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Master apprenticeship program returns to Willet Hauser

October 8, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

central-pres304Oct. 8, 2014 – Willet Hauser Architectural Glass, Inc. has announced the return of
the Studio's esteemed Master Apprenticeship Program in the field of
Stained Glass.

This historic program, which fell by the wayside over the last 10 to
15 years, has been restructured and will offer apprentices the
opportunity to learn all aspects of the craft and art of stained glass.

As Studio President and CEO John Phillips, Jr. explained, "It is
important to give career-oriented stained glass enthusiasts a direction
and proper education in stained glass. Given the 115-year history of
the studio and the lineage of its artisans, an apprenticeship
certification from Willet Hauser Architectural Glass is a significant
and valuable achievement to anyone making a career in the study of
stained glass."

The Apprenticeship Program spans three years and features three major
areas of study – Studio Work, Field Work, and Artistic Work. The
program begins with a base apprenticeship during the first year and a
half, where individuals are introduced to each aspect of the trade.

Apprentices will complete a designated set of hours developing skills
in stained glass fabrication, drawing, draft work, glass painting,
restoration and on-site installation and preservation. Once an
apprentice successfully completes the first half of the program he or
she will then choose the direction they would like to focus the
remainder of their studies as an Apprentice, selecting a major in either
Studio Work (creation, fabrication and restoration), Field Work
(preservation, on site restoration and installation of new art) or
Artistic Work (design, pattering and painting). The remainder of the
program will then be tailored toward his or her chosen field of study.

In addition to studio work, apprentices will be required to complete
outside coursework in areas such as Drawing, Computer Arts, History and
Glass Studies. These courses will be completed online and/or held at a
community college, or completed through the participation of studio
affiliated programs and workshops. Additionally, apprentices will be
expected to take part in monthly in-house classes instructed by Willet
Hauser Architectural Glass journeymen and upper management.

Hours will be documented and each phase of the program must be passed
successfully in order to move forward. Once completed, a committee of
journeymen and upper management will review each phase of the
apprentices' work and determine whether or not the program has been
completed successfully and fully. Upon successful completion, the
individual will be given journeyman status. As a certified journeyman,
they will be able to perform the tasks of the trade within the field of
stained glass, and to supervise apprentices. A Certificate of
Completion of the Willet Hauser Apprentice program will serve any
stained glass professional's career well.

Entry into the Apprenticeship Program begins with applying for a
position within the Studio. When the end of the probation period of 60
days has been completed, if the individual shows an interest, desire and
ability to the craft, they will be invited into the Master
Apprenticeship Program. To apply, resumes should be emailed to the
Studio's Human Resource Department at

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