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Stratford glass plant on hold

January 14, 2021  By Patrick Flannery

Xinyi Canada’s proposal to build a $400 million float glass plant in Stratford, Ont., is on indefinite hold following delays by city council to vote on a cost-sharing agreement, CTV News Kitchener is reporting. Council claims the Ontario COVID lockdown is somehow interfering with its ability to make a decision.

The proposal has met opposition from residents concerned about the plant’s environmental impact and the zoning process. A prominent musician is leading the charge.

This is Xinyi’s second attempt to make a deal with a southern Ontario municipality to locate 300 jobs in the province. Guelph, Ont., rejected Xinyi’s proposal in 2018 on the grounds the plant would use too much groundwater. Frank Fulton had some choice words about that one.

Xinyi says its proposed plant meets all relevant environmental regulations. If this isn’t true, no one has presented evidence to that effect.


Hey Ontario municipalities! Anyone want 300 jobs and a $400 million investment? Anyone? Anyone?


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2 Comments » for Stratford glass plant on hold
  1. Avatar photo Peter McLaughlin says:

    300 jobs? $400million investment? Come to New Brunswick please!!

  2. Avatar photo Pauline Richards says:

    We could definitely use a glass plant in Ontario. However, I understand the water concern. Especially in Guelph. It’s a real issue there. I think the glass plant owners need to address this by figuring out how they can reduce fresh water use – a closed loop where the water is continuously recycled or something requiring only top-ups. I’m sure the technology exists. They could also win friends and government support with a LEED design or some other way of minimizing GHG’s.

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