to watch for and elaborate on the technical details of legislation. A post-impact window will be on display throughout the show and testing professionals will be available for questions.

Easy online visitor registration for the show is available online at Registrants who sign up before November 9, 2009 will save 50% on the cost of a badge at the door.


For hotels, additional show details or seminar information visit the show online at and click on Visitor Information.

For further information contact:
Shield & Associates
1-800-282-0003 or 416-444-5225

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