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March 16, 2022  By Patrick Flannery

2:15 pm
Rise Up, Glazier Nation: Innovative solutions to today’s labour challenges

Presenter: David Swieterman, Glazier Nation

The struggle to find and retain skilled glass installers and fabrication workers is familiar to everyone in the architectural glass business. Increasingly, our old networks of trade schools, apprenticeship programs and recruiting struggle to meet the needs of our industry. It’s time for some fresh thinking. Glazier Nation is a new recruiting, training and placement service for skilled commercial glaziers that has put hundreds of glaziers into the trade across North America. As a partner in Glazier Nation, David Schwieterman has seen it all when it comes to skilled trades recruiting and has pioneered surprising tactics that are helping glass companies across the U.S. find the workers they need. Schwieterman will share his insights into the labour market, and describe some of the services Glazier Nation will soon be offering Canadians. 

About the speaker


David Swieterman, Glazier Nation

David Schwieterman is president of Global Construction Industries, a production software provider. Hailing from Laotto, Ind., David has nine years’ experience in the glazing trades as a project manager and estimator, where he designed his proprietary software products. Schwieterman teamed with Matt Day, founder of Glazier Nation, in 2021 to advance the network’s online capabilities and roll out a new suite of digital tools for glaziers and managers in the architectural glass industry.

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