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Experts from Dow Corning present research and new product developments at GlassCon Global

July 28, 2016  By Dow Corning

July 28, 2016 – A global leader in silicone structural glazing technologies has completed two technical presentations at GlassCon Global 2016, highlighting new research and innovative use of high-performance glazing products at the international conference July 6 through 9 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Industry experts from Dow Corning Corporation (Booth 203) shared the latest advancements in sealant products and construction techniques at the event, which is designed to facilitate communication among architects, researchers, engineers, consultants and other key industry groups.

On Thursday, July 7, Dow Corning Application Specialist Jon Kimberlain presented his study, “Analysis of Stress Distribution in Structural Silicone Glazing Joints.”

“The design of structural silicone glazing joints to resist windloads is traditionally calculated based on silicone bite, using a simplified equation that considers an average stress distribution in the sealant,” Kimberlain said. “This study examines using finite element analysis (FEA) to evaluate stress distribution in the sealant as a function of sealant bite and thickness, and demonstrates the importance of the sealant geometry on the local stress distribution.”

The following day, in “Airborne America San Diego: Transparency Through Innovation and Engineering,” two co-authors provided a detailed overview of the advanced bonding techniques used in the Airborne America San Diego skydiving tunnel – an extreme-sport facility for those who want to skydive without jumping from an airplane.


“This is a very unique structure that features a glass tube constructed from stacked, curved sections,” said Dow Corning Construction Industry Scientist Larry Carbary, one of the co-presenters. “The interior is free of mechanical hardware, and the panels are affixed with high-strength silicone adhesive technology to produce smooth glass walls.”

“The presentation described the engineering analysis, design of the adhesive attachment system and the testing of the adhesive for validation,” said co-author Charles Clift, President, Director and Senior Principal at Curtain Wall Design and Consulting, Inc. “Engineering the project around the design loads resulted in a ‘gecko foot’ attachment system at the corner intersections of the curved glass, which is built to withstand the wind pressure loading during the tunnel’s operation, as well as movement from seismic events.”

Clift said the project demonstrates the capabilities of a design community working closely with product development engineers to take advantage of new material properties and the science of a new adhesion technology to meet the structure’s design requirements.

GlassCon Global is a conference that encourages industry collaboration and communication by providing a practical, educational forum where glass professionals can expand their knowledge in a continually evolving technical environment. Exhibitors and attendees can share ideas, visions and new technologies with industry professionals and experts from all areas of the architectural glass and glazing industry.

The event is so highly regarded that attending GlassCon sessions is an acceptable activity for fulfilling state licensing MCE requirements for architects and professional development hours (PDHs) for engineers. FCA International, a GlassCon Global organizer, is an approved provider of the AIA Continuing Education System. Sessions meet AIA/CES criteria for Health/Safety/Welfare (HSW) Unit Hours.

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