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Vaccon introduces VP90-AS Max Series vacuum pumps

August 11, 2014  By Venturi

as-pumps-topAug. 11, 2014 – Vaccon’s Air Saver Pumps are an all-pneumatic system that minimizes
compressed air usage by creating, monitoring and maintaining vacuumfor
safe energy efficient opera-tions.

For pick and place applications handling non-porous materials, the Air
Saver pumps will maintain a strong holding force, conserve compressed
air, and hold the part even if the compressed air supply is interrupted
providing an extra level of safety when handl-ing large loads.

For vessel evacuation applications
such as wood and composite clamping, Air Saver pumps maintain vacuum for
long periods of time and only consume compressed air to overcome system
leaks resulting in 90% air savings.

The system includes a venturi vacuum
pump, vacuum check valve, air piloted air valve and all-pneumatic
vacuum switch. The switch is adjustable from 0 to 28"Hg [948mbar] and
the hysteresis is set at approximately 3"Hg [102mbar].


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