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Editorial: April 2016

All aboard for Top Glass – It’s worth the trip, and now the trip is even easier.

March 23, 2016  By Patrick Flannery

Welcome to our April issue where the big focus is on Top Glass, our education and trade event for the commercial glazing industry. Interest and participation in Top Glass has exceeded all our expectations so far, and if the registration numbers and booth sales are any indication, we are in for another great show this year.

Many thanks to our sponsors – Alumicor, Tremco, Commdoor and RPM Rollformed Metal Products – and all of you, who give this event so much support. It’s always encouraging to see how much appetite for learning and networking is still out there in this industry.

Top Glass takes off on April 20 at the International Centre in Mississauga, just around the corner from Pearson airport. Getting to Top Glass has become even easier this year, especially for those of you who live and work in downtown Toronto, with the addition of the UP rail link to Pearson. Hosting events for the glass industry has always been a balancing act between accommodating fabricators and contractors, who tend to be located outside the core and down the 401, and accommodating architects and engineers who tend to be downtown and don’t want to drive, or sometimes even own a car. We came down on the side of the suburbanites with our selection of the International Centre (hoping that the free parking would make up for having to drive), but now there’s a way to get very close for a nominal cost in under half an hour without having to brave the traffic on the Gardiner. Having arrived at the airport on the UP train, a cab to the conference would only be a few bucks. The airport cabbies may not like the short trip, but hey, there’s always Uber.

The UP link can also provide a nice solution for those of you coming in from outside the GTA, as well. A couple weeks ago, I took a Via train from London (where I work) to Union Station, then jumped on the UP to get to my flight from Pearson. Previously, my options were driving in 401 traffic and parking at ridiculous expense, driving and staying an extra night at an airport hotel ($$$) or taking an out-of-town shuttle from London and waiting close to two hours after my flight to catch the return bus. By contrast, the train trip was reasonably priced, didn’t take significantly longer than a drive in traffic and I was able to work over the train’s WiFi the whole way.  You could even have a beer if you wanted to. What’s not to like? Regardless of how you get there, we think Top Glass will be worth the trip.


If you are an Ontario architect looking at your June 30 deadline to submit your learning credits, here’s your chance to get four of them in one day. We’ve taken a look at the Ontario Architects Association guidelines for learning credits and it’s our view that all our topics would meet the criteria. The OAA doesn’t certify seminars in advance, but we are happy to provide descriptions of the courses that should satisfy the association as to the content and length of the session. See you at Top Glass!

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