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Argotec restructures TPU film business

August 6, 2009  By Administrator


Argotec restructures TPU film business
Argotec, Inc., is restructuring its thermoplastic polyurethane business.

Aug. 6, 2009 – Argotec, Inc., is restructuring its thermoplastic polyurethane business. The company is a manufacturer of high-performance, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU/PU) optical interlayer films for use in glass laminating and security glazing applications. 

“Instead of focusing just on products we can make and market, we are concentrating on better matching our film extrusion capabilities, technical expertise and resources with the applications of our customers…that is especially the case with customers who use our TPU optical interlayer glass lamination films,” says Bruce Wilby, president and chief executive officer.


Aliphatic polyurethane film is typically used in glass lamination applications where polyvinyl butyral(PVB) or interlayer films made from other polymers cannot meet the performance specifications of the application. For instance, TPU interlayer films will not degrade polycarbonate when bonded with glass for bullet-resistant glazing, as is the case with PVB; nor does TPU cause distortion “birefringence” on bent glass composites.

Further describing the company’s new configuration, Wilby explains that Argotec asked its customers and development partners what they needed most in a film supplier. “Their answer was clear. They wanted a partner willing to invest the time and resources to help make them successful. We feel that the investments we have made in capital equipment, facilities and people, along with restructuring…are a clear answer to that call.”

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