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Facade Tectonics presents: Healthy and Sustainable Glazing – Designing for people and the planet

July 13, 2018  By Patrick Flannery

The Facade Tectonics Forum will present “Healthy and Sustainable Glazing: Designing for people and the planet” July 30 in Vancouver in conjunction with the IGMA Summer Conference. The Facade Tectonics Forum: Vancouver will include speaker presentations as well as panel and interactive discussions addressing the theme The Good and The Bad: Evolving considerations and practices of building facade glazing. Four panels and two special presentations are planned over a full day’s programming, including more than 15 speakers. The Good and The Bad will combine the art, science and technology of the building skin with an unparalleled networking opportunity from the building community.

Sustainability parameters are not measured through energy metrics alone. Health and wellness are a growing focus of performance evaluation. New standards and practices are emerging in response to a waxing consciousness of the ultimate purpose of buildings in promoting human health and productivity. Glass in the building facade plays a major role in healthy buildings by providing daylight and view. But the misuse of glass can produce visual, thermal and acoustical discomfort. What are the relevant considerations in architectural glazing design and how can these be balanced to provide optimal conditions for comfort and productivity? Join  Gail Brager  of UC Berkeley, Center for the Built Environment , Joel Good  of RWDI , and  Vladimir Mikler   of Integral Group as they explore these issues.

Facade Tectonics is a curated speaker program that includes diverse voices in the creation of advanced building facade systems, showcasing new perspectives on the opportunities for innovation in the design and delivery of the building skin. Multiple emergent drivers are forcing a step change in the performance demands on buildings, and most particularly on the facade system. These demands mandate an innovative response to issues ranging from systems and materials to design and delivery strategies.

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