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February 7, 2014  By glass Canada

Cynergy Ergonomics has recently developed a universal lifting system to
lift and manipulate materials with vastly different geometries with a
single vacuum lifter.


Handles various geometries
Cynergy Ergonomics has recently developed a universal lifting system to lift and manipulate materials with vastly different geometries with a single vacuum lifter. With capacities of over 1,000 pounds and the ability to handle virtually any shape or geometry, this vacuum gripper is suitable for job shops, custom manufacturers and shipping/receiving areas that are tasked with handling a wide range of products.  The smart design maintains vacuum only on the cups which have contacted the lifting surface allowing it to handle cylindrical products such as pipe, flat items such as board or panels and varied geometries such as turbine blades, pallets, curved shapes and more. Cynergy Ergonomics specializes in ergonomic workstations and material handling equipment such as lifts, articulating arm manipulators, sheet, panel and roll lifters, vacuum tube lifting, roll manipulators and material handling equipment. It specializes in lifting device design, lift assist system designs, material handling vertical lifts, manual ergonomic pick and place systems and workstation improvements for manufacturing, assembly, production and distribution centers that currently use human power for material handling as well as providing automated material handling solutions.


Storage with work support
Knaack Storagemaster rolling work benches are super heavy-duty, professional-grade storage, coupled with convenient work surfaces for jobsites that require mobility. The work benches are offered in a complete range of sizes and load capacities, with eight models to choose from. Models 45, 47, 49 and 63 (the mechanic’s tool chest) have six-inch casters and 1,000-pound load capacities. Model 47 can also be customized with your choice of shelving and drawers. Heavy-duty rolling work benches (models 58 and 59) take up to 2,650 pounds while providing almost 10 square feet of work space. The Knaack War Wagon rolling work bench (model 62) accommodates over 2.5 tons of payload with a generous 13 square feet of work surface, sitting on eight-inch casters.

“Our rolling work benches are found on commercial jobsites everywhere because of their durability, versatility, and security features,” says Jim Scarlata, director of marketing operations for Knaack.


Knaack Storagemaster rolling work benches are available through a large network of construction equipment dealers and distributors. 


Works on uneven floors
The New Starke LiftMaxx PT45WAX-BT AC electric walk-behind pallet truck provides more than just an average material handling solution for your business. The truck features a riser axle that is located at the highest point of the forks, which protects the riser axles from uneven floors. Spring-loaded castors improve lateral stability and enhance truck performance and service life. The efficient AC motor is mounted parallel with the wheel in an upright position allowing for a tight turning radius and ease of maintenance. The advanced Curtis control system allows for full program ability to preference. The New PT45WAX is now available at your authorized Starke dealers throughout the USA and Canada.


Awkward installs made easy
Meet the challenge of installing windows, Plexiglas and other materials under overhangs or into other hard-to-reach places with the CB3DCS Counter-Balancer. When combined with Powr-Grip’s MR1611LDC Vacuum Lifter, this equipment extends the load forward from the crane’s cable through the use of a remote controlled, power counterweight, making otherwise difficult or dangerous installations possible.  Measuring 18-1/2 feet long and capable of lifting a massive 2800 pounds, the CB3 features a maximum reach of nearly seven feet, making short work of the most troublesome overhangs or obstacles. Powr-Grip’s  CB3 Counter-Balancer comes standard with a rigid mount for our MR1611LDC Vacuum Lifter. An integrated mounting platform allows the counterbalance beam to rest at a convenient elevation for attaching the MR16, dispensing with the need for two separate cranes or elaborate assembly procedures. Although the MR16 Vacuum Lifter is the standard attachment, the CB3 Counter-Balancer can easily be adapted to connect another vacuum lifter, when a different one is required.


Reverse engineering possible
Vi-Cas Manufacturing offers a wide range of vacuum cups for ergonomic lifters of all types and sizes. Round, rectangular or oval cups are available from stock for immediate shipment for a variety of lift manufacturers including Cynergy Ergonomics, Indutrol and others.  Sizes and types of cups to fit virtually any type of vacuum equipment used for lifting, manipulating, or pick-and-place applications.  Accessories such as vacuum valves, swivel joints and level compensators can increase the productivity and energy efficiency of lifting systems.  Materials are available to suit most any application including food handling, high-temperature materials, anti-static for handling electronic components, and more. An extensive online catalog – searchable by cup attributes such as diameter, height, width, and more – can be viewed on the website. Vi-Cas can quote custom designs from customer-supplied drawings, or reverse-engineer from customer-supplied cups. Vi-Cas has been manufacturing vacuum cups in various shapes, sizes and materials sine 1970. It provides short or long manufacturing runs, with short turnaround times. On-demand delivery is also available. In addition to large vacuum cups, Vi-Cas offers micro-cups and bellows, soap cups, grabbers, suction cups, tightening discs, and grippers, as well as accessories including level compensators, swivel joints, vacuum valves and fittings and adaptors to suit any application.  


Customized solutions
Bystronic glass handling systems are designed to ensure easy and safe transport. They allow a flexible and economic use in every flat glass and plate-processing branch of industry. The remarkable features of Bystronic’s tried, proven and innovative technology are not only reliable and of the highest quality, but also have the following clear advantages: careful handling of load, minimized effort, timesaving operation and cost reduction. Bystronic X-Y craneways feature lightweight construction and are available in individual, customized solutions.

They are free-moving with large traversing ranges.

Different suspension possibilities are available, including from existing ceiling beams, hall supporting pillars, jib constructions or on separate pillars. Even attachments to jib constructions or other steel sub-structures are possible.

At heavier weights Bystronic X-Y craneways are designed with two different kinds of friction wheel drive.

cr laurence  

Takes the edge off
Glass fabricators can easily eliminate edge corrosion on soft-coat insulated glass units using the CRL low-E edge deletion table from C.R. Laurence. A certified HEPA-filtered air vacuum system is included. Two-inch, non-marking roller balls allow glass to move easily. The operator moves one edge of the coated glass under the abrasive wheel, then turns the glass to run the remaining edges through the wheel, before passing the finished sheet onto the next step. The edge deletion motor is one horsepower, 3,450 RPM. A 1/2-inch coating removal wheel is included.


Non-slip grip
The AGL-28 glass lifter from Abaco features fully automated clamping jaws with four lower wheels to protect your glass. Four upper wheels create pressure on the glass and serve as guides. An additional layer of vulcanized rubber allows for added grip. The light and compact design is easy for operators to handle. The AGL-28 grips from 1/8 to 1 1/8-inch glass sheets.

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