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IGMA – Helping you get ISO

The goal of the new document is to provide a framework for an insulating glass manufacturer to use as the basis for a specific program.

October 16, 2015  By Margaret Webb

IG Certification Programs are now recognized and required by fenestration certification and rating programs such as Energy Star, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, the Window and Door Manufacturers Association and the National Fenestration Rating Council, recognizing the critical importance of the IG unit on the overall durability and performance of fenestration systems.

Three years ago, IGMA began the process of updating the TM-4000-02(07) Insulating Glass Quality Manufacturing Procedures manual. The current quality manual provides the basis of the quality control system for the IGCC-IGMA and IGMAC certification programs. The original program contained the majority of the elements required for ISO certification but did not address the foundation of the ISO process for continual improvement: corrective and preventive actions and more specifics for design and development. The primary contact person at each IGMA member company in good standing will receive a complimentary copy of the significantly revised manual, which will be identified as TM-4010 IG Manufacturing Quality Procedures.

Many of IGMA’s certified manufacturers are already seeking accreditation to the ISO standard and the goal of the new document is to provide a framework for an insulating glass manufacturer to use as the basis for a specific program geared to the unique requirements of each facility. This new document provides a unique tool for fabricators to become ISO 9001:2008 compliant or to proceed for full certification to the ISO standard.

Any quality management system consists of documentation tiers. Tier I is the quality procedures manual, which has been under development under the IGMA Certification and Education Committee. The new manual is close to completion as this writing, having just completed the second committee ballot. Tier II are the procedures, Tier III, the work instructions, and Tier IV are the forms to prove compliance.


The text provided, though somewhat specific to IG production, is generic in nature and must be tailored to support a specific company’s structure, procedures and operations.  The text is provided in different colours to visually provide instructions to the manufacturer. Text in red must be edited by the company with specific information regarding their organization. The comments in blue are for clarification purposes so that the user of the manual will understand the purpose of each section and how to complete it.

To further assist manufacturers to move to this level of quality, IGMA has contracted with an ISO consultant company, RPM Consulting. Ron Michalzuk has experience with the IG industry and will be a valuable resource, providing the expertise and support to implement a full quality program for the fabrication of insulating glass units.  A link with contact information will be provided on the IGMA website.

IGMA has already developed much of the additional information required for the Tier II, III and IV documents however it will take time to compile it into one document and determine where there are gaps.  To address the time factor of internal development, IGMA is considering contracting directly with RPM to complete the remainder of the required documentation so that the entire management system is ready to go by the end of 2015.  The IGMA Board of Directors will discuss the merits of this proposal at their next meeting.

Margaret Webb is the executive director of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association.

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