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Fenestration Canada: FenCan going commercial

We are offering a free 12-month membership to the first 30 commercial glazing contractors and related businesses that join before March 31.

March 30, 2023  By Rich Porayko

Rich Porayko, business development director for FenCan Commercial Chapter

Fenestration Canada is excited to announce the formation of our new commercial glazing chapter. With unparalleled support from peers and experts alike, FenCan will provide a unified voice for commercial glazing contractors and related industry stakeholders and will work to promote the industry and advance its interests. Fenestration Canada’s Commercial Chapter will provide members with access to resources, training, and networking opportunities including immediate contact to Jeffrey Makimoto, our commercial chapter technical advisor. I am on board as business development manager to support members, implement strategies, identify opportunities, promote growth and boost the industry. We encourage all commercial glazing subcontractors and affiliated businesses to join and help shape the future of our industry. Together, we can create a vibrant commercial glazing trade for years to come. Our membership is what drives us. We are guided by our members to build a strong and active commercial membership base that reflects Canada’s world-class glazing subcontractors. 

Brent Friesen of Baywest Glass has been appointed chair of the Commercial Chapter.

Fenestration Canada’s 240-plus members already provide valuable input into decisions impacting our operations, programs, and activities. We will work hard to ensure your voice is heard and that it has a meaningful role in shaping our Commercial Chapter. Commercial industry members will also get immediate access to Fenestration Canada’s valuable residential support via technical director Terry Adamson, with technical advice, seminars, industry documents, events and networking along with many other resources and activities. Members are encouraged and welcome to participate in both commercial and residential activities that are of interest to them. Fenestration Canada is proud to be leading the commercial glazing industry into the future with this chapter. We look forward to having you join us on this exciting journey and encourage you to reach out with your needs and concerns. 

FenCan’s commercial chapter is committed to proving its value quickly and getting things moving quickly. To facilitate this, we have decided to hold Commercial Chapter meetings every second Thursday of the month. These “Second Thursday” meetings will provide opportunities for connecting with each other, sharing ideas, and engaging in meaningful conversations. We look forward to having a productive and successful journey together as an organization. We offer a range of services including educational events and networking opportunities ensuring that all our members have the tools they need to succeed. It’s not just about making valuable connections – it’s also about having access to specialized knowledge which will help strengthen your business for years to come. 


For more information about Fenestration Canada’s Commercial Chapter and how you can get involved, please contact Rich Porayko at 

Rich Porayko is business development manager, commercial, for Fenestration Canada

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