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GANA-IGMA release processed glass PCR

August 25, 2016  By GANA

Aug. 25, 2016 – GANA and IGMA have announced the approval and release of the  Product Category Rule (PCR) for Processed Glass. The PCR is based on revisions made to the Institute of Construction and Environment (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., or IBU) standard Part B PCR structure for Glass Wall and Ceiling Coverings, 2014. The focus of revisions to the document was to include references applicable to the North American market, and to make it consistent with the GANA PCR for Flat Glass: UN CPC 3711 and the Cradle to Gate Window Product Category Rule. The joint GANA-IGMA task group led by Dr. Helen Sanders of SageGlass worked diligently with ULe to create this PCR for the industry.

“The completion of the processed glass PCR is an important accomplishment for the glass industry,” said Dr. Helen Sanders of SageGlass. Helen recently briefed IGMA members about the process and status of the PCR at the IGMA Summer Conference in Banff:  “With its completion, we now have rules established for doing life cycle assessments for the whole value chain: Flat glass, processed glass and Windows.  This means that we will be able provide environmental product declarations (EPDs) for processed glass to our architectural customers to meet the increasing requirement to use products from manufacturers who have provided full material transparency documentation.  With LEEDv4 coming into full effect October 2016, the requests from architects designing to this standard to provide EPDs for products will continue to increase.  Now we have the baseline rules in place by which we can do lifecycle assessments of our manufacturing process to provide these EPDs.”

“The completion of the PCR for Processed Glass is the successful culmination of a combined industry effort spanning many years that started with the Flat Glass PCR, and then the Window PCR,” explained IGMA Executive Director Margaret Webb, who spent great effort on the project.  “This PCR was developed as a core product with processes for coated, laminated, heat-treated, decorative and insulating glass.  The industry can now provide credible EPD’s for their customers. The joint IGMA-GANA task group will now consider whether to continue and develop a generic EPD for the industry.”

“During the GANA Energy and Flat Glass Manufacturing Division meetings of the GANA Fall Conference (August 23rd, 2016 in Kansas City, MO), the membership will discuss moving forward with an industry wide EPD for both the GANA PCR for Flat Glass: UN CPC 3711 and the Process Glass PCR,” according to Urmilla Sowell, GANA Technical Director.  


The PCR is available for download on the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) website.  Updates on the industry-wide generic environmental product declaration may begin this fall and will be discussed at the IGMA Winter Conference, announced last week, scheduled January 23-27, 2017 at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida and during the GANA Annual Conference at the Hilton Head Marriott Resort & Spa March 14-17, 2017.

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