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March 30, 2023  By Glass Canada Staff

Advanced cutting systems

Advanced cutting systems
The EVO cutting platform is the top of the range of Bottero cutting systems, offering exclusive performance and flexibility. Thanks to the option of equipping the machine with two additional tools besides the cutting tool, EVO systems can be also equipped with low-E glass grinding and laser marking or labelling of the processed piece. This option makes the EVO system ideal for forming part of the automated and controlled production flow, which is typical in advanced window and glass fabrication factories using Industry 4.0 principles. The EVO range stands out due to its modularity and versatility, thanks to the float cutting tables that can be totally custom configured according to specific customer requirements, from stand-alone cutting tables up to intensive high-automation production systems with fully integrated lines including stock management, loading, low-E grinding, labeling, cutting and automated breakout modules.

Each constructive and functional feature of the EVO range is designed to ensure extreme processing precision and maximum productivity for each specific production requirement.

Fast, accurate on-site measurement
With Flexijet 3D anyone can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively take site measurements, assess dimensions accurately to the millimetre and insert the data directly into CAD. Whether the user is a beginner, an all-rounder or a CAD specialist, with Flexijet 3D they benefit from the principle of “measurement drawing,” which offers many advantages over conventional measuring techniques. Reduced trips to the job site, enhanced accuracy, elimination of physical templates and faster turnaround are some of the benefits Flexijet can deliver on the journey to digital measuring. Think about being able to measure a complete set of stairs in less than an hour and pinpoint stand-off locations in one trip. What savings would be seen? for more information, drop by the Flexijet booth at Top Glass.

Bird protection and beauty
The new BirdSecure Pro interlayer has been introduced by Kuraray as a bird-friendly glazing solution that protects a building against bird strikes while being esthetically pleasing to humans. The product is available in both Trosifol PVB and SentryGlas ionoplast versions and can be combined with the corresponding interlayers to provide additional benefits such as acoustic or structural performance. Stop by the Kuraray Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division booth at Top Glass to discuss laminated glass requirements.


Patio doors for new heights
Simple and efficient, the Studio aluminum patio door exceeds industry performance standards. Ideal for high-rise projects, this door is built to withstand the harsh weather and wind loads at the top. Essentially, Studio is a flexible aluminum patio door system tailored for architectural applications with extensive customization options such as colour, sill finishes, glass, hardware and more. The Studio Patio Door is an ideal choice for architects and constructors who are looking for a patio door that combines esthetic appeal with high functionality. The Novatech Studio Patio Door also stands out for its high level of durability. With the Novatech Studio Patio Door, professionals can be confident that they are choosing a product that will provide long-lasting value and superior performance. 

Avoid stock shortages
Damac Glass is a leading company specializing in the import and distribution of high-quality float glass and mirror. It has established a reputation for delivering top-notch products and excellent customer service. it offers an extensive line of products with a wide range of options, including clear float glass, colour float glass, sapphire float glass, acid-etched, mirror, low-E glass, tempered panel glass, laminated glass and shower door glass. Damac can provide a variety of thickness in float glass – such as three-, four-, five-, six-, eight-, 10- and 12-millimeter – and also tempered panel glass in 12 millimeter thickness and shower door glass in 10-millimeter. Float glass is available in a range of dimensions, for instance, 96 by 144 inches and 96 by 130 inches, and other sizes to suit any needs. Standard sizes for for tempered panel and shower doors are available as well. Imported float glass from Damac is manufactured by known factories to meet ASTM, CE or ISO standards for quality and durability. Any specific requirements and requests for customization options for the glass, such as tempering, edge polishing, drilling or etching to meet the needs of any construction or renovation project, are accepted. Damac Glass understands the importance of affordability when it comes to purchasing products. That’s why it strives to offer our products at prices that are highly competitive in the market without compromising on the quality of the goods or the level of service provided. Damac has invested in high stock levels of float glass in various sizes and thicknesses. By buying from Damac, contractors can benefit from a wide selection of float glass without the need to wait for lead times and can avoid the risk of stock shortages.

The machine you wish you had
An Emmegi aluminum processing centre is like a Ferrari…either you have one, or you want one.

High performance, quality Italian design – Emmegis are designed to be the object of envy and pride, just like the cars. Starlight is an official agent for new Emmegi machines in Canada and has a large inventory of used machines for those looking for a rapid delivery at competitive prices. The Emmegi ER single headsaw is a rising-blade cutting-off machine with automatic cycles for 90-degree cutting, equipped with an NC bar feeder. It can be set up with four different diameter blades. The blade feed is NC electrical-driven. The machine is provided with a pneumatic system for automatic separation of the cut piece in order to ensure maximum quality of the cut surface. It can be also provided with inverter to control the blade rotation speed for the best adjustment to the cutting profile. It can also be equipped with an automatic bar loading magazine and with custom drilling units for particular needs.

Sleek Euro designs
CRL has introduced Bellagio, Como and Lugano, three new offset shower door hinges representing the highest‑quality in European design and durability. These solid brass hinges have been rigorously tested to 100,000 cycles, five times more than the industry standard, making them ideal for residential and heavy‑duty commercial applications. With snap-on covers that conceal screws and matching brackets, Bellagio, Como and Lugano are available in Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Nickel and Satin Brass finishes. Bellagio is a double-acting hinge with tight gaps to prevent water infiltration. Its compact design self-centres from 25 degrees. It features an adjustable positive closure and can support up to a 50 kilogram glass door with two hinges. Maximum door width is 1,000 millimeters with eight- to 10-millimeter tempered glass. Snap-on covers conceal the screws. Como installs into a glass hole template with no cutouts. It is a 180-degree free-swinging hinge ideal for wheelchair accessibility. The design allows for a saloon door configuration. Capacities are as Bellagio, above. Lugano features rise and fall action in an ultra-compact design, perfect for a pitched curb and use with no ledge for wheelchair accessibility. It flush mounts inside making it easy to clean the glass. Lugano supports up to a 45-kilogram glass door with two hinges with a 900-millimeter maximum door width. Eight- or 10-millimeter tempered glass is acceptable with snap-on covers that conceal the screws.

Balancing light
Buildings and people go hand in hand. As such their comfort while time spent in offices, hospitals, commercial, leisure or recreational spaces, requires careful balancing of natural and artificial light.  Many factors impact the design of facades such as geographic, climatic, elevation, and of course relationship to the sun and seasons. One design ingredient used to assist these design considerations and provide striking visual interest is the use of sun shading elements. McGill Sun Screens can help to significantly reduce the cooling demands of the building and, when used in combination with interior light shelves, can optimize the use of natural light to create a more pleasant, energy-efficient work environment. Whether a sunshade is positioned vertically, horizontally or parallel to the exterior facade – or incorporates extruded fins, perforated sheet or custom-shaped extrusions – the design potential is limitless. Important factors are considered in the design of sun shading elements.  McGill reviews the structural adequacy of the substrates whether they be curtain walls, exposed structural steel, panels, masonry walls or other facades. The amount of cantilever and the impact of wind loads and snow loads for northern climates are also important. When designing, equal importance is the given to the effects of transferring the structural loads to the building without causing negative impact due to vibrations and movement tolerances. With over 40 years’ experience in designing bespoke sun shading systems as well as louver and entrance grille products for the built environment, McGill Architectural Products has created a solid foundation of design flexibility to meet any designers technical and aesthetic needs.

The one-stop-shop
For nearly four decades, Rimac Metal Curving Specialists has built a reputation of quality and trust in the Canadian and North American metal curving market. With a vast array of services, Rimac truly is a one-stop shop for custom curved components. Its wide variety of services includes metal curving, vinyl curving, press brake forming, sheet metal shearing, custom machining and final cutting. Although curving is the specialty, Rimac can provide complete fabrication of parts, including final cutting and custom machining and providing customers with complete parts, ready for installation into assemblies. It takes the risk out of working with multiple vendors by providing a single source for complete components. Rimac uses various methods for curving, including stretch forming, roll forming and rotary draw bending. Each method of curving provides unique advantages and disadvantages. By providing various methods for curving, Rimac gains the ability to provide the best quality parts with minimal distortion at the best price. Rimac’s sheet metal shear and press brake, each measuring 13 feet, three inches long, allows the company to fabricate custom brake-formed profiles, flashings and claddings to compliment customers’ curved extrusions. The full-service machine shop augments services by allowing Rimac to drill, tap, notch and contour parts, as well as provide final cutting and mitring of components. This allows Rimac to provide customers with complete parts, ready for assembly. This also allows the shop to build custom tooling, quickly, in-house and at a fraction of the cost. Rimac truly is a one-stop-shop for custom curved components. Rimac’s team of experts is dedicated to delivering the best customer service in the industry. Sales will prepare a competitive and comprehensive quotation, outlining all necessary details for any job.

The company also has an inclusive social media presence, showcasing some of its best work. 

Get organized
Customised ERP solutions from Klaes organize companies of all sizes. From manageable and flexible solutions for material-independent processing in the building elements trade to highly integrated and consistent ERP solutions for the industrial production of windows, doors, facades and conservatories.

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