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More from Glass Canada | Architectural | Auto | Windows & Doors January 17, 2013
Omniglass rises from the ashes
One of Canada’s leading manufacturers of fiberglass for window and door frames has been reborn one year after fire destroyed its predecessor. Omniglass SCT began work on new fiberglass pultruded frames and components in November 2012, at their new location inside Structural Composite Technologies’ state-of-the-art composite plant in Winnipeg.
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Ontario to legislate energy efficiency
Fenestration Canada is reporting that the Ontario provincial government has announced changes to its Green Energy Act requiring windows sold in Ontario to meet certain energy efficiency standards. The change takes effect January 1, 2013, but the requirements for windows will not take effect until January 1, 2014. Doors and skylights are not included at this time.
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Kirk Johnson Johnson named COO of Hartung
Hartung Glass Industries has announced that Kirk Johnson has been named chief operating officer. Johnson, a well-known, 17-year veteran of the industry, joined the company in September, 2011, as regional sales manager and was promoted to director of sales in January, 2012. Roughly half of Johnson’s experience has been in sales with the other half in operations.
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Tiltco introduces new window series
Tiltco, a leading Toronto-based window and door manufacturer serving the Canadian, U.S. and the Caribbean markets, has announced the release of its Eplus+ window and door series. The Eplus+ series was officially released for purchase January 14th, 2013, bringing the importance of environmental sustainability and the idea of innovation to create an intelligent solution to the forefront.
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Trulite appoints Schmitz
Trulite Glass and Aluminum Solutions has announced the appointment of a new CEO, Paul Schmitz. Paul replaces Jeff Leone who, for the previous two and a half years, was responsible for the successful integration of three companies: Arch, UGC and Vitro. The board wishes to thank Jeff for his numerous contributions and for making progress toward becoming the industry leading glass and aluminum provider.
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