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Canada’s Glass Associations – June 2021

June 4, 2021  By Patrick Flannery

In collaboration with the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance and the Fenestration Association of British Columbia, AVFQ invited associations related to our industry to develop an educational piece on the two compliance thermal performance pathways for fenestration products in Canada.  The target audiences for this publication are homeowners; builders; architects and other specifying authorities; building code officials; and even the fenestration industry itself.  The AVFQ asked UL experts to prepare specific training to help AVFQ members prepare for the new regulations in Chapter 1.1 Quebec Building Efficiency of the Quebec Building Code. Nearly 100 people have followed the training so far. The regulations have been in effect since June 27, 2020. Our industry must comply by Dec. 27 and the changes are significant. With training being one of AVFQ’s important services, a webinar on changes to CSA A440.6: 20 was presented exclusively to 100 members, all in collaboration with UL. Offered since November, 2019, FIT window installers training has reached nearly 400 participants so far. Recently, the Quebec Association of Building Inspectors entrusted the AVFQ with training its members on FIT.  About a hundred building inspectors have taken this training, which will allow monitoring of good installation practices on construction sites in Quebec. AVFQ is currently collaborating with Quebec Energy Transition as part of the re-evaluation of the Novoclimat program. This program encourages the construction of new homes with high energy performance, according to specific construction requirements. An important achievement is the Curtain Wall Guide, which is aimed at architects and other construction professionals. Released in 2018, the Curtain Wall Guide is under review and a new updated version offering better visuals and ease of navigation will be available shortly. 

Ontario Glass and Metal Association
The Ontario Glass and Metal Association is excited to announce the addition of two new members to its board of directors: Blake Sanders and Steve Peso. Blake Sanders heads the contract administration department, joint health and safety committee and often assists in managing the overall operations of Spandrel Tech. Having grown up working in the fabrication plant, gaining years of experience and knowledge of product data, application and construction, Blake moved up within the company to one of the top management roles.  While some may say they have a “lifetime of experience,” being the third generation in the family business Blake goes even beyond that.  Steve Peso is a technical sales representative with the Tremco Construction Products Group with over 12 years of sales and management experience in the coatings and building envelope industry. Steve started his career at Sherwin Williams Paint Company and moved through various positions and progressive levels of responsibility. Ready to expand his knowledge into the broader coatings and construction business, Steve was drawn to the enthusiasm and camaraderie at Tremco.  

Architectural Glass and Metal Contractors Association
The unionized glazing contractors in Ontario represented by the Architectural Glass and Metal Contractors Association have a proven track record and a higher level of safety on their jobsites and in their shops. A recent analysis performed by the Ontario Construction Secretariat found that unionized contractors are 31 percent safer than their non-unionized counterparts. This means that the training programs we have invested significantly in are working, and that our member firms take safety seriously. Throughout the pandemic, our industry has stepped up and outperformed to combat the spread of COVID-19 on our jobsites and in our shops.  AGMCA member contractors quickly adapted to the new health and safety protocols, which contributed to some impressive numbers for the construction industry overall. As of April 16, the WSIB reported 21,133 approved claims relating to workplace transmissions of COVID-19, of which only 289, or 1.37 percent, were from the construction industry. The AGMCA is part of a larger group of construction associations that are currently lobbying government to keep our industry open and functioning. We need our glazing contractors to be financially viable and healthy as we get called upon to build new manufacturing and warehouse facilities, as well as the infrastructure that will be needed to lead us all out of the pandemic.

Fenestration Association of BC
The Fenestration Association of BC met with Independent Contractors and Business Associations to discuss the possibility of partnering to develop a glazier apprentice training program after one of our mutual members asked both of our associations to research the possibilities. As ICBA is the largest sponsor of apprentices in B.C., the partnership made sense. FenBC and ICBA held a joint membership meeting with glazing industry stakeholders to understand the current challenges glazing contractors are facing in terms of recruitment, training and the potential implementation of compulsory trades in B.C. After several rounds of consultation, we concluded that the most suitable solution to address these challenges is through the development of a Red Seal challenge program for glaziers in B.C. Working with ICBA we have come up with a proposal to develop an online support program to assist those apprentices who are ready to challenge the Red Seal exam and be on the way to becoming a Red Seal journeyperson. As you all know, this program cannot be successful without support, both financial and in participation, from all of the B.C. glazing industry. If you have any questions you can reach out to Zana Gordon ( or Nicola Blockley ( 


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