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June 2020: Look out for the latest in Top Glass products for the architectural glass industry

June 18, 2020  By Glass Canada staff

Here’s what was going to be on display at Top Glass in April until…well, you know.

Outdoors in
Imagine blurring the line between being outside and inside a home. With the Commdoor folding door system homeowners can finally connect their outdoor oasis with the indoors. Thermally broken and top hung, this system is created for four-season use. The simple slide of a door ushers in fresh air; or the sweet sounds of waves meeting the edge of the dock; or the rustle of leaves on a blustery day. Perfectly suited for private residences, restaurants, golf courses, event centres and entertainment complexes. Help clients experience the full potential of their space with Commdoor folding door system.

Made for aluminum and PVC
iVision manufactures industrial dust and chip collectors specifically designed for aluminum and PVC applications. The product range offers a solution for every volume of production with variously sized units and several options. iVision suction units are particularly suitable for single-head and double-head miter saws, automatic saws and flat table CNC routers milling composite or aluminum panels. The iVision dust collectors feature high-performance centrifugal fans or turbines; a visual filling indicator; a complete steel structure; anti-scuff wheels with parking brakes; a quick-release container; a silencer to reduce noise levels; a pneumatic filter shaker; and a cleaning kit.

Closing the gaps
Klaes 3D is specialized ERP software for manufacturers of windows, doors, curtainwall, window wall, railing and shower doors. It’s designed to be one software to close all the gaps between departments. Klaes 3D can execute design; quotes; getting shop drawings; making revisions; creating production papers and production drawings; installation drawings; and purchase orders.


High Performance Seals
Let creativity happen! Vicone’s “no compromise” approach empowers engineers and designers to do their best work. A wide range of EPDM and silicone glazing seals are offered custom-made to specifications for all kinds of complex and innovative projects: curtain walls, windows, skylights and storefronts. Vicone’s goal is to help clients achieve high-performance glazing systems to meet the building facade’s energy efficiency and sustainability objectives. Today’s rapidly changing environment requires a nimble approach. Vicone thrives on challenges with decades of rubber engineering experience and solutions.

Stop or push
RazorGage ST is a programmable servo-controlled length stop that can be used both as a stop gage or pusher. Variously sized touchscreen Android or Windows 10 Pro interfaces are available. Its windows-based software features functions for almost any purpose. Transfer files with WiFi, USB drive or Bluetooth. The optional Autolist feature sorts cutlists and optimizes yield. Available strokes are four to 60 feet with two-foot increments. Superior accuracy and repeatability are achieved through near-zero backlash transmission and motion system design consisting of double pre-loaded precision linear bearings, a planetary gear drive train and a two-inch-diameter re-machined timing belt pulley. The RazorGage ST comes with a crash detection system; five years’ warranty on the drive belt; and fraction keys with decimal equivalents. It accepts cut lists in CSV format that can be output from Microsoft Excel or Notepad. A label printer is optional.

Passive House curtainwall
ThermPH Plus, GlasCurtain’s newest fibreglass-framed curtainwall system, is now officially the highest thermally performing curtain wall in the world, according to Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany. Leveraging its next-generation TP-FRP technology and a unique design that eliminates thermal bridging, ThermPH Plus achieves Ucw = 0.600 W/m2K (0.106 Btu/ft2F, or R 9.5) and pHA-plus efficiency class. This is the world’s first curtainwall system to achieve PHI Cold Climate Certification and the first curtainwall manufactured in North America to achieve any PHI certification. GlasCurtain’s newest design is already garnering international recognition. ThermPH Plus is one of three Innovation Award finalists at JEC World 2020, the leading international composites show, in Paris, France. Other Innovation Award finalists this year include Volkswagen, Hyundai and Anheuser-Busch InBev. GlasCurtain’s managing director Peter Dushenski is looking forward to exhibiting at his second consecutive Top Glass in 2020, as well as to speaking for the first time.

Powerful cutting
The Yilmaz ACK 550 up-cut saw is designed for straight- and miter-cutting large-size extrusions such as curtainwall profiles. The machine carries a 550 millimeter saw blade that is fed upwards by means of a hydro-pneumatic cylinder and driven by a powerful 5.5 horsepower motor. After the profile is clamped and the hood closed, the operator holds the two push buttons to raise the the blade up until the cut is completed. As soon as one or both buttons are released, the blade returns back to the original position. The table can be rotated for mitre angles with pre-set location points at 75, 60, 45, 30, 22.5, 15 and zero degree on both the left and right sides. It also has a pivoting range from minus 75 degrees left to plus 75 degrees right (infinitely adjustable) that can be locked in position by a mechanical brake. The safety hood is operated pneumatically via push button. The ACK 550 comes standard with 550 mm saw blade and features easy front access for blade replacement. Other standard items include a spray mist saw blade lubrications system; two vertical and one horizontal clamps; an air gun; adjustable saw blade feeding speed; and interior LED lighting. Thanks to the reliability of the machine, the manufacturer covers it with a two-year factory warranty.

Vertical IG production
The Erdman high-speed Dura line produces insulating glass vertically in a fashion that nearly doubles the speed of traditional vertical lines. Vertical production eliminates the need to tip a unit up to four times in the production sequence. This saves time, eliminates injury potential, qualifies more operators for service and minimizes breakage. The Erdman high-speed Dura line produces IG at a rate nearly twice as fast as a traditional IG Line. Total labour for the Dura line is three or four operators producing at least 1,200 units per shift. The speed comes with other innovations and benefits such as reduced floor space; reduced labour; and higher-quality product.

Clear fire-rated
SuperClear 45-HS-LI is a revolutionary, optically clear, low-cost fire rated glass product for all 45-minute applications with hose stream. Safti First’s new SuperClear 45-HS-LI is approved for glazing in all 45-minute doors, sidelites, transoms and openings in large sizes. It meets strict fire, hose stream and safety requirements without wires, tints, films or laminates. SuperClear 45-HS-LI is proudly U.S.A.-made for fast lead times and affordable pricing with costs significantly less than ceramics or safety wired and better VLT, STC and OITC performance values.  SuperClear 45-HS-LI is listed and labeled by Intertek and Underwriters Laboratories.

Targets glass processing
To maintain and grow a company’s position in the glass market, the focus needs to be on three key elements that drive the industry: quality, efficiency and productivity. These three elements must complement each other to ensure continuing productivity at the highest level and smooth operation. To maintain this complexity, SPIL Glass software is the ideal solution for any glass processing industry. This unique business management software has been especially designed for glass processing and its complexities. SPIL glass was designed to simply organise, manage, and control every step and element of a glass processing businesses. From prospective customer to order entry, planning, production, delivery and transferring records to the financial module, every detail of your glass processing business is managed by SPIL Glass software leaving you time to focus on growing your business in the marketplace. Not only does the SPIL Glass assist in quality, efficiency and productivity management, it also provides the tools for sales growth, reduces waste and alerts any critical errors as they occur within the business. SPIL Glass software is a comprehensive yet simple to use application for all Glass processing businesses.

Productivity and flexibility
The 548 LAM from Bottero is designed to offer productivity and flexibility at the highest levels. Bottero has always been committed to promoting the development and the popularity of laminated glass by constantly researching and developing new technological solutions able to improve the production and increase its possible range of applications. Bottero cutting lines for laminated glass are a suitable answer to the growing demand for productivity and flexibility the market requires. 548LAM represents the point of reference in the cutting systems of laminated glass and it is available both in stand-alone version and in dual-line combined with a monolithic cutting table (BKM, BCS and EVO ranges). The level of automatization of 548LAM is able to manage in a fully automatic way complex optimisations with X, Y, Z and W cuts on float glass and low-E up to 12 millimeters thick.

One-stop shop
Lothar’s Industrial Sales is a one-stop shop for high-quality spare parts for the aluminum and PVC window and door industry. From Teflon to drill bits, knives to cutting blades or even custom drill heads, it has what fabricators are looking for. Lothars also produces custom punch dies, specifically designed for the window and door industry. Lothar’s Industrial Sales is the exclusive Ontario dealer of Weiss adhesives and cleaners.

Self-Dressing Diamond Core Drills
The Thunder Cut, from Salem Flat Glass and Mirror, is a new generation series of stainless-steel body core drills that boasts the advantage of overall cost savings for the fabricator. These premium, high-speed, self-dressing diamond core drills are produced in multiple working lengths for both manual and automated (CNC) machinery from a variety of equipment manufacturers. The Thunder Cut series has accomplished, at minimum, double the process speeds of any product on the market today. These increased feed rates result in cycle times that are reduced significantly (40 per cent), which can equate to a time savings on average of 40 minutes to two hours daily. Additionally, with their specific bond design, the Thunder Cut core drills have achieved three to five times the life expectancy of standard drills, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

Advanced IG
LiteZone is a next-generation, award-winning, ultra-energy-efficient insulating glass unit. Windows using LiteZone achieve overall insulating values up to R17 (U=0.0588) and up to R19.6 (U=0.051) at the centre-of-glass (NFRC method). LiteZone embraces the need for thicker insulating glass units to achieve these remarkable insulating values. LiteZone can be thicker because it has a proprietary system to allow the air pressure between the inside and outside of the glass unit to equalize with changing temperatures, while keeping water vapour from entering the unit.Its insulating and other performance values are customized to specific project requirements by varying the number of suspended films, the space between the layers and the number of low-E coats used in the configuration. LiteZone is air filled so that there is no concern with deteriorating insulating values or with decompression of IGUs due to escaping argon or krypton. LiteZone has an extremely strong and flexible edge seal that is impermeable to water vapour. Edge seal stress due to changing temperatures is minimal because all the materials used have comparable coefficients of linear thermal expansion and because the unit is pressure-equalized. The expected life of LiteZone is more than 60 years. Because it only uses two glass lites, LiteZone weighs less than triple-pane glass units. With its weight, performance, and other important advantages, LiteZone provides design flexibility to use large windows and generous glass areas. LiteZone insulating glass is manufactured in Edmonton and is offered as an option by a growing number of quality window, window wall and curtainwall manufacturers.

New capabilities
For 35 years, Rimac has built a reputation of quality and trust in the Canadian and North American metal curving market. It provides a wide variety of services, including metal curving, press brake forming, sheet metal shearing and machining. Rimac has various methods for curving, including stretch forming, roll forming and rotary draw bending. Each method of curving provides unique advantages and disadvantages. By providing various methods for curving, the company has the ability to provide the best quality parts with minimal distortion at the best price. Rimac recently acquired a sheet metal shear and press brake, each measuring 13 feet, three inches long. This added service allows it to provide custom brake-formed profiles to compliment its curved parts. The full-service machine shop augments services by allowing the fabricator to drill, tap, notch and contour parts. This allows Rimac to provide customers with complete parts, ready for assembly. This also helps the company to build custom tooling, quickly, in house, and at a fraction of the cost. Rimac truly is a one stop shop for custom curved components. Its team of experts is dedicated to delivering first-rate customer service with expertise in the industry. Rimac prepares competitive and comprehensive quotations, outlining all necessary details for the job. The company maintains an inclusive social media presence, showcasing some of its best work.

Thermally broken aluminum
The ThermaSlide 7000 thermally broken aluminum sliding insert patio door is an elegant sliding patio door engineered to meet higher architectural requirements with excellent air, water and structural performance; world class thermal-efficiency; outstanding acoustical properties; a two-inch sill; and assurance against forced entry. Canadian winters demand superior thermal performance and the ThermaSlide 7000 delivers. It also provides dual finish capability and has achieved accredited laboratory testing of NAFS 11 – AWPG40. Ideal for the commercial and residential markets, the ThermaSlide 7000 design offers large size capabilities plus a low sill height with a narrow profile interlock for ease of entry and a less obstructed view, appealing to design considerations for greater daylighting. The ThermaSlide 7000 is fabricated by Alumicor, in Alumicor’s controlled environment, where quality can be easily monitored and achieved, reducing field issues, all with Alumicor’s product guarantees. Accommodating a one-inch double-glazed sealed unit, the ThermaSlide 7000 insert patio door is designed to be field glazed, making installation easier. The ThermaSlide 7000 can be installed into virtually all Alumicor framing systems, into existing openings or into rough openings. With high structural and thermal performance, it is an optimal design for exterior applications.

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