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Fiberglass curtainwall

April 13, 2018  By OmniGlass

With an industry-wide focus on budgets and operating costs, not to mention more stringent building codes and LEED rating on the horizon OmniGlass SCT (OG) has the answer for you. Manufacturing custom curtain wall components from pultruded fiberglass all OG curtain wall components are ultra strong, thermally efficient, easy to install. Available in infinite design options and paintable in any color (to AAMA 615 standards) the warmth of the fiberglass frame cannot be beat. Fiberglass is much less conducive to allowing cold temperatures to pass through the frame, thus helping to prevent condensation and loss of heat.

 Energy efficient frames have low conductivity that resists the transfer of heat or cold into a building. Fiberglass has a much lower conductivity that metal options; simply placing a hand on a fiberglass frame compared to an aluminium frame in -20°C weather makes the difference very clear.

 No other window material offers the same stability, energy efficiency and long life. 

“Fiberglass may not be your first window but it will be your last” said John Zadro, President of OmniGlass SCT.


“Fiberglass curtain walls increase the usable space any room because the superior thermal performance makes the space comfortable right against the FRP frames” said John Zadro, President of OmniGlass SCT.

 The physical properties of fiberglass include rates of expansion and contraction similar to glass. This characteristic maintains a good seal in hot or cold weather due to matched movement of the frames with the glass.

You can see OmniGlass’ fiberglass fenestration solutions at Top Glass, April 17 in Mississauga, booth #12.

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