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sedak introduces world’s longest inloader for 16m glass

December 14, 2016  By sedak

Dec. 14, 2016 –  With a customized inloader, sedak optimizes the handling of oversize glass. The new 23m long inloader now delivers glass units up to 16m. The steerable rear axle which allows the truck to drive through narrow curves such as roundabouts is the key feature of the mega trailer. Due to its space-saving interior concept, no escort vehicle is required.

“It is our goal to make large glass available worldwide – as fast as possible and in the most efficient way. Therefore we are looking at the production as well as the logistics chain,” says Andreas Wenninger, head of application engineering at sedak. The latest result of that broad approach is the innovative, 23m long inloader. Thanks to the newly developed steerable rear axle, the truck remains flexible despite its length and drives even through narrow roundabouts easily. The logistic for an oversize panel now works just like the logistic for a standard piece. It is simply loaded and unloaded on the glass rack. Until now that required a crane or a glass vacuum lifter. The time-consuming process has been replaced as well as the risk of breakage when de-stacking the glass. The inloader can transport up to 20 tons of glass with overall dimensions up to 3.3m in height and more than 16m in length.

The new flatbed trailer, which has been delivering glass since fall 2016, expands sedak’s existing transportation fleet that also contains two special semi-trailers for oversize glass units. “We didn’t only want to optimize our production process. We have also analyzed the saving potential of the logistics chain and exploit it with the new truck technology,” says sedak CEO Bernhard Veh about the latest transportation facility.

After the largest ceramic-ink digital printer and the pioneering, fully automatic insulating glass line for glass up to 15m, a new milestone has been set. This new generation of inloaders will provide a perfect production and distribution of oversize glass. “Our clients benefit from a ten-year experience in producing large glass and special glass units, in this case, from a faster and more efficient delivery,” says Mr. Veh.

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