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‘It’s a people challenge’: Responsible Buildings Pact announced at BLC 2024

June 6, 2024  By Macenzie Rebelo

A group of people line up on stage.(Members of the Responsible Buildings Pact/Macenzie Rebelo)

At the Canada Green Building Council (CGBC) Building Lasting Change (BLC) conference in Toronto, Ont., the Climate Smart Buildings Alliance (CSBA) announced the Responsible Buildings Pact in collaboration with other industry leading companies.

“This new cross industry initiative is aimed at increasing the use of low-carbon materials across the built environment,” said EllisDon chief operating officer and executive vice president, infrastructure services and technology, Jody Becker.

The pact is a voluntary cross-industry agreement aimed at ensuring that lower carbon materials are consistently considered and used when possible. Twenty-three developers, consultants and contractors have agreed to sign the pact, among them are Mattamy Homes, Dialog and EllisDon.

“Building lasting change is a team effort,” said Brad Carr, CEO, Canada at Mattamy Homes. “This is not a space where we need to compete with each other. This is a space where we need to collaborate together.”


According to CGBC, the pact is designed to encourage companies to use lower carbon materials in order to facilitate the process of reducing emissions 40 per cent by 2030.

Becker echos Carr’s sentiment– and the need for a culture of sustainability in the construction industry.  “Over the past year, CSBA has launched a number of initiatives to tackle system level challenges,” said Becker.

“We have all of these new innovations and those are continuing to be very important. But it’s not just an innovation or technology challenges for us. It’s a people challenge. It’s a change for management opportunity and also a cultural shift that we need to take.”





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