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Discount customs brokerage services available for Win-door exhibitors

October 7, 2011  By Win-door

Oct. 7, 2011 – North American Logistics Services Inc. has been appointed as the official transportation carrier for Win-Door North America, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Nov. 15-17.

Oct. 7, 2011 – North American Logistics Services Inc. has been appointed
as the official transportation carrier for Win-Door North America, held
at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre November 15 to 17. Win-door
exhibitors can take advantage of special show discounts if they book
with NALSI in the next few days to handle their cross-border shipments.

Win-door released the following statement regarding NALSI's participation:

"It is not compulsory to use NALSI, but we strongly advise and recommend that you do. This service will also facilitate only one invoice for both your transportation and customs requirements.
"Complete an order form and send to NALSI, attention to Jeff
Davis. Davis' email address is Please contact Jeff as soon as possible to schedule the pick‐up of your materials. The service of a customs brokerage firm is strongly recommended for all
shipments originating outside of Canada. This will eliminate the possibility of materials being held at the border by Canada Customs
due to improper or insufficient documentation, which may result in the materials arriving too late or not at all. NALSI staff will assist exhibitors with their entry/import and return/export of goods.
"NALSI will post the required bonds and securities with Canada Customs, clear your materials through Canadian Customs, prepare export documentation and bills of lading and arrange customs clearance
for return ground/air freight. 


"If you are shipping from the U.S., please use U.S. CBP Form 4455 Certificate of
Registration. Be sure to mark the following in the body of your air waybill or bill of lading: "U.S. certificate of registration form 4455
attached. Goods must be presented for examination by U.S. Customs prior to export from the U.S.A. and certified copies must be
given to NALSI at the event site." 

"Prior to shipping, an order form and Canada Customs invoice must be completed and sent to Davis at NALSI. Three copies must accompany the shipment.
"Exhibitors using their own broker will have to arrange their own bond or
cash deposit with Canada Customs at the point of entry into Canada.

"With the introduction of Advance Electronic Cargo Information on the U.S. side of the border, use of the Pre‐Arrival Processing System has become mandatory for most highway shipments entering the U.S. This program requires that all carriers and personal vehicles with commercial goods must fax shipment information to the Customs Broker at least three hours prior to their arrival at the border. The Customs Broker must then submit the shipment information, in the proper format, to U.S. Customs at least one hour prior to the vehicle's arrival. Carriers who fail to meet AECI/PAPS requirements are subject to penalties. Vehicle penalties are set at US$5,000 for the first infraction, and US$10,000.00 for each infraction thereafter. Exhibitors planning to drive to the show with goods should contact NALSI at once for further instructions.

"Exhibitors shipping through NALSI will receive 30 days free advance warehouse services prior to WinDoor North America. For more information about advance warehousing, please contact Davis by email or at 905‐951‐5478.   
"All advance freight must be consigned to the following advance warehouse location: WinDoor North America, 2011, c/o North American Logistics Services Inc., 49 Simpson Road, Bolton, Ont., L7E 2R6, Canada."

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