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Glass Canada
More from Glass Canada | Architectural | Auto | Windows & Doors December 19, 2012
Video New video: Everlast announces merger with Napa Valley Doors
Mike Bruno, president of Everlast, announces his partnership with Napa Valley Doors on the floor of Win-Door in this Fenestration Review exclusive video.
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Richard Laflammer Richard Laflamme passes
Fenestration Canada has announced that Richard Laflamme passed away on November 30 at the Hôtel Dieu in Quebec City. He was 55 years old.
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AAMA releases updates to rain-resistance standard
AAMA 520-12, "Voluntary Specification for Rating the Severe Wind-Driven Rain Resistance of Windows, Doors and Unit Skylights" has been released by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. The specification provides an optional rating of the ability of fenestration products to resist severe wind-driven rain.
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Therma-Tru to target Canada
Therma-Tru, a pioneer of the fibreglass entry door category and a major manufacturer of exterior fibreglass doors in the United States, is increasing its sales and marketing efforts to support its commitment to the Canadian marketplace by promoting its full range of fibreglass product lines that are available to contractors and homeowners at dealer locations across Canada.
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