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Top Glass Seminar – New tools for life cycle analysis

The environmental footprint of glass can now be tracked from cradle to grave.

March 20, 2017  By Helen Sanders

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Helen Sanders of Technoform Group will discuss new Product Category Rules (PCR) developed by the industry that define the rules for doing a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and creating an Environmental Product Declaration for fabricated glass and windows. EPDs in combination with ingredient transparency labels such as Health Product Declarations and Declare are forming the cornerstone of a new green building paradigm that seeks to track the environmental impact of building materials from resource extraction right through fabrication, use, reuse and disposal and human health considerations of the materials used to manufacture such products. Sanders will describe how process and material transparency have become important parts of such common green building standards as LEED version 4, and how designers and fabricators can use these tools to achieve compliance with these standards.

About the speaker
Currently, she is responsible for technical business development at Technoform Glass Insulation, developing strategic markets and relationships. She is an active member of a number of industry organizations, serving on the board of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) and as chair of IGMA’s Emerging Technologies and Innovation Committee, the Glazing Industry Code Committee, and ASTM’s Chromogenic Glazings task group. During the last 17 years of her 22-year career in the glass industry, Sanders has been involved in creating and developing a new market for electrochromic (EC) glazing and in EC product development and commercialization. Most recently, she served vice president of technical business development at SAGE Electrochromics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain. Sanders earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in natural sciences (chemistry), and her doctorate in surface science from the University of Cambridge, England. She also completed the Minnesota Executive Program through the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

TOPIC / The Life of Glass: life cycle analysis and material transparency and how this will change the way we develop, manufacture and market our products

Presenter / Helen Sanders, Technoform Glass Insulation


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1 Comment » for Top Glass Seminar – New tools for life cycle analysis
  1. Avatar photo Ralph Brook says:

    Hello Helen

    I am a building engineer from Hamilton specializing in reserve fund planning an pre-purchase inspections of large residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. I am having disagreements with my colleagues with respect to the estimated life cycle (EUL) of windows particularly in residential buildings. Historically we have estimated an average life cycle of 40 years. Now it seems that estimators are reduced the EUL to 25 years. Can you provide me with guidance on this issue. Also i am concerned about the EUL for glazing on multiple storey high buildings in curtain wall construction ( life cycle and replacement costs)
    I would really appreciate your input

    Thank you
    Ralph Brook, P.Eng

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